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Happy Halloween

Man, its been 2 weeks since I last wrote. The bread/bun blog was in my file, I never posted it. I’ve really been bogged down with work, home and this Holiday Bazaar that is next week. I’ll be happy when its over.

Well today my g-friend Allie flashed me an email at 3 o’clock this morning. Of course I didn’t go in my email until right before lunch. I had to look for the phone number of the gal that is running the Holiday Bazaar. That is when I saw HOLY CRAP YOU WON!

Ever since I signed up to Lisa’s blog U-handbag (see side bar for link), I’ve been entering her monthly Amy Butler contest. This month’s contest was showing a Amy purse that you modified. My KOI purse, that is on my etsy account, is actually a Amy’s Velma bag. I didn’t really like the way the handle is on the bag and it is very small. So I decided to alter the size and and a chain belt as the strap. Well I won. So now I get to pick a pattern of Amy that Lisa will send to me. I picked the laptop and MP3 pattern. There will be more applications than using the pattern for laptops.

Sew what have I been doing in the sewing room. TOO MUCH! I made some more huck towels with fall designs that I purchased from EmbLibrary I mentioned in the previous post. Did those bread/bun warmers with the fall designs so they match. Did get those candle designs on the huck towels as well. I did a total of 4 of each designs on both towels and warmers, so that kept me busy for a couple of days. Nice, simple and sew out quick.

Found my black aprons and last Friday I ran up three of them. White apron I put Fall Leaves from Anita Goodesign Autumn Harvest 2 pack. Two black aprons; the design on the Autumn Harvest package and then EmbLibrary country fall design that has a bow in the center with pumkins and ivy on each side. These designs took anywhere from an hour to hour an half. All were easy to place on the aprons with pockets. Basically I measured one inch from the pocket and then divided the design in half and measured up that amount and in the middle of the two pockets. They all turned out pretty nice, with the fall color threads against the black background it pops out. I would take pictures but I am really tired and lazy about pulling out the camera. Maybe I will take pictures of them at the Holiday Bazaar and then post.

I went to a craft show near my house on one of the Saturdays since I’ve been back at work. Bought some wood scroll items. Bought two different scroll horses for my sister since she has a horse and then 3 ornaments for my son. Very reasonable priced.

At the craft show I wanted to approach this lady who was selling embroidery stuff. I didn’t again this year, but I have a problem when people do what she was doing. She was selling tea towels with our baseball and football team from our state. I don’t know if she purchased these designs from a lady I knew on the internet or if she did them herself (I think she bought them). But its against the law to sell items like that that are copyrighted. The lady on the internet digitilized sport teams logos and was selling them.

Someone associated with a sports teams saw this and had lawyers contact her. She could loose her business as well as everything she had. Its serious. She promised to the lawyers that she would pull them from her site and destroy them. She indicated to all purchasers that she would refund their money, BUT they could not and had to destroy the items so that she would not get in any legal trouble, this included items sewn out. The lady at the craft show had more tea towels with the logos this year than she did last year. Again I didn’t approach her because she had people looking at her stuff and I did not want to cause a scene.

The other thing that upset me about this person. And I have a right to voice my opinion about this, but she had lots of sweatshirts that were embroidered. I recognized the designs from EmbLibrary and Brother Christmas design cards. There were others that I didn’t know, but her work was shameful. I didn’t look on the inside of the sweatshirts, but just the outside, I don’t know how she could sell these items and I didn’t bother to check the prices on the items. All the jump stitches on the front were still in tact. She did not cut them. They looked horrible. And on her towels, the plastic stabilizer that you put on terry that washes out, she didn’t even remove it. How can you sell stuff like that? All my “Naughty” and “Nice” terry towels that I did, I took and washed them to get all the vilene off. I could not sit there and leave that stuff on it. I so wanted to ask her how sales were!!! <evil grin>

Yeah if I didn’t mention. I did a bunch of terry bathroom towels (white) and did sets that say “Naughty”/”Nice”, “Seasons/Greetings”, “Happy/Holidays”. On the N/Nice, Naughty was sewn in red and Nice in green. These are quick and easy gift ideas. Teachers, friends, co-workers. The towels I did had a border on them and I measured up 1/2 inch from the border and then centered the design. These are very well liked towels from everyone who has received them from me.

