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Machine Embroidery Applique – Tutorial 101 – Spray Adhesive

Last Sunday my new sewing buddy, Tiffany and I got together. She is new to machine embroidery and she asked if I could help her out. She was having some problems centering designs on small t-shirts. We were discussing several different items and one of the items was regarding machine embroidered applique. I told Tiffany I would do a tutorial on my blog. Tiffany, here we go and just to let you know, on this tutorial, I used spray adhesive.

dscf2476Instead of looking through all my stuff to find a piece of baby clothing, I took a piece of fabric to work with. Applique can be done in all types of applications, towels, clothing, home decor and sew on. Took a piece of iron on tear away stabilizer and applied it to the back of the fabric. Tiffany, in this example I hooped both the stabilizer and fabric, I did not do what I showed you the other day. You can’t see in this photo the outline stitch of the design that I am using because the thread color is very light.




You will see why on this particular design why I decided to use  furry fleece for the applique. As I’ve stated before I don’t like to use spray adhesives, but this design has curves, thus I would have some difficulty trimming the excess material. I lightly sprayed the fleece and then laid it on the hooped fabric making sure that it was laying flat. I then did the next set of stitching where the two fabrics are sewn together to hold in place.




dscf2478Now we are ready for the next step. Time to trim all the excess fleece. Take a pair of applique scissors and trim as closely as possible to the stitching making sure you don’t accidently snip a stitch or knocking the hoop apart. Can you tell the design yet? Hmm, appears that the design doesn’t look centered. Is it possible that there is going to be some embroidery below the applique? Could be.




dscf2479Next step is putting the hoop back on the machine to do some embroidery. Oh we have some little orange feet. After the feet are done, the hoop is removed from the machine again.






dscf2480In this photo I place a piece of water soluble stabilizer on top of the applique. Even though the furry fleece does not have a thick nap that the stitches will sink into, I don’t want the satin stitches to fall between any of the fleece or the fleece to intermingle (is that a good word to use??) with the satin stitches. This is the first time I am using a furry fleece as an applique, so as experimenting and writing a tutorial, covering all bases for a better outcome or product. Put the hoop back on the machine and time to finish the rest of the design. After all the stitching was completed, I took and removed the water soluble.


dscf2482Here is the finished product. A cute little duckling just in time for Easter. Now you can see why I used the furry fleece for this particular applique design. I figured that once I was done with this tutorial I had to provide where I got the design. This design is from Anita Goodesigns “Ducks”. The design set consists of 27 appliques pertaining just to ducklings. The perfect set for any baby’s room. This month they have a design set of applique horses. There are several applique sets for Baby.

Next time I do a tutorial for machine embroidery applique, I am going to be showing how to use the product “Heat and Bond”. As I stated earlier, this design had too many curves that I would have had trouble.


Happy Halloween

Man, its been 2 weeks since I last wrote. The bread/bun blog was in my file, I never posted it. I’ve really been bogged down with work, home and this Holiday Bazaar that is next week. I’ll be happy when its over.

Well today my g-friend Allie flashed me an email at 3 o’clock this morning. Of course I didn’t go in my email until right before lunch. I had to look for the phone number of the gal that is running the Holiday Bazaar. That is when I saw HOLY CRAP YOU WON!

Ever since I signed up to Lisa’s blog U-handbag (see side bar for link), I’ve been entering her monthly Amy Butler contest. This month’s contest was showing a Amy purse that you modified. My KOI purse, that is on my etsy account, is actually a Amy’s Velma bag. I didn’t really like the way the handle is on the bag and it is very small. So I decided to alter the size and and a chain belt as the strap. Well I won. So now I get to pick a pattern of Amy that Lisa will send to me. I picked the laptop and MP3 pattern. There will be more applications than using the pattern for laptops.

Sew what have I been doing in the sewing room. TOO MUCH! I made some more huck towels with fall designs that I purchased from EmbLibrary I mentioned in the previous post. Did those bread/bun warmers with the fall designs so they match. Did get those candle designs on the huck towels as well. I did a total of 4 of each designs on both towels and warmers, so that kept me busy for a couple of days. Nice, simple and sew out quick.

