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Candles with a cherry Christmas feel

Thought I would do some simple and not so simple projects for the candles around the house to get a festal feeling. The downfall, the one design chosen, to the majority of the simple projects… didn’t want to co-operate! Ho Hum!

The first simple project was to simply stitch out the design on water soluble stabilizer, dissolve the stabilizer and then simply place the design on a candle. Simple, very, but like I said if the design would have stitched appropriately it would have looked even more elegant once the design was placed on the candle. Even though the design is already sticky from the stabilizer I would still put glue on the design to make sure that it adheres. The other nice thing about doing this, you can easily take the item and put on a new candle. The outline of the design screwed up and well we are not all perfect.

The next simple project was to make a candle sleeve for the candles that my hubby loves to burn. Yeah I like to cause some trouble cause he would complain about it some how. Basically you take some tulle and water soluble stabilizer and hoop, then stitch out the design. Once done you simply cut the tulle to the size of your candle glass, height and width, sew a seam and ta da, slip it on the glass. You can even embellish the sleeve by putting decorative trim on the bottom or top or both. Another item that you can use over and over again. If I forgot to mention, you need to wash out the stabilizer.

Now for the more complex project, grrrrr! I don’t even know what to call it, so I will just call it the candle cover.

I saw this idea last year at sewing class and I really did like it. Couldn’t find my instructions so I was on my own. This project is to take 4 5 x 7 picture frames, screw small hinges on each side of the frame on the top and bottom. You will have problems with the last side because you have a square but if you leave the glass out of the last frame until you get the hinges screwed in place it’ll work. Was I successful with the hinges, remember this was a idea for my blog, I used packing tape to put em together, so I cheated. You will see at the end what I am going to use mine for.

Please be advised that each frame will need two pieces of glass. Go to your nearest hardware store and purchase additional clear glass, they will cut it to the size you need. You might even want to see if you can purchase thin plexiglass to use instead. Glass is not very expensive, where the plexiglas will be much more.

Since this was a sample for my blog I only did 3 designs in different fabrics. Well I will not do this on sheer silk again. Very hard to work with. Working with the tulle was great and I got the effect that I wanted. You can even check your fabric store for sheer fabrics with winterland scenes on it. You don’t want to just stitch on the fabric, you want to bunch it up to get a layered look, so make sure you use more than enough fabric when hooping. Take some water soluble place it on the hoop, bunch up the fabric and place it on top of the stablizer, once you feel you are happy with how the fabric looks, hoop it. Prior to stitching you will place another piece of water soluble on top of the fabric. The reason you are putting stabilizer on the top and bottom is to keep the fabric lying properly when you start stitching

Once all stitching is completed you take an ear cleaner and wet to remove the stabilizer around the edges. If you get it all wet, then you will have to wait for it to dry.After cleaning the clear pieces of glass, place the fabric and center the design. Prior to putting the other piece of glass on top, play with the fabric to get a neat effect, overlap the fabric, swirl it around, once you think you have the effect that you want, then put the other piece of glass on top. With the tulle I was able to bunch it up to keep a effect that would look good once the candle would glow through the glass. On the two designs that I used the sheer silk with, I had to take something thinner than a popsicle stick to push the fabric between the two pieces of glass. I don’t care for the effect of the material on the green fabric, however the red, I love it! But then I had to figure how to play with the fabric. You will cut all the excess fabric around the pieces of glass. Place into frame and secure. Now you have your candle cover. You can use all the same fabric and use different designs for each frame.

If you like this idea, you can easily just do one picture frame, placing the candle behind the frame. You would have to get a piece of cork and cut it to the appropriate size and then take small nails and nail the cork into the frame’s bottom.

This project would make a great gift idea. Now what I am going to do with my 3 different frames. They will be used for gifts that can either be hung on the wall or placed in a window. Look look very attractive sitting in the window of my kitchen for the photos below. You can look at the layering effect on each one, again the tulle, I didn’t have to play so much as I did with the green and red. I really do like the swirls in the red.


Flower Creations – Dakota Collectables Decor

DSCF3433For the past week I have been working on making daisies and asters from the Dakota Collectable Decor Design set – 970384. The package is called Flower Creations. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making flowers with the embroidery machine and see how they turn out. I acquired the CD from SewforLess, which by the way is currently on sale for 34.99. 

The CD consists of 26 designs to make four different types of flowers, daisies, asters, pansies and one other flower. Included in the CD are 6 gift tags. Perfect item if you like to personalize your gifts to family and friends. On the CD you get full instructions of how to put the flowers together using wire and floral wrapping tape. Of course additional materials are needed to complete the project. It is very simple and easy for those beginners out there. I don’t consider myself a beginner, but I’ve worked with floral tape in the past and once I got the momentum going I was whizzing through them quickly.

When I decided to make these flowers, I thought I would try a new stabilizer, as my supply is running low. And you say what Donna is going to change her brand, thats not like her. I went ahead and got a sample package of Wunderstitch from SewforLess’ site. The sample package includes 20 sheets of 9 various stabilizers, which include some of the following; medium, heavy soft tearaway, medium cutawy, tear and wash and sew and wash. Would also like to indicate that this package is on sale on the SweforLess site at 26.24, almost half price and it includes free needles. Since I had some sew and wash from another company, figured I would do a comparison between the two stabilizers.

