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Cold and rainy – Simply Spring Birds and Buds

Well haven’t seen any snow, but it is cold enough. I was reminded once again, when you turn off the furnace, put it back on when you know its going to be cold the next day. Hey I’ve got too much on my mind to remember these things and what’s wrong with your fingers or eyes to check if its on or not – LOL.

Did some machine embroidery again today, reminds me I have towels in the washer that I am preshrinking… <run downstairs and transfer>

Here is one of the new designs from EmbLibrary that was purchased from their Wishful Thinking promotion from this week-end. I am very happy with the outcome once again of their design. This makes a great set for any occasion, remember Mother’s Day is coming up. Was thinking of putting this on my ETSY site, but not sure whether to put it as a set or individually. Can always put in the description area, if interested as both towels and apron, converse with me. Can indicate a price and they can get the whole package deal.

Started a second design, the apron only got completed. That’s why the towels were in the wash. Don’t like to embroider on items that haven’t been preshrunk. The design is being done in green, matching towels will be green. These towels are really nice. They were purchased from All About Blanks. Susan has great quality items and her prices are very reasonable. Have to take a trip over and see what’s new.

These items were done using fast frames. It almost seems that I might pack away my hoops since the frames are working very nicely (any one interested in an extra set of PR 600 hoops). I just found out that they have a jumbo fast frame now. Get this, 12 x 14 sewing field. Guess what <giggle> I’m buying one!!! Lets see, metrothread last week, EmbLibrary yesterday, uhm fast frame tomorrow. Gonna call my sewing store to see what price they will give me. AllBrands has it on sale for 99 bucks, lets see if my sewing store wishes to continue receiving my business by giving me a better deal <wink>.

Okay so time for me to start downloading items to flickr and etsy. I’ll keep you posted on my projects. And guess what – – – ITS SNOWING!!!!! ARGH!!!!!


Annual Valentine’s Day Promotion

allaboutblanks-retail2Its that time again. All About Blanks is having their annual Valentine’s Day Promotion. From now until February 14th, if you purchase at least **one** item with either pink or red in it, at checkout you put in a code and will receive 15% on your complete order.

I really love the linens that Susan has in her store. Great quality and the sizes of the towels are great. I’m waiting for my vintage checked black and white towels to come in, but I got my red ones a few weeks ago. before the PROMOTION!

I’ve posted several of her items on my blog; baby bibs and burp cloths, vintage towels that I put cardinals on. I have done several designs on her color pastel tea towels and I am upset that she won’t be able to get the natural beige towels anymore!! I’ve even purchased her table linens and still haven’t put anything on them. Some day!

So now I have to go back and purchase some more towels that I have been eyeing. I’ll be able to get the 15% cause the towels are “RED”! I am looking at the ticking towels and tea dye tea towels. Sue watch out, I’m coming and using PAYPAL, thus it comes out of my bank account (snicker) – thanks hunny for the early Valentine’s Day Present!

Moving on – Bread/Bun covers

Here are my bread/bun covers that I embroidered. I did 8 of these so far. I just purchased some designs (yeah there I go again), you must think I am rich, I’m not, just a thrifty shopper. I even said I would stop buying from EmbLibrary, but I can’t. Heck I’m stopping the smoking so I gotta spend the money for the nicotine somehow!!! 

Okay back on subject. EmbLibrary starts their sale on Tuesday. If you go to their site on Monday night before midnight you can actually get their sale items from the previous week as well as the upcoming week. I don’t know what was all on sale last week because I didn’t check it out, but I did buy a design pack which was 60% off. This week they have some Thanksgiving stuff on sale – buy one get one free (packs and single designs). So I looked over everything I wanted, half the stuff in the packs I wouldn’t use so I purchased the single designs instead. I wanted those cardinals dress as pilgrims, but said no! My bill for 26 designs – under 30 bucks, could be under 25 for that matter. I am going to take those designs and put them on aprons and bread/bun covers. Thanksgiving bun covers will be eggshell where my Christmas designs are on white ones.