Not this past Monday but the previous one was sewing club. Sewing club is not like the old one. The teacher just rattles off new products and instead of showing or demostrating a technique or two, she writes it and gives you a copy of how to do it. In class she showed a shower curtain and valance. She indicated the dimension of the curtain, valance and how to embroider all the designs on the valance. She then gave us instructions on making a toilet cover doiley toilet paper cover (referred to as my husband cozie on Mama’s Family) and finally a bag to put a bar of soap in. All these items would sit on the toilet or on a long counter top. When she was explaining the doiley, she was talking so fast and I finally asked her all this stuff she was saying wasn’t making any sense. I asked her what machine she used to explain the directions. Well dah, it was a machine I wasn’t familiar with and I didn’t get information on how I would do it on the Brother PR600. I feel that if she is going to present a pattern, she should know how you would do it on each type of machine that people have purchased from that store. That’s my logic, so this way everyone could make it if they wanted.

On all the three items they had the designs from Anita Goodesigns Autumn Harvest 2. Matter of fact I made 4 of the toilet “COZIES” with acorns and leaves on them. Yeah cute! She then showed us a hand towel and bath towel with matching designs. The ladies were more interested in the towels and were they were purchased than the design. The towels were from Wal-Mart.

Went into my fall and Christmas material. Made a bunch of plain material toilet Cozies. My husband made fun of me. We have a bet I will sell the cozies. Now I did not bet that I have to sell them all. All I have to do is sell one to show him it wasn’t a stupid idea and a get ten bucks. He wanted to bet for sex, I told him he didn’t know what sex was! And I can’t sell it to our daughter, but he doesn’t know a bunch of friends from work are coming to the Holiday Bazaar, so I will sell one!

To make these covers, all you need is a piece of fabric that is 17 x 8. If you don’t put design on it, you sew the seam to close, 1/2 inch. At one end turn 1/4 inch, turn another 1/4 inch, iron and sew you have your hem. On the other end you need to make a casing. Turn 1/4 inch, turn again wider than ribbon and sew close to folded edge. Make sure you leave opening in the casing to put your ribbon through.

Now if you want to put a design on it, easy method (I screwed up and centered it in the middle both length and width – it was to high, but I corrected before I finished product), measure 2 1/2 inches from the bottom before you put in the hem. Center in the length. I didn’t make the soap bag because I thought why would you have an extra bar of soap out if giving a holiday party. A group of people wouldn’t go through a bar in one night. Also push pump soaps are popular these days, then you have the dreaded “do they wash their hands” ew…. I still liked the doiley and by the time I finish this post, I will know how to spell the word.

Started to do some doggie t-shirts. Only got two embroidered with says on it “You call this Fashion” (on a black t-shirt perferred for a male dog) and “Is this a Ugly Betty Line” with polka dots on black t-shirt. However on the Ugly Betty line – my daughter said you this quote because line equals fashion – when I did the second set of polka dots that I went into Embird to separate the dots so I could make placement anywhere on garment – I did a stupid thing. I even checked at least 3 times and I checked the wrong side. I sewed the bottom part of the t-shirt to the top, thus the garment was stuck and I had to rip everything off to get it off the hoop! Now I have a garment that has got little holes and tears.

So luck of the draw, but not finished with garment yet. I bought some bling on clearance at Target. I have two hearts set together that are rhinestones. I put them on the top of the t-shirt and it hides those holes. Now on the bottom of the t-shirt, my daughter suggested to take plaid material and make it appear as if there is a polo shirt under a vest (add buttons). This will cover up the mishap on the bottom side. She then indicated to take some material and make a ruffle and put that around the whole bottom of the t-shirt. Now you actually have an “Ugly Betty” piece of clothing. I hope all of you know who “Ugly Betty” is. Its a television program of a ugly girl who doesn’t know fashion yet she works for a popular fashion magazine!

