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Cosmetic Bags

So thrilled to get those zippers I was off to the sewing room on Sunday to start making my cosmetic bags. Sure I did 4 a couple weeks ago but I had cut up fabric to make over a dozen, but I depleted my zipper stash. OMG now instead of just having a fabric stash, I have ZIPPERS!

As soon as chores and errands are done, up in the room. I just started working on them as fast as I could. Getting tired I finally put the machine to rest at 7 pm. Again these are fast, easy and great looking bags. I still have a lot of these to do, but I am looking forward to getting back in there and completing at least 12.

I have created a hand written tutorial on how to make these even though I did find them on youTube. I noticed that again these items are being sold over priced. Me I am charging a more reasonable price.

Check em out. Its getting late again and my lids are closing.





Last week I ordered zippers from Zipperstop, https://www.zipperstop.com . They are the Authorized Distributor of YKK Zippers. OMG my heart jumped a beat when I went to the site. Crap it skipped another beat when I made a order. I almost needed to have mouth to mouth when I realized I ordered 140 zippers. 911 was almost called when I saw the total cost of those 140 zippers.

I sat there and paid 1.69 for over 3 dozen zippers at the store I work at, when I could have gone to Zipperstop! 140 zippers ran me UNDER 35 bucks!

I was having a conversation with one of my followers and it was indicated I might have to wait a month for them to come in and that is when I freaked. I quickly called the distributor up in New York. I was easily calmed when he mentioned that the order was received, unfortunately on a holiday, but my shipment should be out by the following week. Whew, wiped my brow. I can handle a week.

Saturday I get home late from work and what is sitting on the table?


Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! I opened that bag and I was like omg look at the colors. Now to decipher which ones are which. You’d think I would have ordered a couple here and couple there in each color so I could figure out which were which, but noooooooo. I had to order like 4 or 6 of each. Their color chart stinks on their website and well they don’t give “true color” names.

After going through my shipping list 3 times I think I finally got it but I’d still like to know the grey or slate color, what name was that and I don’t think I ordered them, however I’m not going to complain because I can use them. Wish I could have gotten a “true red”, but I’ll contact them and see if they can send me a color chart for my next order.

Ever see 140 zippers?


They will get used up and after all, zippers are my best friend now!

Triangle Pouches

Saturday’s project was to make a different type of bag for traveling, overnight or even make-up. This particular bag is related to the previous post Sewing Day – Make up pouches. One of the differences is you don’t sew a box style bottom and you only sew the ends across, but opposite from the other.


I actually received one of these from a older lady years ago when I was a moderator of a yahoo group. Do they have those anymore, laughing. I would do different type of swaps with women throughout the United States. She got involved with all my swaps and she thought she would send me something special. I still use it today. I LOVE IT! And I wanted to copy it not knowing it had a name as well as the easy process – triangle pouch.

This is an excellent item to make with all those remnants you have laying around the house. Even if you don’t have any remnants at home, you can always check the fabric stores to see what they have in order to make them. All you need is 10 inches, even 16 inches and you can make 4 of them. This could be a good project for a young girl to learn how to make. I was uneasy about zippers, but not anymore. A good way for a younger child to learn. When I have customers coming in for daughters and granddaughters learning to sew, this will definitely be on my list of items to learn. I can just see these 9-13 year olds making these for all their friends.

The other neat thing about these, their great for presents. You could whip up a bunch of them and use them for Christmas, sorry I’m late. Presents for teachers, church members, relatives, friends, the list goes on. Another thing, it doesn’t have to be for the teen or adult woman, it could be great for younger girls to put hair products or even their own private nail polish and other items. Another thing, why is this geared only for the females, this could be a cute item for smaller boys. Using a boys fabric, they could put their small cars in it and zip it up and be on the way to their friends, grand parents or even to carry with them when being in the car for a lengthly drive. Its very compact.Very versatile.

How did I stumbled on this bag or pouch? When I was googling youtube for pouches with zippers. The video I was watching was very informational. The thing is, the video I was viewing was for smaller pouches, for things you use in your craft room for example. You used a piece of fabric that was 5 x 10 whereas mine were 16 x 10. So no matter what size you make all you need is fabric, batting or interfacing and you need a zipper that is 10 inches or longer. You can view the video here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXZ6BTEnPE4 Vanessa great job in explaining how to create this fun and easy item. I plan on looking at more of your videos!

After dinner I had 7 bags to make and I figured I would time how long it would take to complete them. Even though there were breaks or interruptions, I was able to get them all completed within 3 hours. Not bad at all, however, I did cut all the fabric and batting early in the morning so a step avoided. Heck you could take a bunch of fabric and just cut it up and store in a zip lock bag for the future, you know that unexpected gift!

I had a lot of fun making these up and I am planning on selling them. And I feel the price will be just right. I am also going to be using them for different grab bags that I will have throughout the year down at my booth. If your interested in purchasing one of them, as you are not a sewer and you could use a few pouches/bags, just give me a jingle!

Thank you for viewing my post – Triangle pouches. Please come back for more ideas. Check out a closer look of the ones I did. They fold up really nice too when not in use!

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Sewing Day – Make up Pouches

I’m catching up on past projects that needed to be posted, however I still have some items I haven’t done.