Found my black aprons and last Friday I ran up three of them. White apron I put Fall Leaves from Anita Goodesign Autumn Harvest 2 pack. Two black aprons; the design on the Autumn Harvest package and then EmbLibrary country fall design that has a bow in the center with pumkins and ivy on each side. These designs took anywhere from an hour to hour an half. All were easy to place on the aprons with pockets. Basically I measured one inch from the pocket and then divided the design in half and measured up that amount and in the middle of the two pockets. They all turned out pretty nice, with the fall color threads against the black background it pops out. I would take pictures but I am really tired and lazy about pulling out the camera. Maybe I will take pictures of them at the Holiday Bazaar and then post.

I went to a craft show near my house on one of the Saturdays since I’ve been back at work. Bought some wood scroll items. Bought two different scroll horses for my sister since she has a horse and then 3 ornaments for my son. Very reasonable priced.

At the craft show I wanted to approach this lady who was selling embroidery stuff. I didn’t again this year, but I have a problem when people do what she was doing. She was selling tea towels with our baseball and football team from our state. I don’t know if she purchased these designs from a lady I knew on the internet or if she did them herself (I think she bought them). But its against the law to sell items like that that are copyrighted. The lady on the internet digitilized sport teams logos and was selling them.

Someone associated with a sports teams saw this and had lawyers contact her. She could loose her business as well as everything she had. Its serious. She promised to the lawyers that she would pull them from her site and destroy them. She indicated to all purchasers that she would refund their money, BUT they could not and had to destroy the items so that she would not get in any legal trouble, this included items sewn out. The lady at the craft show had more tea towels with the logos this year than she did last year. Again I didn’t approach her because she had people looking at her stuff and I did not want to cause a scene.

The other thing that upset me about this person. And I have a right to voice my opinion about this, but she had lots of sweatshirts that were embroidered. I recognized the designs from EmbLibrary and Brother Christmas design cards. There were others that I didn’t know, but her work was shameful. I didn’t look on the inside of the sweatshirts, but just the outside, I don’t know how she could sell these items and I didn’t bother to check the prices on the items. All the jump stitches on the front were still in tact. She did not cut them. They looked horrible. And on her towels, the plastic stabilizer that you put on terry that washes out, she didn’t even remove it. How can you sell stuff like that? All my “Naughty” and “Nice” terry towels that I did, I took and washed them to get all the vilene off. I could not sit there and leave that stuff on it. I so wanted to ask her how sales were!!! <evil grin>

Yeah if I didn’t mention. I did a bunch of terry bathroom towels (white) and did sets that say “Naughty”/”Nice”, “Seasons/Greetings”, “Happy/Holidays”. On the N/Nice, Naughty was sewn in red and Nice in green. These are quick and easy gift ideas. Teachers, friends, co-workers. The towels I did had a border on them and I measured up 1/2 inch from the border and then centered the design. These are very well liked towels from everyone who has received them from me.

Not this past Monday but the previous one was sewing club. Sewing club is not like the old one. The teacher just rattles off new products and instead of showing or demostrating a technique or two, she writes it and gives you a copy of how to do it. In class she showed a shower curtain and valance. She indicated the dimension of the curtain, valance and how to embroider all the designs on the valance. She then gave us instructions on making a toilet cover doiley toilet paper cover (referred to as my husband cozie on Mama’s Family) and finally a bag to put a bar of soap in. All these items would sit on the toilet or on a long counter top. When she was explaining the doiley, she was talking so fast and I finally asked her all this stuff she was saying wasn’t making any sense. I asked her what machine she used to explain the directions. Well dah, it was a machine I wasn’t familiar with and I didn’t get information on how I would do it on the Brother PR600. I feel that if she is going to present a pattern, she should know how you would do it on each type of machine that people have purchased from that store. That’s my logic, so this way everyone could make it if they wanted.

On all the three items they had the designs from Anita Goodesigns Autumn Harvest 2. Matter of fact I made 4 of the toilet “COZIES” with acorns and leaves on them. Yeah cute! She then showed us a hand towel and bath towel with matching designs. The ladies were more interested in the towels and were they were purchased than the design. The towels were from Wal-Mart.

Went into my fall and Christmas material. Made a bunch of plain material toilet Cozies. My husband made fun of me. We have a bet I will sell the cozies. Now I did not bet that I have to sell them all. All I have to do is sell one to show him it wasn’t a stupid idea and a get ten bucks. He wanted to bet for sex, I told him he didn’t know what sex was! And I can’t sell it to our daughter, but he doesn’t know a bunch of friends from work are coming to the Holiday Bazaar, so I will sell one!