I am picking on Paris Hilton too. I haven’t made the t-shirts yet, but They’ll say Paris’ BFF (after her reality show on MTV – I think it is MTV). I have some bling charms for cell phones that I am going to put on the pink or white t-shirt. Okay these are really cute ideas for doggie t-shirts and they are my idea, you can’t steal em <jk>. I want to do another black t-shirt that says, “Why doesn’t the cat get to wear one of these?” I am soo tired.

Went to EmbLibary site the other night. NO I DIDN’T Buy anything last week (but saw cute items – could buy them this week however, unless they aren’t on sale). This weeks sale is on their design packs, but they are only favorite design packs from the employees of EmbLibrary. You buy one get one free. Tonight is the last night to get their October freebie and 17 cent design. Their new items are up for November. Here I will post them…

The flowers are the 17 cent designs, the others are the freebies. I can say I don’t care for any.

Tomorrow is Saturday and well don’t know what I’ll be doing but hubby and I are going to Sonic for lunch. Now that we don’t have to drive over an hour to enjoy a burger. Didn’t mention but my daughter Michelle got hit by a car last week. I thought she was driving, but found out that she was on her brother’s bike and a paramedic driving his personal car didn’t see her and hit her. He dragged her across the street and rolled on her foot and stopping on it. Her foot was crushed, but xrays showed no broken bones. My hubby was en-route to the hospital and at the train crossing a freight was going by and there was a ambulance next to him – our daughter was in there. When she got in a ER room, I left and came back and our son’s ex-finance was there. Wasn’t a pretty picture with hubby. So daughter is dealing with insurance stuff from the accident and well the grocery store called me regarding my fall from last month.

I have to contact someone regarding their final disclosure. I think I will be suing, something I would not do, but I have to because of their neglect. I think if I was not at the hospital an hour prior to the fall having a procedure done, I would not care, but there is that possibility that lets say, if I fell forward, I could have ruptured the tissue expander that was in me. A employee neglected to clean up the water off the floor, let the store deal with the concequences. Okay another word I don’t wish to check if is wrong. They are truely lucky I fell to my side, even though it was the side I had work on that day.


Moving on – Bread/Bun covers

Here are my bread/bun covers that I embroidered. I did 8 of these so far. I just purchased some designs (yeah there I go again), you must think I am rich, I’m not, just a thrifty shopper. I even said I would stop buying from EmbLibrary, but I can’t. Heck I’m stopping the smoking so I gotta spend the money for the nicotine somehow!!! 

Okay back on subject. EmbLibrary starts their sale on Tuesday. If you go to their site on Monday night before midnight you can actually get their sale items from the previous week as well as the upcoming week. I don’t know what was all on sale last week because I didn’t check it out, but I did buy a design pack which was 60% off. This week they have some Thanksgiving stuff on sale – buy one get one free (packs and single designs). So I looked over everything I wanted, half the stuff in the packs I wouldn’t use so I purchased the single designs instead. I wanted those cardinals dress as pilgrims, but said no! My bill for 26 designs – under 30 bucks, could be under 25 for that matter. I am going to take those designs and put them on aprons and bread/bun covers. Thanksgiving bun covers will be eggshell where my Christmas designs are on white ones.

I purchased these bread/bun thingys several years ago from All About Blanks. Got them on special so I bought a bunch of them. Now these particular designs are from a Brother card that I purchase back in 2001. Wow how do I remember that? It was my first year embroidering. My mom gave me her machine to play with and learn. I wanted to make unique Christmas cards with a embroidered ornament. Well I didn’t have any designs yet cause I didn’t discover EMBLIBRARY!!!! I was using all freebies and you know, some freebies are good, but then some well their starters – and I’m not knocking them. I can digitilize if I want, I have Embird, BUT I am afraid!!! I bought this card on sale at of all places WAL-MART!!! The wreath design is the one that I used that year for my gift in my card. In the middle of the wreath was the year it was made 2001. The neat thing about this ornament and my aunt was upset – I made those ornaments before I had my Brother 8500 upgraded with new options. Without having the upgrade the system didn’t kick out that particular font. After the upgrade, I lost that font. I want to make one more set of 4 same designs – Christmas candle from the same card. 

