Stitches Business Magazine – I’ve been Published – July 2008

I recently sent in some items to Stitches, which is a Business Magazine for industrial embroidery people. I’ve been a member for some time. They sent out an email to all members indicating that they were going to do a special issue on Spring/Summer projects. Well I had a few items that I figured I would send in to see if I would have a chance to make the cut. Of course at the last minute I finally got my butt going and sent in the stuff.

I had sent in a kitchen towel with an embroidered daisies/watercan from Anita Goodesigns. Sent in some embroidered flowers from EmbLibrary and then some spring/summer purses/totes (but they were plain janes).

Well they received my package and asked me some additional questions about the towel and flower items. Got back to them and they indicated that one of my items would be in their magazine in May. Well May’s issue didn’t have it and I was like, hmmm do I have the right magazine. So I wrote them. They got back to me and said yes I made the cut but they had to wait until the July issue of Stitches.

Well I got my Stitches issue and ripped it open. I was totally surprised cause it wasn’t portrayed as a contest, but in the book it was. There were 3 top winners (The first place was great!!) and then 5 honorable mentions. I was one of the honorable mentions. I didn’t tell you above, but the flowers that I embroidered from EmbLibrary – I stitched on paper and then framed it in a floating frame.

I’ve been working on painting canvas and paper for about a year, just experimenting. The paper is not Kiwi Paper, it is from the local art store for invitations or possible scrapbooking. I’ve embroidered on a leatherette type paper (Designs from The Hunt; Anita Goodesign) and on other types of paper (the one in the picture is about the same as tissue paper). The art store doesn’t carry the paper anymore, but I did find a site on the internet that I will check out, as soon as they re-open in August.

My husband was impressed that I made publication. Well my sewing club/store was impressed too. I gave them one of the other designs I did so that they could frame it and have it at their store.

Now to see if I can download the article that my husband scanned for me….


Stitches - July 2008

Stitches - July 2008

Oooo I’m getting good… now I need to learn how to use my iPhoto to let you see my totes I did today.

Well gonna run off for now, son is home from Vegas and has to tell us how his week-end was, then he has to cut the grass and eat some grub.



2 responses to “Stitches Business Magazine – I’ve been Published – July 2008

  1. Woohoo, look at you – you’re blogging! Can’t wait to see those totes!


  2. clicketyclak

    Allie they are kewl. I finished the two big ones and was doing a smaller one and measured the wrong area. Now I have to redo the tote so the lining fits.

    The material is great… I got purple butterflies and I got your thing I owe you from JoAnns.

    You should see the neat chicken material I pick up too – Oh can you tell I spent money today at JoAnns – Debbie Mumm TOO!


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