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Amy Butler Website

Amy Butler is in the process of putting together a website for followers that have made her items from her patterns.

I currently don’t have the address, but I sent some pics out and apparently where ever they are located they are going through severe weather and their communications are down.

If you are  a Amy follower, you can go to her site that I have listed in my sidebar and sign up for her newsletter.

The email that I received from Amy and Diane today had a site for updates on patterns and what type of stabilizer that you can use instead of Timtex in her purses.

Has anybody seen her new book. She has some real cute items in there. I believe has been sold to I read a blur in SewNews magazine.

Martha Stewart is getting on the band wagon with Singer, Viking H and Pfaff. 

Oh and if you didn’t see my comment regarding the Brother 12 head machine – costs can run from 12k to 14k. Interesting with the economy as it is now, do you think this was the time to come out with this machine? Wonder if there would be a possibility of a price reduction if they don’t sell. I wonder “if” like with the PR600 if you had a demonstration done, you could sign up for a free drawing, winning a PR600.


Brother has a new high performance machine

As I was glancing through my Stitches magazine I came upon an ad for the New Brother BE-1201B PC.

Brother BE-1201B AC PC 12 Needle 12×16″ Embroidery Machine, M Bobbins, 23 Hoops, 1200SPM, Dell LapTop, Ethos & PE Design 7.0 Digitizing , 8700 Designs go to AllBrands visit website

Wow amazing. Now take a breath Donna, you like your 6 Needle machine. But look… look at what you get, Donna you already have the fast frames. Look at the drool or am I foaming at the mouth – BIGGER BOBBINS. Donna you have all those bobbins that fit your machine, how are you going to get rid of all your L bobbins. Down Donna Down. Donna, Donna are you still with me… Oooo isn’t it pretty… see the optional Dell computer on the right side…. You already have a designated PC for your embroidery and you have your designated MAC for your other stuff. Looks like you have to buy the stand. I want to know how much it would be for just the machine and the hoops that I don’t already have… Aaron, time to call for a trade in.

Automatic lubrication system. Single cam-driven presser foot. Easy to use control panel. Memory retention. Individual Cap Frame Adjustment. OMG – Network Capability = network to other Brother single or multi-head machines for max flexibility in production runs. Control Software.  OMG you can control needle speed as machine is stitching from your computer!!! DVD and CD capability. My body is twitching… You can put in a floppy disk drive and read other machine formats. You can store up to 45 designs in memory a total of 480k stitches. THUMP! I think Donna just hit the floor.

Okay I have to leave and eat.

Another Day

No sewing this week-end but my brain is still thinking….. I’ve been wanting to make some of my own purse patterns and I have quite a few ideas. Most of them will have some sort of pleats in them. Sometimes when I watch, excuse me, MTV, and I see the dresses actresses are wearing, I think, wow that dress style would look nice as a purse. The flowing of gathered material from one end of a purse to the other side. Then the idea of having a tuxedo shirt, where it is all gathered in pleats, in the middle of the purse. These purses would have to be made in real nice material.

Yesterday I cannot believe I spent the whole day on the puter playing a hide and seek at all the fabric quilting sites. Its called the fabshophop, visit . What you do is sign up and then they give you a list of 130 shops to visit to find this little bunny on their sites. Some are easy, some are hard. Some give clues, some do not. OMG – did that rhyme? Well I didn’t want to win first prize, which I believe is a Brother sewing machine worth 550 bucks. So I didn’t have to look for all 130 bunnies, whew good! I figured I would at least try for First Prize, which is $175 dollars in something. You have to find at least 98 bunnies.

Well I found 102 <snort>. I got mad when my wireless mouse died. It didn’t die because of the battery. It died because the battery exploded in the mouse and ozy was coming out of the battery (acid I presume). So now the mouse has died – maybe because it was upset I was looking for a bunny and not mices! Oh well, now it was finger control. I noticed that if there weren’t clues, the best place was to look was at their newsletters. This bunny hop is good til the end of the month BTW. If the site was small and no clue, I would just jump from one category to the next, but if it had lots of stuff I didn’t know where to go and I would just go to the next store. OMG you should have seen all the emails I had in my mailbox indicating that I found the bunny. I didn’t know once I gave my email address I would get a message stating I found it. In the beginning I did the stupid thing of signing up for their newsletter cause some of them had monthly drawings of fabric. Didn’t sign up for too many, but I got wise. When I saw a site I liked, signed up. You know there is a fabric site just for pink flamingos!!!! Saw some of the new fabrics like the Jetsons, Yogi Bear and found some Bettie Boop!

So it was an uneventful day yesterday as it poured more rain. I was advised my DH that all he wanted me to do was one load of wash. Well I did one better, I did three! The whites are still in the dryer <giggle> he won’t need them til mid week.

Today was decent weather wise. No rain. Getting cool, will be in the low 40s tonight. Good for sleeping. 

Work was okay, but not the best, but what else is new. I am ready to just take 4 weeks of vacation and say screw it. I can’t tell you the personality of these women. I was invisible today, yes invisible. I don’t think they knew I worked today, but who cares.