I purchased these bread/bun thingys several years ago from All About Blanks. Got them on special so I bought a bunch of them. Now these particular designs are from a Brother card that I purchase back in 2001. Wow how do I remember that? It was my first year embroidering. My mom gave me her machine to play with and learn. I wanted to make unique Christmas cards with a embroidered ornament. Well I didn’t have any designs yet cause I didn’t discover EMBLIBRARY!!!! I was using all freebies and you know, some freebies are good, but then some well their starters – and I’m not knocking them. I can digitilize if I want, I have Embird, BUT I am afraid!!! I bought this card on sale at of all places WAL-MART!!! The wreath design is the one that I used that year for my gift in my card. In the middle of the wreath was the year it was made 2001. The neat thing about this ornament and my aunt was upset – I made those ornaments before I had my Brother 8500 upgraded with new options. Without having the upgrade the system didn’t kick out that particular font. After the upgrade, I lost that font. I want to make one more set of 4 same designs – Christmas candle from the same card. 

I was thinking with these particular designs, again, fast, simple, easy, I could easily dig in my closet for my white huck towels that are packed nice and neatly in a red and black box and put the design on those too. This way if someone spills something at the table, they will have a matching set. But the thing is, that red and black box.. is in another box and I don’t know which one!

Well I was going to upload my aprons, but its not working. So I will have to wait til tomorrow. Anyways its late and I know when I came home I took a hour nap (missed my People’s Court – saw what was going on, missed the outcome on who one – for all three cases!!). 

Work was alright today. I got messages from the managers to take care of some stuff for them, then I got a request to be responsible for a monthly report that someone else used to care for. I thought I would need help trying to decipher how it was done, but then I figured it out. The only thing is, I don’t know how to do a pivot table in excel. This report I will just cut and paste. They are two months behind in this report.

She wanted Baby Items – there’ll be Baby Items

I was advised that some of the attendees for the Holiday Craft Bazaar had small children and babies, thus the fleece hats! Well we can’t forget about the smaller set – infants. I did a bunch of Christmas bibs and they are in a previous post with photos. I purchased a bunch of burp cloths and bibs from All About Blanks a year ago in pink and blue trim. As I mentioned the other day I was having trouble embroidering the burp cloths, but I believe on Monday things were moving smoothly once again. I finished all 12 of the burp cloths with 6 different sayings. I did some search engines on cute sayings and created three of my own. I wanted to make one that said “that was “wicked”, but I don’t know if people would be aware that the term “wicked” means neat/awesome.

I then embroidered the bibs. I got the designs from, where else, EmbLibrary. These were simple and fast. 15 minutes top (even though I was not using the highest speed on my PR600). This is when I found out that my centering of the hoop is out of wack!!!! So this is how they turned out…. I only had to change the  color on the Lil’ Stinker bibs so that they matched the trim. Made two of each bib in each color trim, so that I didn’t have to dig for more designs, even though I know I have them. I usually do gender specific on baby bibs, but not this time around. Time is the essence.

I have a few baby oneies and wanted to whip up some ideas on those, but again, time factor. Simple, quick and cute. So as I was floating around on the internet for those baby sayings for the burp cloths… guess what I ran into –

 Now as you know iPods come in colors, but time… so I stuck with the black and did six of these. I know they will be a hot seller. Thing is I still have 6 oneies left, 4 in blue, 2 in pink. Guess what, I am going to make colored iPoods’. I can’t believe how much these are sold on the internet. My oneies are mostly all “Gerber” items. These were so quick to do. I used my fast frames to stitch these out. I really do like those frames at times. I put iron on/tear away stabilizer right in the middle of the garment under the armpits. Only used a piece that was 1 1/2 inches by I think 4 inches. Then I attached it to the frame with double stick tape and made sure it was straight. Two minutes later it was done. Slapped the next one on and clicketyclak done! I had these done very fast. As soon as all where completed, I then took each one and used my Singer steam press to soften the stabilizer. With a twist of the wrist I riped the stabilizer off nice and clean! Then I took the mesh stabilizier, cut proper size and adhered it to the back of the stitching, so that it doesn’t errate the babies skin!

