Designs not matching up

How do you correct a problem with a design not matching up to an outline?

I embroidered some aprons with Santa’s on it. On both of them the hat did not match up to the outline. I did an angel from the same set and nothing happened. The photos are the designs I used on the aprons, not the actual piece I did. There is a 1/4 inch gap around the top of the hat to the gray outline. 

On the item to the right, the hat and face did not met up. I know people have stated to use a fabric pen, but its not going to be the same texture as the embroidered item and it’ll look pretty crappy if you ask me. The order that I did 4 aprons where, angel, santa 1, santa 2 and then I finally said no more from this set and did a design from EmbLibrary and everything stitched like it was suppose too.

So now I am trying to figure out how to correct this matter. I was so discussed that I shut my machine off for the day on Saturday (besides I had other items to tend to). I have that feeling that I am going to have to pull out the thread and needle and do it by hand. If someone has any ideas, let me know for future problems. And I am going to say this – they say to stitch the design out prior to actually putting it on apparel – I don’t think I wish to waste over an hour and half to stitch a sample and then do the actual! These designs were very LARGE.

Today I turned on the machine to do some baby burp cloths with some sayings while I sewed up some infant fleece hats that I cut up the other morning. I became aggravated because the bobbin thread refused to snatch the embroidery thread. So I basically told the machine you want to play games, fine and I shut it off. I know I have to call Aaron to do a house call to do a yearly check-up on the machine. Lately I’ve been using it alot so it needs attention. Now that the Quilt/Sew Expo is over he will be available. 

So now I am almost finished with all my fleece items. I cut up all my left overs to make infant size hats and ear bands. Now I sit in front of the television listening and occasionally look up watching House as I measure and make the top of the hats. Tomorrow is another day.


2 responses to “Designs not matching up

  1. I just took an embroidery class Saturday, and our teacher said that the problem you are describing is almost always caused by not enough stabilizing, or the wrong type stabilizer for the fabric…


  2. clicketyclak

    I used the stabilizer I always use on my items which is a iron-on/tear-away. I’ve never had problems before. The only other thing that I can think of, is the hooping issue. If you look at my previous post of the penguins I did on an apron, at the top you have the band and neck strap, it was hard to hoop that area and maybe it wasn’t hooped good enough.


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