Since I only had one day off of work this week I decided to focus on sewing. I’ve been meaning to make more make-up clutch bags, but I wanted to try something new. I have this overnight bag that I received as a gift and I wanted to recreate it, however…. it has a “ZIPPER”. Oh that dreaded zipper. You don’t know how I hate zippers and just cringe at the thought of putting one on something of mine. I mean I don’t even put them in my purses I make. HOWEVER, after today… I can see me using zippers more! Squeals softly, YAY!

I actually went to work to buy “zippers”. Cringe. How many. Cringe. 38. Cringe. I better learn right. I bought 24 the other day, the rest today. Thank gawd for employee discounts. My boss is aware that I started my own business, seen my stuff and when he saw just “zippers”, cringe. He just looked at me and said, okay, so what are you making now? I said make-up bags, or whatever you want to call them. He said nice. I said not. Why he replied. “ZIPPERS”. I hate “zippers”. But I’m going to make them my best friend now. Twenty dollars later I’m on my way home.

The last few days before I had to go to work or in the evening while watching some of my tv shows, I’ve been youtube ‘g and looking at Lazy Girl Designs. Joan Hawley has some amazing pouch bags that really intrigue me. The Sweetpea pods and Becca bags. She has a new technique One-Zip. Look at these things, they are AWESOME!

I so definitely have to get these patterns and learn how to do the One-Zip technique. As soon as I get more comfortable with zippers, you can see me moving on to these and putting them in my booth! But for now I am learning the basics to get up to speed.

So after viewing a few youtube videos on making make-up bags and triangle pouches, I was ready to dive in, yes shaking, whispers… “zippers”. I ended up viewing a DIY video on a triangle pouch because that is the one that I have. The video I viewed is a smaller one than I have, but you start out with a 10 x 10 piece of fabric and cut it in half. You actually can make two pouches with one 10 x 10. I was all ready to go with that one, however making it bigger, but then, my mind changed. I saw a video on how to make a make-up bag, travel bag, or overnight bag, which ever you want to call it. It was another DIY youtube, however it was brief and the person narrating it would just say now sew this and this and you didn’t actually see that. That sort of bummed me out, however on the triangle pouch viewing the whole video she filled in the missing links. Since both the items are similar went with the bigger item. Oh also on the make-up bag, she states the dimension are on the bottom of the video, I didn’t see any. I ended up seeing a overseas video and took the cm dimensions.

I started out with 2 different pieces of fabric, lining and main, heavy weight stabilizer, 14 inch zipper. Fabric is suppose to be 10 x 15, I went 10 x 16. Basics, lay fabric back to back, lay zipper on the 10 inch side with the zipper pull down. Sew the zipper on both fabrics, open, lay flat, press, top stitch. Repeat process on other side. I don’t know if I am doing it right, but the video shows it simple, but I felt I was doing something wrong because I was having difficulty but I got it to work. I had to open the zipper to top stitch. Oh the other thing, I was using zippers that were 12 and 14 inch, not 10 inch. You see with plastic teeth you can actually cut the zipper after it has been sewn, down to the fabric, so it doesn’t have to be flush with the sides of the fabric. Then you make sure the lining is on the outside when you sew the sides and make sure the zipper is pulled open slightly. Center the zipper in the middle of the fabric. I sewed one side then did a zig-zag stitch on the seam, you can use a surger instead, but well uhm, I have a surger but never used it. Sorry mom. Trim the seam. On each corner you do a box corner. Zig-zag close to the edge, cut off. Then you do the same to the other side. Then open the pouch and turn right side out. I struggled with the last one I made because… I didn’t bring the zipper down far enough. I made sure when I opened it I pushed all the corners out. In the video I viewed which I am not supplying the link, they should have included a tab at the bottom of the zipper so the person has something to grasp to open more easier. So I will be hand sewing tabs on the few I made. Will be putting thin ribbon in the zipper tab.

These things are snap to make. Including time cutting, ironing on iron on stabilizer and sewing all, one hour. ONE HOUR. How cool is that. Tonight I was suppose to cut more fabric to make more, however I will do that on Saturday so on Sunday I can make more make-up bags and maybe some large triangle bags. I know I only have 30 something zippers, but 15 of each kind will be fine, but I plan on having a bunch of these made so I can go to Lazy Girl designs and learn that technique. I’ll eventually go to the place that Joan talks about for zippers, even tho I haven’t looked at the price yet. Where I work I can get them for 1.69 a piece and if I can get them cheaper, I’ll go there. AND OMG… colors, go with the amazing colors they carry.

Here we go my first set of make-up bags including my prototype flowers, not the roses).

12715767_10206064173982909_6898845216531035203_nMy husband is being more supportive lately and not complaining about no dinners. But I sent him a picture of my prototype and he sent a text back, “are you at work?” I returned the text with I’m off today. But when he came home he looked at them and loved them. My daughter who usually doesn’t say anything, saw them and chimed in, I like them a lot. I think the material also makes it. The underwear fabric I bought years ago just to be in my stash. But now that fabric fits a purpose!

Thank you for reading my post and hope you enjoyed. If you want to see videos, google youtube make-up pouches or triangle pouches with “zippers” <cringe>.