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Tutorial – Cosmetic Bags

A friend of mine contacted me Monday morning regarding my clutch purses. She was looking for a birthday gift that she needed by Saturday. She saw one of the clutches she liked, wanted to know price and if I still had fabric. Of course, silly question right ladies. So the only worry was getting it by Saturday.

After running around like a chicken with its tail feathers gone doing errands I finally get home to start the project. Here I will tell you how to make a cosmetic bag, complete with pictures. You will notice that I was so into getting this custom order done, I actually sewed up the things not realizing I didn’t take a snap shot.

Pick your fabrics. Usually these cosmetic bags are 10 x 10, but I go 10 x something. Iron the heavy weight fuse able interfacing to the main fabric. You will be using a zipper larger than 10 inches. Now to the machine.

Place the lining and fabric back to back, placing the zipper on top of the main fabric with the zipper pull down. Since you will be using a zipper larger than 10 inches, you do not center it, just let the extra hang on both the top. Eventually you will be cutting the extra off. Then using your zipper foot, sew together. I used quilting clamps to hold the items in place to get a even straight stitch, not shown. After you have sewn the zipper on, then fold the fabric over to top stitch. I used YKK zipper and was able to use my regular presser foot to do the top stitch. There all done, now to do the other side.

Fold the other side with the lining on the outside, main fabric on the inside. Make sure all edges match up, even the raw edges to the best you can. You then change back to your zipper foot and sew. Oops guess what, I forgot a picture on how to top stitch the other side. You need to open the zipper all the way in order to fold the fabric and top stitch. Its a tight fit but can be done. Again I switched back to my presser foot and my top stitch was 3.5. Now you have your zipper done. (I will update with a picture next time I do another one of these cosmetic bags.) NOTE: See how the ends of the zipper hang over the fabric.


Now you sew the raw edges together, zipper in the “center” of the bag. Starting with the bottom first. What I do after I do a straight stitch I do a zig-zag next to the straight stitch, if you have a serger, you can use that as well. Being that I don’t serger the seam I cut close to the zig-zag. Now you are ready to do the top. When you do the top, make sure you open the zipper. You don’t want to sew the top of the zipper where the pull is because the pull has to be INSIDE the bag. Also you need a pull on the outside, I use a ribbon and place it in the center of the zipper (see picture #3). The ribbon is 3 1/2 and folded in half.

Now that you have completed the top of the cosmetic bag, again zig-zag or serger the top. You are now ready to do the box corners. You will be doing all 4 corners. Fold the corners and match the seam with the fold in the fabric. Take your ruler and measure 1 1/2 from the tip. Mark with a marker tool, then sew. Again you can serger that seam, but I just used a pinking shear to cut off the extra.

Now you are ready to turn your cosmetic bag right side out. Looks great doesn’t it. And my friend had her bags in not time! In the photo below you can see the size of the clutch bag compared to the cosmetic bag which is 10 x 16 but finished size is 6 x 5 x 3.



Cosmetic Bags

So thrilled to get those zippers I was off to the sewing room on Sunday to start making my cosmetic bags. Sure I did 4 a couple weeks ago but I had cut up fabric to make over a dozen, but I depleted my zipper stash. OMG now instead of just having a fabric stash, I have ZIPPERS!

As soon as chores and errands are done, up in the room. I just started working on them as fast as I could. Getting tired I finally put the machine to rest at 7 pm. Again these are fast, easy and great looking bags. I still have a lot of these to do, but I am looking forward to getting back in there and completing at least 12.

I have created a hand written tutorial on how to make these even though I did find them on youTube. I noticed that again these items are being sold over priced. Me I am charging a more reasonable price.

Check em out. Its getting late again and my lids are closing.



Purse Clutch

After making all those triangle pouches I ran out of zippers. I have 2 days off of work what am I going to do now!

I ran into this easy and quick purse clutch several years ago. I’ve kept the pattern and have it on a brown paper bag. I’ve even made it a tad larger to make the clutch a nicer size. I have made the smaller version and might go back to making more of them. They were the perfect size to put a check book, pens and other important papers in my purse. I even used it for throwing make up and other essentials in it so I wasn’t searching at the bottom of my purse.

When I have googled youTube items and it says make this or that in 30 minutes, I sit there and say yeah right. But yes you can figure 30 minutes for these, but again, that is just sewing time. All you need is lining, main fabric, heavy weight fusible interfacing and this go round I used velcro.

I find myself googling and checking ETSY to see if certain items are being made to see their end products as well as prices they are charging. This particular clutch, no where in site. Lucky me! So when I get down time, I’ll be getting my ETSY site back on board. I’m pricing these at $ 9.00 and smaller ones probably around $ 7.00.

Last night I finally posted these on my Facebook. I like to let my friends see what I am doing because they are my inspiration and backbone. They love the items I am making and well I get comments like; you’ll have no problem selling them, being an inspiration, loving my fabric choices as well as where did I get the pattern. I probably posted the original a long time ago.

So check these out and eventually I will be doing more. Another project using remnants! I’ve got about 9 more of these to do. I cut doubles this time around!


Envelope Back Pillow

Recently I made drapes for my son’s girlfriend’s town house. Once I finished all of them I had fabric left over. I told her I would make some pillows, for when she puts her place up for sale it’ll look a lot more cozy and comfy.

