Easy Fleece Hats – Instructions and Photos uploaded

Good Morning All.

Here are my pics of my easy fleece hats. 


To make these hats is very simple. All you need is at least 1/2 yard of fleece to complete.

Measure the stretchy side of material to the circumference of the size hat you wish to make (see chart below). Depending on which type of hat you are making the length (seam side) will be around 13 to 16 inches long.

Here is an example, you are making a fringe hat your material will be 21 inches by 16 inches (add 1 inch to the side seam for seam allowance). After you sew the seam up, you will cut closely to the seam to have a real nice finished edge. You then take 2 inches from one of the ends and bring it up on the same side as your seam. This will be the band. You then sew the band and then again clip closely to the sewn edge. Now all you have left to do is the other end. Lay the hat down with the seam in the middle of the hat. Take a ruler and make a line across that measures anywhere from 3 1/2 to 4 inches across. This will be your line for the length of fringe. In my fringe hats I cut the fleece every 1/2 inch. Now you are ready to gather the fringe and tie. Turn the hat right side and gather fringe. What I did so that they look nice, I took and folded in half then brought the side to the center. Where the fringe is I then folded at an angle the outside into the center. I then grasped the fringe and held in hand. Taking one of the good piece of seam that I cut off, I used to tie the fringe tight. Wrap it around twice and knot twice. Make sure that you do the knotting by the seam where it won’t be noticeable.

To make the double fringe (flower appearance), you will make another band at the other end that will be cut. Make sure you don’t cut the seam when you are making the fringe. Again, once completed you gather and tie.

To make the plain hat, I still made the fringe and tied, but then cut all the fringe out. You have to make sure when you do the plain hat, the fringe is on the inside of the hat. When you cut all the fringe off, continue to cut the fleece closely to make a nice and neat little ball. 

To do the beaded hats, I took pony beads to each piece of fringe. Hooked 2 beads to each piece of fring, tied a knot to the end so the bead stays in place. The type of hook I used is used for turning purse handles and straps. I do not know any other way to bead them on, if you would know, please post a comment.

Here are the sizes for hats so you have the correct information, I usually just stick with the circumference of 16 (easier to remember). I have some cute fleece for babies and am going to make some newborn/infant sizes.:

Average Head Sizes
Newborn (6 months and younger)
Circumference: 14 to 17 inches
Crown: 8 to 10 inches

Infant (6 to 12 months)
Circumference: 16 to 19 inches
Crown: 11 to 12 inches

Child (12 months to 3 years)
Circumference: 18 to 20 inches
Crown: 11 to 12 inches

Child (3 years and older)
Circumference: 20 to 22 inches
Crown: 13 to 14 inches

Adult Woman
Circumference: 21 to 23 1/2 inches
Crown: 13 to 15 inches

Adult Man
Circumference: 22 to 24 1/2 inches

Crown: 14 to 16 inches


23 responses to “Easy Fleece Hats – Instructions and Photos uploaded

  1. Do you have a video on how to make the flower on the fleece hat???? I’m having troubles trying to figure out what you mean, don’t mean to sound crazy that’s all.please respond back THANKS! !!!!!


    • stillscrapping

      All you do for the ‘flower’ ones is sew a band at the top of the hat the depth you want your fringe to be and then cut into it at regular intervals being careful not to cut into the seam. Then gather and tie off.


  2. In the last paragraph you stated you use 16 inch circumference. Do you mean 16 inch crown, since 16 inch circumference would only fit babies? Do you cut the crown even longer when you make 2 bands for the flower type? These are really cute.


  3. I like you fleece hats especially the flower one, but it is hard to understand, do you have step by step photos and instructions? If so can you e-mail them to me?


  4. Julie Doyle

    This is what I think she means for the flower hat: after sewing the seam for the length of the hat (seam 1) you sew two 2″ bands; one at the top and one at the bottom of your piece of fleece. Now you have a tube with a 2″ band at either end. One end will be the “flower.” Make the flower by cutting this band ( you have two thicknesses that when cut will make a loop) perpendicular to the stitches of the band being careful not to cut through the stitches of the band and seam 1 (I think I wld tack down the seam 1 at the bottom edge of the loop so seam 1 doesn’t unravel and the loop doesn’t have any stitching on it . ) Tie this flower end wth an extra piece of fleece being sure knot of tie is at the seam edge of the length of the hat (seam 1). This is really a cute hat!


  5. The flower hat is really cute but I have to agree with the others that the directions are hard to follow. Really cute hat though!


  6. HardestyMom01

    Thank you for posting this. I may use this idea next year to make hats for Samaritans Purse to donate.


  7. Wilmalawrence

    Thanks for the sizes information really great useful information! I’ve been making hat several years but have never seen this information before.


  8. Agreed – darling hats but the directions don’t make sense. A YouTube tutorial or more pictures would help immensely! Thanks!


  9. Do u have a video? Havingctroublecwith instructions. Thank you


  10. Can you upload a picture showing the positioning of the two bands and where the cuts would be?


  11. I think I just got it….you call it a “band” at each end, in other words you’re saying to put a “hem” on each end. On the top end you would cut into the hem up to the seam every 1/4 a1/2″ (fabric will be double thickness giving you the petals). Then gather together and wrap tie around it. I’m going to try this 😊


  12. So, on the flower hat, do you have to cut the fabric longer to be able to make a wide enough band to cut into loops?


  13. Love this pattern but I can’t visualize the “double fringe” pattern, but like the “flower” look.
    Can you do a video for that?


  14. Video, video, video. Poor instructions


    • I hate to be rude, but this article was written over 9 years ago, video was not an option unless you had money and could afford it and YouTube was not discovered.


    • You say poor instructions. Weird, this post is on Pinterest and pulls in a lot of traffic. Again hate to be rude but how long have you been sewing?


      • Olivia Eaton

        Honestly, I have to agree with all the people that have said it’s confusing. I totally understand not doing video. But without pictures, these written instructions are not clear. I’ve been sewing for six years: garments, costumes, and yes, hats too and I don’t get them even after reading this post several times. “Measure the stretchy side of the material” Um, the bias? The selvage? Is this going to be the part that becomes the band? Or is it the length of the side seam that you mention in the next sentence? And later “Lay the hat down with the seam in the middle of the hat. Take a ruler and make a line across that measures anywhere from 3 1/2 to 4 inches across” That makes it sound like you are measuring across the width of the hat when it actually appears you mean measure the length of your fringe and mark that across the hat. “What I did so that they look nice, I took and folded in half then brought the side to the center. Where the fringe is I then folded at an angle the outside into the center. I then grasped the fringe and held in hand” Folded what at an angle? The fringe? The corners of the hat? I’ve read that section about five times and cannot make head nor tail of it.

        I totally get this post is ten years old and sees “a ton of traffic from Pinterest”. I also get you no longer make these so you don’t have a reason to revisit these instructions. But multiple people have commented on how confusing these are and, even though I am fairly experienced at sewing (I have made my own patterns for historically accurate clothing), I’d have to agree with them. Thought I’d offer insight as to what may be confusing. Now the hat sizing charts, that is pretty cool. Thank you for providing that.


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