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Reversible Tote Bag Done Plus others

Evening All –

Yes its late again and I’ve been looking for two designs I put on totes, but I don’t know where they are from so I’ve been at EmbLibrary for, choke, about 2 hours. I was going through all their flower stuff and couldn’t find these two designs I put on tote bags. Thing is I did these many months ago, just waiting to line them. If they look familiar to you, let me know, so I can jog my memory. Yeah I have so many designs I get lost and the other thing is all my designs are on my pc and not mac. And it was a horrible thing going to EmbLibrary, tell you later…. 

I finished the Funky Chicken reversible tote yesterday.  The gallery is below on all my items. To see the front of the Funky Chicken go to: https://clicketyclak.wordpress.com/2008/08/11/new-purse-in-the-workscanvas-tote-designs/ on the totes I have filled the pockets so you could see them and the sizes.

To line or make a reversible tote from a purchased canvas tote, simple instructions.

Measure the width and height of the tote bag. When you cut your fabric, you will add 1 inch to the width and height. Instead of cutting a back and front, you will cut one continuous piece for the height, i.e., tote bag is 15 inches width, cut 16. Height is 12 1/2, cut it 26 inches. This way you do not have to sew a bottom seam. On both top and bottom pieces of fabric that is 15 inches, turn and pin 1/4 inch. Iron and press flat. Then sew.

If you want to add pockets, figure out your size that you would like. I usually go with 8″w x 4-5″h. Place the pocket in the center down 4 inches from the top. Sew pocket in place. If you want two pockets from that 8″ piece, just sew down the center. 

Now you sew the sides together, 1/2″ for each side or if you go a tad under that is okay because you might need some play for the seams of the tote or the straps. Now you need to box your bottom on the tote and lining. I usually go with 3″ on smaller totes and 4″ on larger ones. Please don’t ask me how to box a bottom. I have no idea on how to xplain it! Someone please post how it is done! 

Now your ready to sew the lining/reversible fabric to the tote. Plain and simple. Just pin where you want the fabric to start on the tote. Then sew. If by chance you have small areas of extra fabric, just tuck it near the straps or seams, the little tucks will not be noticeable.

So now go and grab some totes at your favorite hobby store and get colors. You could probably get them on sale or never know, some places might put them on clearance. This would be the perfect and quick Christmas gift. If you would rather make your own canvas totes, basically you use the same instructions from the lining.

In the gallery area are some towels I did Friday. They are from Anita Goodesigns. The first two are from Steve’s Sunflower collection. The pink flamingos’ are from his Flamingo Series. On this particular towel I merged two flamingos’ together. I then had to do a mirror image on the standing flamingo because it was facing the same way as the one laying down. I then just figured a space between the two. I really do like Anita’s designs even though they take a long time to stitch out. These were anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour to stitch. These were stitched on my PR600 by Brother. On the sunflowers, I did have to change threads, even though there are 6 thread heads. Yesterday I did some sunflowers on a tote and I screwed up. Noticeable, slightly, but then again, I’m not perfect and I shouldn’t of been rushing. Someone will get a nice tote, anybody interested?

Oh today I did some more birdies for my sister. I think I have 9 to stuff and who knows how many cut.

What else have I been up to. Well I helped my hubby put in a new storm door. That only took about 3 hours. But it looks nice. He was bored and well we have 3 storm doors and screens to have put in. Since the guy didn’t call him yesterday to look over the job he decided to give the basement a try. Last time we had the main doors done, well he had to hire someone. We actually had the front door braced to look like it was in place so nobody would come in (we actually went to work with it like that – but that was years ago when crime wasn’t like it is these days). I calked everything cause with his hip, he shouldn’t be on his knees. Crap yesterday when they delivered the doors, they asked were the garage was, I said we don’t have one. They would not deliver them into the house, unless I paid 20 bucks. I started carrying the storm doors in and I finally said, you bring them in the house there is no way I can do the storm doors with my health issue. I’m gonna call the store and say what is the difference between a house and a garage especially when you don’t have a garage, where the heck are you suppose to put the doors? I want my 20 bucks back and when I signed the delivery, I put paid 20 bucks to put in house!!! Wonder if they gave them that piece of paperwork.

Well tomorrow I am off of work again. I want to do some more embroidery. Yesterday beside the screw up tote, I made 4 towels with coffee designs on them. No I haven’t taken pictures of them yet. I want to get 2 more sets done first. Oh BTW, when I went to EmbLibrary, I ended up buying 17 designs. Yeah the sale for this week got me. 60% off. Then I had a coupon for 10 bucks off cause I buy from them often. So I had to buy some items from previous weeks and in order to get 25% off those items I had to buy 6 things. Well I had 7, but the design pack I wasn’t getting any discount so I put it in my wish list. Total cost of designs 30 bucks, savings, I didn’t calculate, but it was good!