Now I am one of those crafters that well I can create without patterns nor using the net to find instructions on how to make items. I had seen some where, where you could make pillows that had an opening in the back to slip a pillow cover on it. So basically I took the material figured how I was going to make them and just sewed them up.  I didn’t even know these pillows had names. Yeah they are called envelope back pillows, I can see where they got the name too.

If you click the link it’ll take you to a site with instructions on how to make them, below is how I did it, using home decor fabric. Some of the sites that I visited on how to make these, they had added embellishments, the fabric my son’s girlfriend wanted, no embellishment needed. Look very professional and expensive as well.

Cream color fabric was a silky material and raveled like crazy. The red and brown fabric was a lot heavier and there was a tendency to ravel but not as much. With both fabrics I turned the ends over twice,  these ends are the opening to stuff the pillow, consider the ends hems, one on each side. I then folded the material a few inches so that the material would overlap on both sides when the pillow was inside. I stitched along both the bottom area where the folds were and at the clean edge. This makes the envelope opening cleaner.

Put the fabric on the table, placed the pillow form on top, folded the finished edge to the area of the pillow i wanted it placed. Then I took the rest of the fabric folded it over to figure how much material was needed to finish off the other end. Did the other end like above. Then placed the pillow again on the wrong side of fabric and folded each end, trying to keep the envelop opening centered or to my liking. Slipped the pillow out making my markings where the openings were to be set, pinned and then stitched 1/4 inch seam. measured the pillow to 15 inches (14 inch pillow form) and did 1/4 on the other side for a seam. At each corner cut a slant towards the seam. Flipped the fabric inside out and then slipped the pillow form inside. There was a good amount of overlay that you could not see the pillow form.

Sorry but the pictures are blurry but you can see the envelop opening in both pillows above, where as I could not find that with other sites I visited. And you can see the end product with the others. They look really nice and it was a big surprise on her part.

Best thing to do, buy pillow forms when JoAnn’s has them on sale for 50% off! I can just see taking a stock pile of pillow forms and taking remnants of fabric, making these Envelope Pillow Covers and having your daughter fill up her bed with them.

Left-over Fleece, what you can do to create something nice

Good Evening everyone.

Lets start off with the left-overs. With the remaining fleece that I had from all my kids hats and lady berets, I made a few infant hats. You will have to look at my previous post where I give the sizes. The photo here shows what I did with more left-overs – fleece ear covers. I just played and chose different sizes. Follow the chart again on the previous post for the length. The width should be at least anywhere from 3 inches (little kids) to maybe 6 for adults. What I did to make these after I cut them, I sewed the two long ends together. Trimmed seam, but not necessary right next to it. Turned. I then pushed the ends into each other. Now depending on the thickness of the fleece will determine if it’ll bunch up alot. You can play with fleece so it lays nicely. Then you pin the side with the seam. It is necessary that you pin to keep the seam straight when you sew a top stitch. After you complete the seam side, then you do the opposite side. After I did each side I then did the center where I pushed the ends together. After you get that done, then you trim closely to that stitch to make a clean area. There are other ways of making these, but hey, I’m just using my head here. They did turn out nice. Only had to throw away one or two because I was lazy about pinning next to the seam!!!

More left-over fleece – make striped hats (sorry no photo). Take 2 or 3 colors of fleece that is 6 inches wide (for 3 colors). Sew seams (one of mine was green, yellow, green). After you trim the seam, turn the first stripe in half to make your band. Allow this to hang over the seam of the next color. Sew the band on the front side and stitch in the ditch (think that is the term they use when quilting). Now you have a nice even stripe that is clean. Trim seam, closely, this allows the seam to lie flat. On the top of the hat, you then make your 1/2 strips that are 4 inches long. When you tie your strips together on the front side, make sure you tie on the seam of the two colors, this will hide the seam cause the strips will be flowing over.

If you want to only make a two color striped hat, increase the two colors to maybe 8 inches. You will not be folding the first color to the seam of the second, you will only be folding it over 2 – 3 inches. If you don’t want to add the strips but want to make it plain on the top, then you just gather and tie on the inside. Plain and simple, yet colorful and practical.  I only made a couple of those, but I know when I purchase more fleece in the future, I will be making striped hats.

I didn’t indicate in my previous post how to make the top lay nicely, especially on the hats without the strips. Fold the top of the hat in half. Then take each side and fold them towards the center. Finally take the four sides and bring them to the center. Hold tight and then tie. You get a nice uniform look.

There is another craft show I might be doing in December at a school. I am going to research the school colors and make hats with their colors, that is if I have time.

Forgot to mention to you that in the Creative Machine Embroidery mag for Nov/Dec one of their projects is taking a fleece hat and embroidering paw prints on the front of the band. Since I’ve been doing sew much, I by-passed that idea so that I could get other projects completed. You could embroidery snowflakes all around the band. Make one with mistletow on the band, wonder if it’ll work <giggle>, getting kisses from unknown strangers! There are all sorts of designs you could use on the band.

Just imagine, you could be making lots of fleece hats, ear coverings for all the kids on the block as well as your own favorite child, grandchild, etc. And just think of the assorted colors they will have to chose from. And if they loose one, heaven forbid, you’ll have a spare!