When I started my first daisy on my off brand, noted that one layer of stabilizer was not going to do. Sometimes with the density of the item, you sometimes need 2 or 3 layers. So I trashed the first daisy that screwed up and doubled up on the stabilizer. Did several flowers with the off brand and then the remaining flowers I used the Wunderstitch Sew and Wash, otherwise know as Aqua Lace. I noticed that the off brand was thinner or weight was lighter than the Wunderstitch. When I dissolved the items I even noticed that the Wunderstitch was different in weight, it was heavier, only one sheet necessary. I even accidentally left a set of flowers outside on the table, as I was drying them faster in the heat, forgot to bring them in, rained overnight, still had plenty of body in the flower. 

Starting out the project did lots of flower pieces. Yes that’s right LOTS!!! My daughter saw what I as going to be doing and said, hey Mom can you do pink daisies for Kim, her friend. I said sure what the heck. So I gave her my container of pink threads from Metro Embroidery and said pick. LOL was that a mistake, not really as she picked out three colors. The mistake was me doing 4 of each color! What was I thinking? So pretty much 2 days later I had all my leaves and petals done. It pays to always have a second hoop on items that you are doing a lot of, worth the investment. 

DSCF3422After all the items were sewn, I trimmed the wash away stabilizer from the sewn pieces. I like to trim a lot of the excess because the water doesn’t get sticky/icky quickly. Say that three times fast! I put the pieces into a plastic container of warm water. Watched the stabilizer dissolve and then shook them to get more of the water off. Took them outside on the patio table to dry.

As they were drying, took out the wire and floral tape. Originally was going to buy the wire that had the floral taped on it, but it was going to have to be wrap all together, so nixed that short-cut. In the beginning I cut the wire for the leaves and then wrapped the floral tape on the wire. Big mistake as I realized later, faster and easier to tape the wire and then cut to your size needed for the leaves. But them again, I don’t follow directions unless needed, rolling eyes!

DSCF3432Once all the wire was done and the sewn items were dry, I glued the wire and leaves together using tacky glue. While those items were drying started wiring the petals. Two sets of petals per each wire. Placed a dab of tacky glue between the two petals so they wouldn’t move. Waiting for everything to dry. Now to put together.

Started wrapping the floral tape to the stem of the flower and made sure it was at the base of the flower. Took one of the leaves and bent the wire and wrapped the floral tape around and continued to bring the tape downwards until I knew where I wanted to place my next leaf. Bent wire, wrapped, brought tape down and placed another leaf. When all the leaves were in place continued to wrap the floral tape all the way to the bottom. I dabbed some tacky glue on the underneath side of the petals.

To hide the wire on the daisies I purchased some itsy bitsy pom-poms. Now do you think they would sell a package of just yellow ones. NOOOOOOOOO, what to do as my flowers were pink and the contrasting colors in the petals were yellow. My daughter suggested to dye the pom-poms. Please I am not going to buy a package of dye for 12 itsy bitsy pom-poms!!! So took food coloring dye. They aren’t exactly bright yellow, but they aren’t white either. I was happy with the result. Took a dab of tacky glue and put the pom-pom to the petals. Project done!

DSCF3444I was impressed that I decided to make a bunch of asters, in different bright colors of course. Again I made 4 of each color. When making the asters I thought of my sister Susan’s purple room where her Mad Cow painting hangs. The painting contains purples, blues, yellow, orange and greens. Went through the whole process and the flowers look great. Going to take a bunch of the flowers up to Susan and then she can find a vase to put them in.

When I was completed, my daughter liked them so much she asked if I would do more but in her favorite colors from bands, uhm okay black and red, whatever. Planning on doing some more daisies in white and yellow!

Design your own fabric

3037757855_530d496226Have you ever wanted to design your own fabric and then use it for one of your projects.

If you didn’t already know this, now you can design your own fabric and have it printed on high quality 100% cotton from Moda. The swatches shown here are actually created by individuals like you and me.

These particular pieces are the first for a weekly contest and the winner receives 5 yards of either their fabric or other fabrics that are for sale in the future. This is a 100 dollar prize. The other contestants will receive sample fabric, as a parting gift. Which ever fabric is chosen as the winner for the week, can be purchase the following week. 

Now to introduce Spoonflower. It is a site that helps you get your design onto fabric. What you do is save your design that youv’e created in a TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF. File must be less than 25MB. You set up your resolution, upload your design to Spoonflower. You can center your design on the fabric or have Spoonflower place the design in a basic repeat, half-step repeat, or a half-brick repeat. They have information regarding colors and a few quick tips regarding colors. There is so much too absorb on their site, you must go to it. They even have detailed information for photoshop users on color notes and if your not a photoshop user, well they have tips and free tools for creating digital fabric designs. Go to my sidebar to visit and possibly become a member. There is a FLICKR site too. 

You can explore all the members designs. The amount of people that use Spoonflower for their projects is unbelievable. You can see their items on Etsy. Spoonflower has hit the latest issues of Craft magazine and Stitch (new mag published by Quilting Arts). I found out about creating your own fabric through my sister who is an artist. She sent me Photojojo a DIY-photography newsletter and they had a blurb about Spoonflower. 

Pricing is very reasonable; 4 x 4 square is 5.00, fat quarter is 11.00 and a yard is 18.00.

I’ve been wanting to write about Spoonflower since I signed up to be a member, its just finding the time to read and write about it. I still have sew much to absorb. Hopefully I will have a design on there, but finding the time!!!!