I was thinking with these particular designs, again, fast, simple, easy, I could easily dig in my closet for my white huck towels that are packed nice and neatly in a red and black box and put the design on those too. This way if someone spills something at the table, they will have a matching set. But the thing is, that red and black box.. is in another box and I don’t know which one!

Well I was going to upload my aprons, but its not working. So I will have to wait til tomorrow. Anyways its late and I know when I came home I took a hour nap (missed my People’s Court – saw what was going on, missed the outcome on who one – for all three cases!!). 

Work was alright today. I got messages from the managers to take care of some stuff for them, then I got a request to be responsible for a monthly report that someone else used to care for. I thought I would need help trying to decipher how it was done, but then I figured it out. The only thing is, I don’t know how to do a pivot table in excel. This report I will just cut and paste. They are two months behind in this report.

She wanted Baby Items – there’ll be Baby Items

I was advised that some of the attendees for the Holiday Craft Bazaar had small children and babies, thus the fleece hats! Well we can’t forget about the smaller set – infants. I did a bunch of Christmas bibs and they are in a previous post with photos. I purchased a bunch of burp cloths and bibs from All About Blanks a year ago in pink and blue trim. As I mentioned the other day I was having trouble embroidering the burp cloths, but I believe on Monday things were moving smoothly once again. I finished all 12 of the burp cloths with 6 different sayings. I did some search engines on cute sayings and created three of my own. I wanted to make one that said “that was “wicked”, but I don’t know if people would be aware that the term “wicked” means neat/awesome.

I then embroidered the bibs. I got the designs from, where else, EmbLibrary. These were simple and fast. 15 minutes top (even though I was not using the highest speed on my PR600). This is when I found out that my centering of the hoop is out of wack!!!! So this is how they turned out…. I only had to change the  color on the Lil’ Stinker bibs so that they matched the trim. Made two of each bib in each color trim, so that I didn’t have to dig for more designs, even though I know I have them. I usually do gender specific on baby bibs, but not this time around. Time is the essence.

I have a few baby oneies and wanted to whip up some ideas on those, but again, time factor. Simple, quick and cute. So as I was floating around on the internet for those baby sayings for the burp cloths… guess what I ran into –

 Now as you know iPods come in colors, but time… so I stuck with the black and did six of these. I know they will be a hot seller. Thing is I still have 6 oneies left, 4 in blue, 2 in pink. Guess what, I am going to make colored iPoods’. I can’t believe how much these are sold on the internet. My oneies are mostly all “Gerber” items. These were so quick to do. I used my fast frames to stitch these out. I really do like those frames at times. I put iron on/tear away stabilizer right in the middle of the garment under the armpits. Only used a piece that was 1 1/2 inches by I think 4 inches. Then I attached it to the frame with double stick tape and made sure it was straight. Two minutes later it was done. Slapped the next one on and clicketyclak done! I had these done very fast. As soon as all where completed, I then took each one and used my Singer steam press to soften the stabilizer. With a twist of the wrist I riped the stabilizer off nice and clean! Then I took the mesh stabilizier, cut proper size and adhered it to the back of the stitching, so that it doesn’t errate the babies skin!

Next project that I completed and told you about in previous post. Photo isn’t great, but I was telling you about the vintage Christmas stockings my mom made. Well I put “Baby’s First Christmas” on the band and then I hand stitched lace on them. My mom really did a nice job putting these together. I decided to keep 2 of them for myself for my kids if they have kids. I was looking all over the place for where there might have been an opening so I could do the embroidery, but she did the stocking all together and then added the band last. If I didn’t indicate in my previous post – I hooped these on the fast frames, but I had to play with the size of the embroidery because of the size of the stocking and the frame. No matter how I tried, had to use the smallest frame you get in the set. I also did not use stabilizer (okay take your hand off your mouth). Hey when you start doing this for awhile, you find ways to maneuver around.  When I first started out embroidering and I would hear someone say, oh I used a paper bag or a coffee liner, I would be the one covering up my mouth and say bad-bad. But you know, cost factor and experimental tests show you can use those items. I did not use either one for these – I used my plastic bag from the store. Then you can easily rip it off and well if needed (but I couldn’t on these), then iron off the excess plastic (as long as you cover with something so it doesn’t melt to your iron).