To make these covers, all you need is a piece of fabric that is 17 x 8. If you don’t put design on it, you sew the seam to close, 1/2 inch. At one end turn 1/4 inch, turn another 1/4 inch, iron and sew you have your hem. On the other end you need to make a casing. Turn 1/4 inch, turn again wider than ribbon and sew close to folded edge. Make sure you leave opening in the casing to put your ribbon through.

Now if you want to put a design on it, easy method (I screwed up and centered it in the middle both length and width – it was to high, but I corrected before I finished product), measure 2 1/2 inches from the bottom before you put in the hem. Center in the length. I didn’t make the soap bag because I thought why would you have an extra bar of soap out if giving a holiday party. A group of people wouldn’t go through a bar in one night. Also push pump soaps are popular these days, then you have the dreaded “do they wash their hands” ew…. I still liked the doiley and by the time I finish this post, I will know how to spell the word.

Started to do some doggie t-shirts. Only got two embroidered with says on it “You call this Fashion” (on a black t-shirt perferred for a male dog) and “Is this a Ugly Betty Line” with polka dots on black t-shirt. However on the Ugly Betty line – my daughter said you this quote because line equals fashion – when I did the second set of polka dots that I went into Embird to separate the dots so I could make placement anywhere on garment – I did a stupid thing. I even checked at least 3 times and I checked the wrong side. I sewed the bottom part of the t-shirt to the top, thus the garment was stuck and I had to rip everything off to get it off the hoop! Now I have a garment that has got little holes and tears.

So luck of the draw, but not finished with garment yet. I bought some bling on clearance at Target. I have two hearts set together that are rhinestones. I put them on the top of the t-shirt and it hides those holes. Now on the bottom of the t-shirt, my daughter suggested to take plaid material and make it appear as if there is a polo shirt under a vest (add buttons). This will cover up the mishap on the bottom side. She then indicated to take some material and make a ruffle and put that around the whole bottom of the t-shirt. Now you actually have an “Ugly Betty” piece of clothing. I hope all of you know who “Ugly Betty” is. Its a television program of a ugly girl who doesn’t know fashion yet she works for a popular fashion magazine!

I am picking on Paris Hilton too. I haven’t made the t-shirts yet, but They’ll say Paris’ BFF (after her reality show on MTV – I think it is MTV). I have some bling charms for cell phones that I am going to put on the pink or white t-shirt. Okay these are really cute ideas for doggie t-shirts and they are my idea, you can’t steal em <jk>. I want to do another black t-shirt that says, “Why doesn’t the cat get to wear one of these?” I am soo tired.

Went to EmbLibary site the other night. NO I DIDN’T Buy anything last week (but saw cute items – could buy them this week however, unless they aren’t on sale). This weeks sale is on their design packs, but they are only favorite design packs from the employees of EmbLibrary. You buy one get one free. Tonight is the last night to get their October freebie and 17 cent design. Their new items are up for November. Here I will post them…

The flowers are the 17 cent designs, the others are the freebies. I can say I don’t care for any.

Tomorrow is Saturday and well don’t know what I’ll be doing but hubby and I are going to Sonic for lunch. Now that we don’t have to drive over an hour to enjoy a burger. Didn’t mention but my daughter Michelle got hit by a car last week. I thought she was driving, but found out that she was on her brother’s bike and a paramedic driving his personal car didn’t see her and hit her. He dragged her across the street and rolled on her foot and stopping on it. Her foot was crushed, but xrays showed no broken bones. My hubby was en-route to the hospital and at the train crossing a freight was going by and there was a ambulance next to him – our daughter was in there. When she got in a ER room, I left and came back and our son’s ex-finance was there. Wasn’t a pretty picture with hubby. So daughter is dealing with insurance stuff from the accident and well the grocery store called me regarding my fall from last month.

I have to contact someone regarding their final disclosure. I think I will be suing, something I would not do, but I have to because of their neglect. I think if I was not at the hospital an hour prior to the fall having a procedure done, I would not care, but there is that possibility that lets say, if I fell forward, I could have ruptured the tissue expander that was in me. A employee neglected to clean up the water off the floor, let the store deal with the concequences. Okay another word I don’t wish to check if is wrong. They are truely lucky I fell to my side, even though it was the side I had work on that day.

