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Towel Swap – photos at Flickr

Well I have to figure out how to link my Flickr Towel Swap to my side bar. If anyone can assist, please do.

Terri, Lauranie and Allie were very pleased with their new kitchen towels for spring and summer use. Read Lauranie and Allie’s blogs that I’ve linked. Allie just started her blog. Both ladies blogs are on my sidebar, so if you want to know what they are up to, just click and read up on what they are doing. To my knowledge Terri doesn’t have a blog, but she posted a comment in the original post. Lauranie, I neglected to provide you with Terri’s address, I will send it to you privately.

The little donations that each one received for participating in the swap where truly done by me. However, I do have to indicate that the items they received where originally for doing on the embroidery machine, BUT it took too much time and I decided I could make the checkbook covers and post-it-note holders faster with my Sapphire sewing machine.

Those items are called “all in the hoop” projects. Once you see how the all in the hoop items are put together on the embroidery machine, you can figure out how to do it on a regular machine. See my post on Quickie Check book Cover Instructions

Thank you ladies for getting this off the ground. Hope we get more interested parties in the swap.

The next person can get a sneak peek of Allie’s towel at my flickr account.


Update Kitchen Towel Swap

Terri notified us that she received the set of towels and a special extra bonus from the lead off man, me. Terri received two different towels because she could not make up her mind which one she wanted. So I sent her the daisies in the watering can and the sunflowers on the striped towel. Her special bonus was a lighted compact mirror with a embroidered cameo on  fabric that had vintage dresses on it. I believe the fabric could have been Michael Miller, but I can’t recall. Glad you liked everything Terri. BTW Terri those designs came from Anita Goodesigns.

I have received two more packages. One from Lauranie and one from my Michigan friend Allie. Lauranie will be getting the one that Terri made and Allie will get Lauranie. I think Allie is really going to like Lauranie’s towel. 

I decided that with the towel swap, I am just going to do a running thing. This way if people happen to stop by and think its over, it won’t be. Since the subject is spring/summer, we have many months to play and do a towel.

I will be posting pictures on my flicker account with in the week. I will post Allie’s as well, this way people will see what towel is next to be sent out.

Oh and guess what, each participant will be getting a bonus. Just for joining in, I will be sending something special to each person as a personal thank you.

Towel Swap Update

First of all I have my computer back. I would have had it yesterday but they forgot to install the OS and iLife.

When I got home took the garbage to the front and checked the mailbox. Nothing was there. I am awaiting for my last package from the Sew Mama Sew Blog Fat Quarter Swap. Its going to be awhile because it is coming from overseas, but I got my other three packages. I will post once I get myself all organized.

When I came back into the house, there was a pile of mail. There was one package from my Towel Swap that I posted the other day. So congrats to Terri. Terri I need you to look over the set of towels that I posted on here and pick your set you are interested in. I have your return envelope so I will be sending the set once you post in the comments area your choice.

I will tell you that the towel is very bright in colour, has flowers, seed pack, watering can and words in the design. Love it. I know the next person who sends me a towel will surely enjoy Terri’s work.

Cutting this short because I am in the middle of making dinner and I don’t want to burn the meat.

Congrats Terri. Great job as I know you were working on Sunday on this towel and it is Beautiful! I really do like it and you spent a lot of time putting it together. Thanks for joining the swap Terri.


Machine Embroidery Design Placement on Towels

I’ve received some requests for my towel swap and am excited. I’d really like to hear from you all and ask that you post a comment, but again contact me at my private email address insane14now@sbcglobal.net. I will provide you my home address so that you can send your towel and self addressed stamp envelope. Remember the first person’s package that I receive will get to chose from one of my sets in my previous post.

Depending on the design that you are doing determines the type of stabilizer you will use. If you are doing either red work or toile, you will want to use a water soluble type of stabilizer. If you are doing a filled design, you will be needing a tear away stabilizer. If your towel has a nap, you will want to make sure that you put a water soluble on top of the towel so that the stitching does not fall into the nap. 

To figure where to put your design on the towel. Measure the width of the towel or fold towel in half to get your center point. You will be putting your design on the side opposite from the manufactures label, so make sure you have the right end in front of you. Fold your towel in half, place a pin on the fold, then double check your measurement using a tape measure. The norm for placement for designs is as follows. If your towel has a border, you leave 1/2 inch between the bottom of the embroidery and the top edge of the border. If your towel doesn’t have any type of border you measure 1 1/2 inches from the bottom hem.

Check the height of your design. For this example I am using the freebie design from EmbLibrary as my example Spring Daffodil Bouquet. The height of the smaller design is 3 1/2. You take and divide that in half and get 1 3/4. Go to your 1/2 mark or 1 1/2 and go up 1 3/4. This is your center point on the towel, mark this point. Half of your design will be above this mark and of course the bottom half will be below the mark. When you hoop you will try to get it as close to this mark before embroidering.

Now you are ready to hoop. You can hoop your stabilizer and towel together, baste a larger piece of stabilizer to your towel or spray adhesive to your stabilizer and put it to your towel. When you either baste or spray adhesive to your towel, make sure that your piece of stabilizer is at least an inch larger than the actual design. You will have to find the center point of the stabilizer and mark it. To do this, fold side to side and top to bottom. Get the center point and match it up to the towel. When using the basting technique, baste close to the edge of the stabilizer. As I indicated in previous post, I use a iron on tear away so I use a piece of stabilizer and iron it where it belongs.

Above I mentioned that if you are doing a towel with a nap, you need to put a water soluble on top. You take a piece of your water soluble, an inch larger all the way around. Spray adhesive to the towel and place the water soluble on top. Or you can tape the corners or wet the water soluble lightly and place it down on your towel.

You are now ready to stitch. When you are finished you remove the tear away stabilizer or wash the towel to remove any water soluble. I should of mentioned this is the beginning, make sure you wash your towel prior to embroidery. You want to make sure that if the fabric shrinks it is done prior to stitching. Hate to have a puckered up towel. 

If you have any comments or additional information that I neglected to mention, feel free to comment. It is really hard for me to explain on paper how to do stuff! If I did a good job… I’m happy. Please see additional information on placements on bath towels and washcloths.

Bath towel with border 1/2 inch, without border 2 inches from hem

Washcloth with border 1/2 inch, without border 1 1.2 inches from hem

Embellish your towel. Measure the border of your towel. Cut a piece of fabric, that matches a color in your design, one inch all the way around. Fold and iron 1/2 inch all the way around and then top stitch directly to the towel. Now you have a new border and it looks a lot nicer than the purchased one.