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Ultimate Sewing Room – more than 7k in prizes

Well I’m felling a bit better cause I made a few sales on my etsy site in the last few days. I still haven’t gotten some items up because being at work I’m tired when I get home. Today I fell asleep right away.

Looky here… go to my side bar and you will see the link to this site…

111208-sewing-room-giveawayMy entry is called the Dream Sewing Room Retreat. Of course it doesn’t have everything I would like in it, but I was having trouble adding stuff as well as making the furniture fit in so it looked like a room. The ultimate contest I would love to win would have to include adding a third floor as an attic to complete my dream retreat.

I would make it were I could store all my junk in one area in a large walk in closet, then the main room a sewing room. I would have at least 3 sewing tables for each one of my machines. The tables would have to be on the high side because I am tall. I like to sit straight when I sew and the table I have now, I bend over and then the back hurts. The next thing I would like is a table to cut fabric and patterns from. I like those tables that fold up, but the best one I like is the one with the hydrolics. Both sides have flaps that fold down when not in use and that would be great to be able to have the table at the height I need. You can even sit at it and cut purse patterns. 

The next thing I would want is lots of storage. I would like some drawer cabinets. I’ve seen some at Ikea for drafting. They would be great to lay fabric in because they are drawers that are sized for large paper products, but I would need something that is more than 4-5 drawers. I wouldn’t want deep drawers because you don’t want to fill them too much with fabric, weight would ruin the drawers. I would have all my threads in cabinet drawers too. On the wall the air gets to them and sun light, in drawers I feel they would last longer.

I would definitely want a dress form and ironing board, but the ironing board has to be one that attaches to the wall. I would still want my iron press because I am sooo spoiled with that item. I would have that on a tall table, again my height. You have to make yourself comfortable. Shelving units neccessary and it would be nice to have doors on them, ultimate idea, built in cabinets with shelfs and drawers, thus everything is hidden.

You have to have computers and printer. Me two computers one with all my designs and the other for accessing the internet. I like Mac for the internet and PC for just the designs. Would have to have a flat screen tv somewhere, would make sure that I can hook up puter and iPod to it. Not only could I load pictures of my work onto the tv, but I could have my music or books on tape work through the tv if I don’t want to listen to a show. Small frig in the room so I can have my Crystal Light Lemonade and Peach Tea close by.

Then a couch. Something for me to sit or lay on when I want to take a break and watch tv or if I need to piece something together. But mostly Maggie (the wonder dog) would lay on the couch. Right now she is under my feet and with the couch I wouldn’t be getting in *her* way. She would have her place to keep me company. You never know that couch might come in handy on late night sewing week-ends. Don’t interrupt the hubby so just sleep there!

So go to the above site, enter the contest and make your own ultimate sewing room. There are over 3600 entries so far.


Nov/Dec Embroidery Designs/Thread Giveaways

Creative Machine Embroidery noted that there will be more Embroidery Designs/Thread Giveaways during the months of November and December.

John Deer’s Adorable Ideas will be giving away to 3 people one of the following to their Ladybug Club membership: 1 year (which retails at 1678); 3 month ($359) and a 1 month (119) membership. You are only allowed to enter ONCE during the month of November. You email your full name and address to info@cmemag.com, subject line LADYBUG Club. Visit John Deer’s Adorable Ideas at http://www.adorableideas.com, he’s got some real nice items out there.

Quiltmakers Quilting & Embroidery magazine will be giving away their latest copy of their magazine to 7 people. In order to get a chance to win, you are allowed to enter ONCE between November 23 to the 25th. eMail you name and mailing address to info@cmemag.com, with the subject line Q&E. Doesn’t indicate date of drawing.

How would you like to win a Victorian Romance thread box by Robison-Anton and coordinating design collection by designer/author Michelle Griffith (retail price $120). Four people will win this gift. To enter, enter ONCE between November 1st and December 17th. Go to http://www.michelles-designs.com. One winner will be choosen on November 6th, November 20th, December 4th and finally on Decmber 18th. 

Good luck and don’t forget you still have a chance to win Sulking products in the month of October. Please see my previous blogs for the dates and how to enter.

Creative Machine Embroidery – October Contests – Reminder

Below is the October contests that I posted back in August. You still have a chance to win an assortment of threads from Iris Embroidery, the 10th is next week. Then you have Sulky that follows behind.

There will be 5 winners chosen to win from Iris Embroidery Thread an assortment of threads. It does not indicate whether you can only enter once or if you can enter daily, but one winner will be chosen daily between October 6th through the 10th. To enter go to http://www.theninaline.com.

Finally, Sulky will be giving away to 5 lucky people during October 13th through the 17th one of the following items; Sulky Secrets to Successful Stabilizing book, a multi-stabilizer/book combo, Heat-Away Clear Film pack, Tender Touch pack or a 20″ wide Sulky Stabilizier Assortment. Go to http://www.sulky.com/winbig, to enter. You can enter daily to win one of these prizes.