New Purse in the works/canvas tote designs

Well I was up til 2:30 this morning. Can’t believe I was up at 9:00. Was suppose to be going away, but hubby didn’t feel well, but he felt good enough to play in his car port and build a work bench (in which I assisted). Now he can keep his tools out side and have them locked up so no one can steal them. They would have to carry two long large metal cabinets and a table top. Won’t be able to pick them up.

So after I finished my reversible tote bag yesterday I took a 2 inch piece of fabric with sunflowers and put them on the tote. I will eventually embroider sunflowers on this tote. I think I will use a different sunflower fabric for the reversible side.

Around 1 am this morning I got my second wind and went upstairs and grabbed my Robert Kaufman material I just bought. I wanted to put these chickens on a tote and wasn’t sure how I was going to do it.

Grabbed my hexagon template and started looking at the material. Cut three areas and then started to sew.

Aren’t they cute. I knew that that template would come in handy someday. Wanna see a closer picture of one….

You won’t believe this but then again maybe you will all three hexagons are pockets. Yup, pockets. I sewed around 4 sides and left two open. See that white circle on the left side. That’s the snap to close it. The other two have snaps up at the top. How useful huh!

When I return back to work on Tuesday, I am going to run across the street to the scrapbooking store to see if they still have the rubber stamps that I can make my own stamps. I think on the straps of this tote I want to make hen prints and then around the top of the tote, stamp eggs on the edging. Not sure yet about the lining, but a polka dot will work. I love this material so much I’d hate to use it as the lining.

Now to quickly show you what I’ve been working on today. I’m a tad tired but I am gonna try and get the lining done. So here is my KOI Fish Purse. 

This is a Amy Butler pattern, but I didn’t like the straps on this purse so I decided to put a chain strap on it instead. Neat material and I was lucky to find it at Hancock Fabrics. So are you wondering where I got the chain. Hmmm, wondering if I should tell you…. Nah I think I’ll wait. Let you either guess or send me a response where I might have gotten it. I’ve stopped looking lately, but that is because I have enough to hold me over for awhile.

Well my daughter is looking for me. She wants me to start the fire pit so she can burn her shirts from her old job. This will be her final good bye to that 3 years of employment.

Reversible Canvas Tote Bag

Canvas Tote with hidden pocket

Today instead of finishing something that I started and put to the side or cut a new purse pattern, I wanted to make a reversible tote bag.

I put a pocket that I refer to as a hidden pocket on the outside so that you can easily put a cell phone or car keys in it and you don’t have to stumble through the inside looking for them. Basically the pocket sits between the tote bag and lining. When I do the next one I’ll try and take pictures as I work it. 

I put two big buttons from Debbie Mumm’s colletion on the outside. I used one of Debbie Mumm’s fabric for this bag. I really did like her fabric and stock up last week-end when I was finishing my embroidered tote bag.

Reversible side with 3 pockets

Reversible side with 3 pockets

Here is the reversible side. I put three pockets on the inside and they are big, 4 x 5. My previous bag had pockets that extended all the way across the width of the bag. I added tab snaps on the pockets, so that if the bag is used like this, items will stay in place. It wasn’t too bad figuring out where to place everything. This is a nice pattern for a tote bag.

I took pictures of the three pockets before I did the seams and put the lining in. This gives you a closer look at how they look and the stitching.

My husband was in the sewing room at the time I took this and thought it was weird that I was taking a picture of the pockets. He doesn’t know that I have a blog. He always says “Whats a BLOG!” Back to the bag. When I usually use a pattern I try and match up the pockets to the lining, but I got hollered at by a sewing buddy saying that it makes the item look more store bought. I don’t think so, I think it shows that I can get it exact and looks more provisional.

On the left is a close up of the center pocket of the three. You can see the snap tab as well as the stitching. On most of my pockets I use iron on stabilizer to keep their shape. On the hidden pocket, I didn’t use any.

To the right is a close up of the hidden pocket. I took this shot before I finished the lining and sewed on the buttons.

Well thats it for today. I don’t have to make dinner cause we were suppose to go away (tomorrow) so I guess I’ll grab the cat cause she is looking more like a long haired rat instead of a cat.

Hope to hear from you and your projects.