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Machine Embroidery Applique – Tutorial 101 – Spray Adhesive

Last Sunday my new sewing buddy, Tiffany and I got together. She is new to machine embroidery and she asked if I could help her out. She was having some problems centering designs on small t-shirts. We were discussing several different items and one of the items was regarding machine embroidered applique. I told Tiffany I would do a tutorial on my blog. Tiffany, here we go and just to let you know, on this tutorial, I used spray adhesive.

dscf2476Instead of looking through all my stuff to find a piece of baby clothing, I took a piece of fabric to work with. Applique can be done in all types of applications, towels, clothing, home decor and sew on. Took a piece of iron on tear away stabilizer and applied it to the back of the fabric. Tiffany, in this example I hooped both the stabilizer and fabric, I did not do what I showed you the other day. You can’t see in this photo the outline stitch of the design that I am using because the thread color is very light.




You will see why on this particular design why I decided to use  furry fleece for the applique. As I’ve stated before I don’t like to use spray adhesives, but this design has curves, thus I would have some difficulty trimming the excess material. I lightly sprayed the fleece and then laid it on the hooped fabric making sure that it was laying flat. I then did the next set of stitching where the two fabrics are sewn together to hold in place.




dscf2478Now we are ready for the next step. Time to trim all the excess fleece. Take a pair of applique scissors and trim as closely as possible to the stitching making sure you don’t accidently snip a stitch or knocking the hoop apart. Can you tell the design yet? Hmm, appears that the design doesn’t look centered. Is it possible that there is going to be some embroidery below the applique? Could be.




dscf2479Next step is putting the hoop back on the machine to do some embroidery. Oh we have some little orange feet. After the feet are done, the hoop is removed from the machine again.






dscf2480In this photo I place a piece of water soluble stabilizer on top of the applique. Even though the furry fleece does not have a thick nap that the stitches will sink into, I don’t want the satin stitches to fall between any of the fleece or the fleece to intermingle (is that a good word to use??) with the satin stitches. This is the first time I am using a furry fleece as an applique, so as experimenting and writing a tutorial, covering all bases for a better outcome or product. Put the hoop back on the machine and time to finish the rest of the design. After all the stitching was completed, I took and removed the water soluble.


dscf2482Here is the finished product. A cute little duckling just in time for Easter. Now you can see why I used the furry fleece for this particular applique design. I figured that once I was done with this tutorial I had to provide where I got the design. This design is from Anita Goodesigns “Ducks”. The design set consists of 27 appliques pertaining just to ducklings. The perfect set for any baby’s room. This month they have a design set of applique horses. There are several applique sets for Baby.

Next time I do a tutorial for machine embroidery applique, I am going to be showing how to use the product “Heat and Bond”. As I stated earlier, this design had too many curves that I would have had trouble.


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