By the week-end I will post the November/December contests that are noted in Creative Machine Embroidery’s magazine. We have John Deer’s Adorable Ideas, Quilting & Embroidery magazine and finally a Victorian Romance thread box by Robison-Anton. And I believe I will be having a contest too.

My contest is going to have 3 prizes to three individuals. Did another apron today and until I post the photo I won’t indicate what is expected from you, but I will indicate that you will have to comment in order to be entered in the contest. If you spread the word on your blog that I am having a contest, you have one additional entry to add by stating you put in on your blog. What are the prizes??? Hmmm, you seen some of my work, so it could be a set of Christmas towels, a purse, material…. I haven’t decided yet, but all three items will be worth the entry. As soon as I publish this, I will sleep on the idea of prizes.

Finally, daughter and mother had blonde moment today – we went to get more aprons to embroider. Walked out of store and we were chatting and looking for vehicle. Well I said to Shell its around this area isn’t it. Her reply I don’t remember. Some guy said looking for your car or just walking the parking lot. I said looking for car. He said well hope you find it and I replied with, yeah me too, its my husband’s car. That is when Shell realized she was looking for the wrong vehicle. We walked to far, car was in the third spot over one isle! Wonder what moment we will have tomorrow.

Another Day

No sewing this week-end but my brain is still thinking….. I’ve been wanting to make some of my own purse patterns and I have quite a few ideas. Most of them will have some sort of pleats in them. Sometimes when I watch, excuse me, MTV, and I see the dresses actresses are wearing, I think, wow that dress style would look nice as a purse. The flowing of gathered material from one end of a purse to the other side. Then the idea of having a tuxedo shirt, where it is all gathered in pleats, in the middle of the purse. These purses would have to be made in real nice material.

Yesterday I cannot believe I spent the whole day on the puter playing a hide and seek at all the fabric quilting sites. Its called the fabshophop, visit http://www.fabshophop.com/hopmain.asp . What you do is sign up and then they give you a list of 130 shops to visit to find this little bunny on their sites. Some are easy, some are hard. Some give clues, some do not. OMG – did that rhyme? Well I didn’t want to win first prize, which I believe is a Brother sewing machine worth 550 bucks. So I didn’t have to look for all 130 bunnies, whew good! I figured I would at least try for First Prize, which is $175 dollars in something. You have to find at least 98 bunnies.

Well I found 102 <snort>. I got mad when my wireless mouse died. It didn’t die because of the battery. It died because the battery exploded in the mouse and ozy was coming out of the battery (acid I presume). So now the mouse has died – maybe because it was upset I was looking for a bunny and not mices! Oh well, now it was finger control. I noticed that if there weren’t clues, the best place was to look was at their newsletters. This bunny hop is good til the end of the month BTW. If the site was small and no clue, I would just jump from one category to the next, but if it had lots of stuff I didn’t know where to go and I would just go to the next store. OMG you should have seen all the emails I had in my mailbox indicating that I found the bunny. I didn’t know once I gave my email address I would get a message stating I found it. In the beginning I did the stupid thing of signing up for their newsletter cause some of them had monthly drawings of fabric. Didn’t sign up for too many, but I got wise. When I saw a site I liked, signed up. You know there is a fabric site just for pink flamingos!!!! Saw some of the new fabrics like the Jetsons, Yogi Bear and found some Bettie Boop!

So it was an uneventful day yesterday as it poured more rain. I was advised my DH that all he wanted me to do was one load of wash. Well I did one better, I did three! The whites are still in the dryer <giggle> he won’t need them til mid week.

Today was decent weather wise. No rain. Getting cool, will be in the low 40s tonight. Good for sleeping. 

Work was okay, but not the best, but what else is new. I am ready to just take 4 weeks of vacation and say screw it. I can’t tell you the personality of these women. I was invisible today, yes invisible. I don’t think they knew I worked today, but who cares.

So I grabbed a bunch of wire from work today. Wondering what I can make with it beside colorful wire rings. I am swapping the wire for some PC boards. I want to make some jewelry from the computer boards. I have to get some forms and resin to complete these pieces of artwork. I thought I could easily do some wire stuff too. Instead of making thread friendship bracelets, I could make wire ones. Could make decent closures with the wire. Then I was thinking about Christmas ornaments, white and red wire makes good candy canes. Thought about stars, but no good color for stars. Thought about other stuff, but will have to hit the internet.

I haven’t fried another CD since last week – maybe that’s why I’m not in my right mind, the smell in the microwave and the CD burning got to my brain! Oh and I didn’t blog about that, wonder why, I guess after the discussing look my daughter gave me of her disapproval of what I did… GAWD Mom how old are YOU??

Well I figured I’d write. Any ideas for me, I’d appreciate feed back. Talk later and hopefully more. Missed out on sewing club tonight. Oh well… wasn’t up to it.