Hmmm anything else for the little tykes… nope. Didn’t get a chance to do any receiving flannel or fleece blankets. I have to go to sewing club on Monday night to talk to a gal who made these fab baby blankets. They were two pieces of fabric and one side had a puppy applique on it. I can’t remember how she sewed the two together, but really nice and simple.

Left-over Fleece, what you can do to create something nice

Good Evening everyone.

Lets start off with the left-overs. With the remaining fleece that I had from all my kids hats and lady berets, I made a few infant hats. You will have to look at my previous post where I give the sizes. The photo here shows what I did with more left-overs – fleece ear covers. I just played and chose different sizes. Follow the chart again on the previous post for the length. The width should be at least anywhere from 3 inches (little kids) to maybe 6 for adults. What I did to make these after I cut them, I sewed the two long ends together. Trimmed seam, but not necessary right next to it. Turned. I then pushed the ends into each other. Now depending on the thickness of the fleece will determine if it’ll bunch up alot. You can play with fleece so it lays nicely. Then you pin the side with the seam. It is necessary that you pin to keep the seam straight when you sew a top stitch. After you complete the seam side, then you do the opposite side. After I did each side I then did the center where I pushed the ends together. After you get that done, then you trim closely to that stitch to make a clean area. There are other ways of making these, but hey, I’m just using my head here. They did turn out nice. Only had to throw away one or two because I was lazy about pinning next to the seam!!!

More left-over fleece – make striped hats (sorry no photo). Take 2 or 3 colors of fleece that is 6 inches wide (for 3 colors). Sew seams (one of mine was green, yellow, green). After you trim the seam, turn the first stripe in half to make your band. Allow this to hang over the seam of the next color. Sew the band on the front side and stitch in the ditch (think that is the term they use when quilting). Now you have a nice even stripe that is clean. Trim seam, closely, this allows the seam to lie flat. On the top of the hat, you then make your 1/2 strips that are 4 inches long. When you tie your strips together on the front side, make sure you tie on the seam of the two colors, this will hide the seam cause the strips will be flowing over.

If you want to only make a two color striped hat, increase the two colors to maybe 8 inches. You will not be folding the first color to the seam of the second, you will only be folding it over 2 – 3 inches. If you don’t want to add the strips but want to make it plain on the top, then you just gather and tie on the inside. Plain and simple, yet colorful and practical.  I only made a couple of those, but I know when I purchase more fleece in the future, I will be making striped hats.

I didn’t indicate in my previous post how to make the top lay nicely, especially on the hats without the strips. Fold the top of the hat in half. Then take each side and fold them towards the center. Finally take the four sides and bring them to the center. Hold tight and then tie. You get a nice uniform look.

There is another craft show I might be doing in December at a school. I am going to research the school colors and make hats with their colors, that is if I have time.

Forgot to mention to you that in the Creative Machine Embroidery mag for Nov/Dec one of their projects is taking a fleece hat and embroidering paw prints on the front of the band. Since I’ve been doing sew much, I by-passed that idea so that I could get other projects completed. You could embroidery snowflakes all around the band. Make one with mistletow on the band, wonder if it’ll work <giggle>, getting kisses from unknown strangers! There are all sorts of designs you could use on the band.

Just imagine, you could be making lots of fleece hats, ear coverings for all the kids on the block as well as your own favorite child, grandchild, etc. And just think of the assorted colors they will have to chose from. And if they loose one, heaven forbid, you’ll have a spare!

Back to Work!

Well it was back to work today. Up at 5 and out by 6 am. 

It was hectic. Thought I knew passwords after being away for 2 weeks. Had to get passwords reset. Lots of emails, but really none that I had to answer. Couldn’t get into one program cause I was locked out, it’ll take til the end of the week for them to put me back on payroll. More password issues. More calls for resets cause I changed passwords and couldn’t remember which ones I changed. Can’t use universal passwords for all programs.