Designs not matching up

How do you correct a problem with a design not matching up to an outline?

I embroidered some aprons with Santa’s on it. On both of them the hat did not match up to the outline. I did an angel from the same set and nothing happened. The photos are the designs I used on the aprons, not the actual piece I did. There is a 1/4 inch gap around the top of the hat to the gray outline. 

On the item to the right, the hat and face did not met up. I know people have stated to use a fabric pen, but its not going to be the same texture as the embroidered item and it’ll look pretty crappy if you ask me. The order that I did 4 aprons where, angel, santa 1, santa 2 and then I finally said no more from this set and did a design from EmbLibrary and everything stitched like it was suppose too.

So now I am trying to figure out how to correct this matter. I was so discussed that I shut my machine off for the day on Saturday (besides I had other items to tend to). I have that feeling that I am going to have to pull out the thread and needle and do it by hand. If someone has any ideas, let me know for future problems. And I am going to say this – they say to stitch the design out prior to actually putting it on apparel – I don’t think I wish to waste over an hour and half to stitch a sample and then do the actual! These designs were very LARGE.

Today I turned on the machine to do some baby burp cloths with some sayings while I sewed up some infant fleece hats that I cut up the other morning. I became aggravated because the bobbin thread refused to snatch the embroidery thread. So I basically told the machine you want to play games, fine and I shut it off. I know I have to call Aaron to do a house call to do a yearly check-up on the machine. Lately I’ve been using it alot so it needs attention. Now that the Quilt/Sew Expo is over he will be available. 

So now I am almost finished with all my fleece items. I cut up all my left overs to make infant size hats and ear bands. Now I sit in front of the television listening and occasionally look up watching House as I measure and make the top of the hats. Tomorrow is another day.

Christmas Baby Bibs, Lighted Compact Mirrors and more

Here are the photos of my crafts I’ve been working on this week that I have noted in some of my blogs.

Here are the zipper pulls as I call them, but I don’t know if the opening of the closure will allow to fit into a zipper, so they can be used for other items. These designs were from EmbLibrary and were reduced in size in Embird. I was going to put beads on the eyes, but decided against it. Look close for the monkey in the photo.

Next bunch of photos are the Christmas Baby Bibs that I made. Made one in blue, pink and white. For some odd reason I am missing a snowman. Don’t know if he melted when he was in the dryer, but I looked twice and couldn’t find him no where. I like Santa Baby and the penquin without the candy cane!

Aw the reindeer bib wouldn’t post…. Now here are my lighted compacts that I did today and the last photo is an item I didn’t mention about, but I did it around dinner time. I thought these penquins would look cute on an apron. The designs on the compacts are from Anita Goodesigns, Viva La France and the penquins are from BFC Embroidery and I believe Fred did them. I will be doing a selection of aprons in the coming days, so come back to check them out.



Anita Goodesigns – New Sets Out – Elves are working hard

Hi all. I received my Creative Machine Embroidery book for the month of November/December 2008.

In the next few days I will be reviewing some items that are in the book. There is a free Holly Leaf design that you can download, a Frosty Pillow that you can get the pattern online, several unique gifts to make and where to purchase the designs and best of all PRIZES. Yes I am going to enter the John Deere Contest come November!!!!

As always, we quickly thumb through a magazine and dismiss. Matter o’ fact, I was ready to put the magazine on the counter so it would go to the recyclables. Good thing I grabbed it and took my time the second time around.

As a avid lover of Anita Goodesigns, there is a full page of 4 of their new sets. Actually there are more, but they could have come out in November. Dang, I wonder if Anita Goodesigns will have a sale on their sets at the Quilting & Sewing Expo in St. Charles, IL this upcoming week-end. I wasn’t planning on going so that I would save $$$. Will have to check with Aaron at DuPage Sew/Vac to see if he knows.

I visited the Anita website, but they don’t have their new sets up, so instead I searched to see if anyone else might have them and I went to Erica’s website (http://www.ericas.com/embdesigns/anitagoodesign.htm). I wanted to post the designs for you to see. So here we go…. on two of the design sets I’ve uploaded what items come in the set because those are the ones I am interested in.

I could live without the first design set posted but I think they are so adorable. I really do like the second set, but I don’t quilt, but doesn’t mean I can’t use the designs on other items, right!