So I grabbed a bunch of wire from work today. Wondering what I can make with it beside colorful wire rings. I am swapping the wire for some PC boards. I want to make some jewelry from the computer boards. I have to get some forms and resin to complete these pieces of artwork. I thought I could easily do some wire stuff too. Instead of making thread friendship bracelets, I could make wire ones. Could make decent closures with the wire. Then I was thinking about Christmas ornaments, white and red wire makes good candy canes. Thought about stars, but no good color for stars. Thought about other stuff, but will have to hit the internet.

I haven’t fried another CD since last week – maybe that’s why I’m not in my right mind, the smell in the microwave and the CD burning got to my brain! Oh and I didn’t blog about that, wonder why, I guess after the discussing look my daughter gave me of her disapproval of what I did… GAWD Mom how old are YOU??

Well I figured I’d write. Any ideas for me, I’d appreciate feed back. Talk later and hopefully more. Missed out on sewing club tonight. Oh well… wasn’t up to it.

In the Pits

Oh heck I have to get out of this slump.

Slipped and fell at a grocery chain store last Friday after I was at the hospital. Well I filed a claim, but now I am having muscle spasms. Went to the dr and now I have pills and numb patches to tend to. Exercises to get them felling better. At least I didn’t screw up my tissue expansion procedure for my breast re-construction. Three nights this week I came home and went straight to bed.

My boss informed me I will be moving to a new location and will have new job responsibilities shortly. He’s having a meeting on this upcoming Monday to discuss with his managers. I am so looking forward to this. Location is still good and hopefully the people in the office will be nice. I need a pick me up.

I’m gonna try and get into the sewing room tomorrow. I did use the blind hemmer and serger last week on the apron. I’m getting the hang of the blind hemmer. All I do is take it slow cause I’m not used to it yet, just like the serger.

Well gotta run for now.

Spoiled – Singer Steam Press

I just love my new Singer Steam Press. Glad I was able to get it for such a reasonable price. I find myself not having to wait forever for fabric to be crisp for whatever I am doing. I feel my purses look a lot nicer with the steam. I still have to get used to getting the steam function to work, but heck, I’m still learning how to use my new sewing machine! The one downfall that I hate on the steam press… beep, beep, beep… its very annoying. 

When you turn the machine on it beeps until you set your desired fabric or if you keep the lid in the up position. When you get ready to press your items, after 10 or 15 seconds of pressing, it beeps again. And it continues until you lift the lid. ANNOYING!!!! I understand that it doesn’t want you to ruin your stuff, but they could have used a softer BEEP!!!! Especially when you are right there.

The other day, I was multi-tasking and it turned off after 15 minutes. I sorta got pulled to the side on an embroidery project, that I forgot it was on, lid was in the up position and it shut off. I also don’t like where the on/off switch is. On the last one, it was on the top of the press, this one is on the side in the back. And the steam on that thing – wonderful!!!! 

So my old one sits in the new box awaiting an owner. One of these days I need to put an ad in the paper or on the Yahoo Group I belong to “SewItForSale”. I enjoy that yahoo group and I’ve purchased as well as sold many items there. If anything I will sell the iron somewhere between 75 – 95 including shipping. I have a sewing machine to put on there too, looking for a price of 475 (I’ve sold several machines on the site).

Its a good site and unbelievable with the machines that are sold on there. My g-friend, Kim, was looking for a Brother PR600 and I told her to join the group cause they had lots of ’em on there. Sure you were paying almost the price they paid, but lots of women would buy the big machine, but didn’t or couldn’t find time to use it. If I had room, I’d definitely get another PR600. They are worth the money. Just today I did a google search on Brother PR600 and I was surprised at all the hits where people were selling them, but I didn’t read any of the posts (remember this was just a google search not on the yahoo group). Its not that people don’t like the machine, I think it is too big/much for their needs.

Hey I added a link to Big Horn Quilts site for their monthly $50 drawing of fabric. So go to my sidebar and click on it. The drawings usually are held on the 15th of the month. So if your interested in entering for free fabric, you might get lucky and win one month.

Been tired lately. Just started taking new meds to stop smoking. Couple side effects that have hit me – tired and headaches. Headaches are bad, but this week I can still smoke cause I am not on meds full force. My husband starts the pills soon too. So now it’ll be easier to quit. The downfall of these new meds – insurance doesn’t cover it. Well put it this way, if it works, the money for the pills will pay for all the cigarettes I used to buy.

Well I should hit the bed, even though I took a 3 hour nap when I came home (headache was really killing me) and work is getting crazy, real crazy (changes of management – giggle – sorry I think its funny and it doesn’t effect me).

Reminder on Free drawings

Remember my post on August 7th regarding the free drawings on merchandise.

Well the Creative Drawing runs from September 1st through the 6th and there will be one winner for each state if I remember correctly.

Horn Cabinets drawing takes place on September 6th.

So make sure if you are interested in these free drawings, get your entries in.