New computer in and other department took it so it never got installed. 4 voice mails regarding computer. Emails daily regarding computer. I left an out of office voice and email message, don’t they listen or read?? Finally called and gave them information that I was back. Now tech support has been contacted to come out and install and transfer all my files.

Had to do a annual training class. Again I have to log in with password. Password doesn’t work so I go to reset. Can’t too many attempts have to call support. They change it and once again another password to re-create after I get a temporary one. Do the training class. Received an email of additional training classes I need to take. Decided to take them all to get them completed before the end of year. Completed all but 3. The 3 are in a different system and guess what – I can’t access cause I am still in the system as disability! Geesh….

Go into another program and have to reset another password and can’t because the system has wrong birth town and they won’t give it to me. Then they ask for another passcode and I give them a 4 digit and its more than 4 digits, thus I remember that passcode. Then they ask me another question and I am able to answer. Now to get the temporary, get it and then have to change that. Then I have to go into the system and correct my birth town!!!! Sounds like fun eh!

I was suppose to have documentation of job responsibilities prior to my vacation/disability. Never done. Chief of Staff never did it and didn’t expect me back. Called her 1/2 hour before I left for the day. Indicated to her I need to know what is expected from me and that I need work. If it wasn’t for doing the training I would have fallen asleep because of boredom. Sent letter to the managers I am responsible for and asked them to please give me some work for tomorrow. Chief of Staff will have something for me hopefully by Friday. Did you read that closely “HOPEFULLY”. I told her the list of responsibilities that we discussed prior is not enough to fill a 8 hour day, let alone a week!!!

Have to sign up for next years benefits, but with me retiring I have to call and it has to be done by FRIDAY! Can’t find number, go to web-site, geesh another password. I can’t remember my date of employment so I lock myself out again (but then I was putting slashes in when I wasn’t suppose to!). Start all over again, get in. Call them up, inform them what coverage I want – won’t have to pay any additional charges cause I have 30 years. Ask a bunch of questions that they can’t answer (of course). Make sure I get signed up for reimbursement for meds from out of pocket expenses – forgot to do that for this year.

Call hubby tell him that he will still have medical under me without having to pay after I retire. He says your not retiring with the economy the way it is. I said yes I am. I don’t want to loose my lump sum pension!!!! And just think he was going to quit his job last week. I don’t want to end up like all those other people in the past that lost their pensions cause the company didn’t have it!

Get home, tired because I didn’t do anything at all today. Sure at home I was wide awake cause I was sewing all day. I was even wide away late into the next morning!!!! Eat leftovers even though the spouse was going to treat for dinner since I had to go buy pop for his work. I didn’t want to order out (guess all the eating my daughter and I’ve been doing, I’m ordered out dead). Tomorrow maybe we will order out.

Next step, go and apply for part-time job (just for the fun of it). I went to Target to see if they will hire me during the holiday season. I only want to work 4 nights. Signed up for the photo lab – they have an opening. My daughter is going back to re-enlist to work at Target. She could use the extra money and they sent her a card asking to come back. Yesterday she got a call to work extra hours at her other job that she just started. She said sure, so she’ll be doing 30 hrs a week. She just called and indicated that the girl that worked there for 11 years was fired. Yup, knew that was gonna happen. She makes more money than the two college girls that work there during the evening hours. They probably will have their manager fill in the rest of the time or hire someone else at a lower rate. Don’t know if Target will hire me, but if I go in for an interview and they say something about me already having a job, I am just gonna tell them I wanted to just work seasonal and when I retire by June I might be able to get an office job there instead. If they would rather hire someone else that is fine with me cause I really don’t need it (yeah after yesterday’s big expense on my car; new tires and battery, a muss for the winter season coming up) and they don’t have to think I am looking for a high hourly pay, minimum is fine with me (but I know working the Photo Lab is one of the higher paying jobs at Target – Thank you daughter for the information).

So now my day is over and my eyes are burning, yet I had a wonderful grande of carmel hot chocolate from “Starbucks”. My significant other said I’d be up all night, but I am totally wiped out.