So click on the above link if you wish to look over the other sets and Erica’s site gives you the prices.

Now as for the day’s accomplishments – whew! The elf was working hard and completed 15 baby bibs. I used designs from EmbLibrary and BFC. Sorry no pics right now cause I still have to rinse all the vilene off the bibs and dry them. Of course, as always, they are cute. I really like the “Santa Baby” design, well I am a sucker for penquins too. On two of the designs they were ornaments and I used Embird to remove the areas I didn’t want to stitch. Now how many bibs did I destroy. Two, only two and I used up all my “HANES” bibs that I had. Maybe tomorrow I will see if I have anymore hiding somewhere.

The day didn’t start off to good. My daughter awoke me when she got home from school. That was a good thing cause I didn’t fall asleep until at least 4 am, so sleeping til 9:30 am was nice. I wanted to make some lace monkeys first thing this morning. Last night I made 15 lace owls. I am connecting the lace item to a jump ring and then adding chain and a lobster claw. The item then can be used on a cell phone, purse zipper and main purpose, a child’s zippered coat. I have to add colorful eyes to the owls. Back to the monkeys I was suppose to be doing. Well the thread kept getting jammed, thus a bird’s nest. I ended up having to cut the thread in order to get the hoop off. I took out the nest and thought I had it all. Started up the machine and crap 4 monkeys later it started up again, but this time I had to take the cover off.

So I take the cover off of my Brother PR600. I see that I have another nest hiding under the thread cutter. So I take my little brush (that is used for flossing) and clean the area good. Thought I had everything so I put the cover back on. Start up the machine and again cluster of thread. So I open it again and run the machine to see where the problem exists. I then unscrew the thread cutter areas. Clean under there and then put everything back together again. Still problems, so I decide to abort the monkeys! Thats when I switched to the bibs. Well things start going good and everything is working great until, dang its not working, the thread cutter. So I open it up again and look at the screen to see if I have both parts sitting correctly. Finally when I open it up, I notice a little metal circle sitting where it shouldn’t be. Dang that thing, last time this happened that little metal circle fell from the cutter and fell down into the bobbin shaft. I was so pissed! I was sweating bullets. Well I was today too cause I have a Holiday Craft Bazaar in a month and I want a lot on my table. I know I can’t call Aaron to do a house call cause of the expo this week, so I have to fix it myself. So I remember where this piece goes but I make sure I don’t drop it into the bobbin shaft! Put everything back together and then I start sewing again. Crap the design shifted and there is no way I will be able to get it on target. Put in a new bib and hit start. YEAH, its working. I am once again happy, but frustrated. I will have to call and have Aaron come and do a service call.

Around 7ish my significant other comes and asks if I am going to be leaving my sewing room for the one downstairs. I told him eventually as I am cutting all the threads on the bibs and any jump stitches that are there. Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been in the sewing room all day, I’ve done some loads of wash, stripped the bed, made dinner, vacuumed and what else – grocery shopping, as my machine clicketyclaks away. Finally at 9:15 my last bib is done, but prior to being finished when I was in the room, the hoop slipped off. I wasn’t able to save the bib, but tried. I’ve been successful in the past in slipping the hoop back on and the design staying were it suppose to. Oh well. It was a productive day as far as I am concerned.

Well I’ll be posting more information from Creative Machine Embroidery in the coming days, so keep in contact.

Finally Photos!!!!

These are some of the berets that I made on Thursday and Friday. I think they turned out real nice. Now I have to have my daughter try on the ones I did yesterday just to make sure that they are just right. I will get some pictures with them on her, under one condition – I don’t show her face. We decided either a hand in front or hair over face will do fine. She doesn’t want to been seen, especially where I will be posting them on ETSY.

Here are the towels that I did Saturday. The first set is Anita Goodesigns. I don’t know the name of the set, but it is one of Steve’s early sets. I say this because it kept doing jump stitches when there wasn’t a stitch. I did do some color changes, but I am notorious for doing that. 


The next two groups of towels are from EmbLibrary. On the first set of cardinals I went into Embird and removed the stitching that resembled snow under the sleigh and running cardinals. I figured you wouldn’t see the stitching putting it on a white background. The problem I encountered with this design is that the bobbin thread did not catch the upper thread, thus the machine kept telling me to check both threads. I ended up having to hold the top thread in order for it to catch and knot. The last design, went into Embird and removed the checkered tablecloth that the bird was sitting on (underneath the green sprays of leaves). Since the towel already had a checkered border area, it would look crappy. With just the cardinal and the leaves, it does the towel justice. Here I go again, changed the color of the scarf to add punch.