Next project that I completed and told you about in previous post. Photo isn’t great, but I was telling you about the vintage Christmas stockings my mom made. Well I put “Baby’s First Christmas” on the band and then I hand stitched lace on them. My mom really did a nice job putting these together. I decided to keep 2 of them for myself for my kids if they have kids. I was looking all over the place for where there might have been an opening so I could do the embroidery, but she did the stocking all together and then added the band last. If I didn’t indicate in my previous post – I hooped these on the fast frames, but I had to play with the size of the embroidery because of the size of the stocking and the frame. No matter how I tried, had to use the smallest frame you get in the set. I also did not use stabilizer (okay take your hand off your mouth). Hey when you start doing this for awhile, you find ways to maneuver around.  When I first started out embroidering and I would hear someone say, oh I used a paper bag or a coffee liner, I would be the one covering up my mouth and say bad-bad. But you know, cost factor and experimental tests show you can use those items. I did not use either one for these – I used my plastic bag from the store. Then you can easily rip it off and well if needed (but I couldn’t on these), then iron off the excess plastic (as long as you cover with something so it doesn’t melt to your iron).

Hmmm anything else for the little tykes… nope. Didn’t get a chance to do any receiving flannel or fleece blankets. I have to go to sewing club on Monday night to talk to a gal who made these fab baby blankets. They were two pieces of fabric and one side had a puppy applique on it. I can’t remember how she sewed the two together, but really nice and simple.

Finally Photos!!!!

These are some of the berets that I made on Thursday and Friday. I think they turned out real nice. Now I have to have my daughter try on the ones I did yesterday just to make sure that they are just right. I will get some pictures with them on her, under one condition – I don’t show her face. We decided either a hand in front or hair over face will do fine. She doesn’t want to been seen, especially where I will be posting them on ETSY.

Here are the towels that I did Saturday. The first set is Anita Goodesigns. I don’t know the name of the set, but it is one of Steve’s early sets. I say this because it kept doing jump stitches when there wasn’t a stitch. I did do some color changes, but I am notorious for doing that. 


The next two groups of towels are from EmbLibrary. On the first set of cardinals I went into Embird and removed the stitching that resembled snow under the sleigh and running cardinals. I figured you wouldn’t see the stitching putting it on a white background. The problem I encountered with this design is that the bobbin thread did not catch the upper thread, thus the machine kept telling me to check both threads. I ended up having to hold the top thread in order for it to catch and knot. The last design, went into Embird and removed the checkered tablecloth that the bird was sitting on (underneath the green sprays of leaves). Since the towel already had a checkered border area, it would look crappy. With just the cardinal and the leaves, it does the towel justice. Here I go again, changed the color of the scarf to add punch.

On the first two towels, design placement was made 1/2 inch between the checkered border and the design. The first design was 3 inchs high, take 1/2 of that its 1 1/2, then added 1/2 between design and checkered border, so my actual middle was 2 inches up from the border. On the last one, I did an inch. If I added more between the border and the design, it would have looked really out of place. Each one of these designs took 18 minutes to complete on the PR 600. Went through at least 4 bobbins. Stitch count was anywhere from 8900+ to 15000+.

These are the towels that unfortunately Sue from All About Blanks sold out on. They were 3 bucks a piece and like I said they really turned out nice. Whatever I don’t sell at the Holiday Bazaar will go on ETSY prior to Christmas. I do want to take these to the shop in town to see if there is a possibility that I can sell them on commission. 

Hey got another package in the mail today. Yup my lighted mirror compacts came. I did some embroidery prior to purchase and 3 of the designs that I did I won’t be able to use because of the stitch density. I made some masquerade masks from Loraile and well they don’t allow the back to snap shut. As you can see the vintage cameos fit. They were stitched on paper and material. I have 30 of these to do, but not all of them are going to be cameos. My daughter looked at them and said they were nice, but she didn’t like the erie glow of the compact when lit. Its sorta purplish and gave her the spooks. I should open all 30 of them and put them in her room. These particular designs were purchase back in 2001 when I first started embroidering. I know that there were some digitilizers that also had these for free when they were first starting out in learning how to digitilize.

So now you see what I’ve been up to and how productive I’ve been. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but if I continue to stay up, I won’t be doing much. If these compacts go over really good, I am considering on purchasing more, but I really need to find a supplier on them instead of purchasing them like I did this time around. Ran into some issues and I could have saved some money on the shipping too. If anyone knows where I might be able to get these as wholesale, please feel free to let me know.

Time to let the dog in and quickly run through any emails and hit the bricks. Tomorrow I want to sorta start early (yeah right the daughter sleeps in late tomorrow and my sewing room is next to her bedroom).