I have a bunch of photos to take and upload. I did some small embroidery the last two days and well I need that part time job to pay for my house call on my PR600. The hoop thingy is still not working, so it needs adjustment and Monday night I accidently hit my fingernail on the needle threader and broke it! EGAds what else could go wrong??? Oh lets see, my son indicated that the job he is working on there is no more overtime – he got his last of it last week-end. They were suppose to layoff 60 employees from the job, but that was last week and they hadn’t done it yet to our knowledge. My husband has a feeling that they are going to merge motive power and service at his building like they had before, thus laying off there too!

So who ya voting for???? Oh I forgot they are on right now…. is it worth watching???

My financial advisor contacted me and indicated we could talk about my 401k. Don’t think I want to do anything right now. I paid off my car this month and got my certificate in the mail yesterday. It is now MINE. 6 years old and it only has 71,500 miles on it. Not about to trade it in. It runs great and I’m not ready for a new car payment. Now if only my husband when we refinanced the house, we could have only 3 years left to pay off instead of I think 6, but nooooo he had to have extra cash for the non built garage that sits in the backyard. At least we still have the money in his account (I hope).

Designs not matching up

How do you correct a problem with a design not matching up to an outline?

I embroidered some aprons with Santa’s on it. On both of them the hat did not match up to the outline. I did an angel from the same set and nothing happened. The photos are the designs I used on the aprons, not the actual piece I did. There is a 1/4 inch gap around the top of the hat to the gray outline. 

On the item to the right, the hat and face did not met up. I know people have stated to use a fabric pen, but its not going to be the same texture as the embroidered item and it’ll look pretty crappy if you ask me. The order that I did 4 aprons where, angel, santa 1, santa 2 and then I finally said no more from this set and did a design from EmbLibrary and everything stitched like it was suppose too.

So now I am trying to figure out how to correct this matter. I was so discussed that I shut my machine off for the day on Saturday (besides I had other items to tend to). I have that feeling that I am going to have to pull out the thread and needle and do it by hand. If someone has any ideas, let me know for future problems. And I am going to say this – they say to stitch the design out prior to actually putting it on apparel – I don’t think I wish to waste over an hour and half to stitch a sample and then do the actual! These designs were very LARGE.

Today I turned on the machine to do some baby burp cloths with some sayings while I sewed up some infant fleece hats that I cut up the other morning. I became aggravated because the bobbin thread refused to snatch the embroidery thread. So I basically told the machine you want to play games, fine and I shut it off. I know I have to call Aaron to do a house call to do a yearly check-up on the machine. Lately I’ve been using it alot so it needs attention. Now that the Quilt/Sew Expo is over he will be available. 

So now I am almost finished with all my fleece items. I cut up all my left overs to make infant size hats and ear bands. Now I sit in front of the television listening and occasionally look up watching House as I measure and make the top of the hats. Tomorrow is another day.

Nov/Dec Embroidery Designs/Thread Giveaways

Creative Machine Embroidery noted that there will be more Embroidery Designs/Thread Giveaways during the months of November and December.

John Deer’s Adorable Ideas will be giving away to 3 people one of the following to their Ladybug Club membership: 1 year (which retails at 1678); 3 month ($359) and a 1 month (119) membership. You are only allowed to enter ONCE during the month of November. You email your full name and address to, subject line LADYBUG Club. Visit John Deer’s Adorable Ideas at, he’s got some real nice items out there.

Quiltmakers Quilting & Embroidery magazine will be giving away their latest copy of their magazine to 7 people. In order to get a chance to win, you are allowed to enter ONCE between November 23 to the 25th. eMail you name and mailing address to, with the subject line Q&E. Doesn’t indicate date of drawing.

How would you like to win a Victorian Romance thread box by Robison-Anton and coordinating design collection by designer/author Michelle Griffith (retail price $120). Four people will win this gift. To enter, enter ONCE between November 1st and December 17th. Go to One winner will be choosen on November 6th, November 20th, December 4th and finally on Decmber 18th. 

Good luck and don’t forget you still have a chance to win Sulking products in the month of October. Please see my previous blogs for the dates and how to enter.