On the first two towels, design placement was made 1/2 inch between the checkered border and the design. The first design was 3 inchs high, take 1/2 of that its 1 1/2, then added 1/2 between design and checkered border, so my actual middle was 2 inches up from the border. On the last one, I did an inch. If I added more between the border and the design, it would have looked really out of place. Each one of these designs took 18 minutes to complete on the PR 600. Went through at least 4 bobbins. Stitch count was anywhere from 8900+ to 15000+.

These are the towels that unfortunately Sue from All About Blanks sold out on. They were 3 bucks a piece and like I said they really turned out nice. Whatever I don’t sell at the Holiday Bazaar will go on ETSY prior to Christmas. I do want to take these to the shop in town to see if there is a possibility that I can sell them on commission. 

Hey got another package in the mail today. Yup my lighted mirror compacts came. I did some embroidery prior to purchase and 3 of the designs that I did I won’t be able to use because of the stitch density. I made some masquerade masks from Loraile and well they don’t allow the back to snap shut. As you can see the vintage cameos fit. They were stitched on paper and material. I have 30 of these to do, but not all of them are going to be cameos. My daughter looked at them and said they were nice, but she didn’t like the erie glow of the compact when lit. Its sorta purplish and gave her the spooks. I should open all 30 of them and put them in her room. These particular designs were purchase back in 2001 when I first started embroidering. I know that there were some digitilizers that also had these for free when they were first starting out in learning how to digitilize.

So now you see what I’ve been up to and how productive I’ve been. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but if I continue to stay up, I won’t be doing much. If these compacts go over really good, I am considering on purchasing more, but I really need to find a supplier on them instead of purchasing them like I did this time around. Ran into some issues and I could have saved some money on the shipping too. If anyone knows where I might be able to get these as wholesale, please feel free to let me know.

Time to let the dog in and quickly run through any emails and hit the bricks. Tomorrow I want to sorta start early (yeah right the daughter sleeps in late tomorrow and my sewing room is next to her bedroom).

Stitches Business Magazine – I’ve been Published – July 2008

I recently sent in some items to Stitches, which is a Business Magazine for industrial embroidery people. I’ve been a member for some time. They sent out an email to all members indicating that they were going to do a special issue on Spring/Summer projects. Well I had a few items that I figured I would send in to see if I would have a chance to make the cut. Of course at the last minute I finally got my butt going and sent in the stuff.

I had sent in a kitchen towel with an embroidered daisies/watercan from Anita Goodesigns. Sent in some embroidered flowers from EmbLibrary and then some spring/summer purses/totes (but they were plain janes).

Well they received my package and asked me some additional questions about the towel and flower items. Got back to them and they indicated that one of my items would be in their magazine in May. Well May’s issue didn’t have it and I was like, hmmm do I have the right magazine. So I wrote them. They got back to me and said yes I made the cut but they had to wait until the July issue of Stitches.

Well I got my Stitches issue and ripped it open. I was totally surprised cause it wasn’t portrayed as a contest, but in the book it was. There were 3 top winners (The first place was great!!) and then 5 honorable mentions. I was one of the honorable mentions. I didn’t tell you above, but the flowers that I embroidered from EmbLibrary – I stitched on paper and then framed it in a floating frame.

I’ve been working on painting canvas and paper for about a year, just experimenting. The paper is not Kiwi Paper, it is from the local art store for invitations or possible scrapbooking. I’ve embroidered on a leatherette type paper (Designs from The Hunt; Anita Goodesign) and on other types of paper (the one in the picture is about the same as tissue paper). The art store doesn’t carry the paper anymore, but I did find a site on the internet that I will check out, as soon as they re-open in August.

My husband was impressed that I made publication. Well my sewing club/store was impressed too. I gave them one of the other designs I did so that they could frame it and have it at their store.

Now to see if I can download the article that my husband scanned for me….


Stitches - July 2008

Stitches - July 2008

Oooo I’m getting good… now I need to learn how to use my iPhoto to let you see my totes I did today.

Well gonna run off for now, son is home from Vegas and has to tell us how his week-end was, then he has to cut the grass and eat some grub.