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Free Shipping Etsy Site

Just a quick note to let all of you know that I will have free shipping on any orders that are placed during the time frame of Black Friday to Cyber Monday, which is November 28th through December 1st.

Go and check out my site to see if there is anything that you are interested in. Then come back next week for a possible purchase.

Remember free shipping!!!!


Design your own fabric

3037757855_530d496226Have you ever wanted to design your own fabric and then use it for one of your projects.

If you didn’t already know this, now you can design your own fabric and have it printed on high quality 100% cotton from Moda. The swatches shown here are actually created by individuals like you and me.

These particular pieces are the first for a weekly contest and the winner receives 5 yards of either their fabric or other fabrics that are for sale in the future. This is a 100 dollar prize. The other contestants will receive sample fabric, as a parting gift. Which ever fabric is chosen as the winner for the week, can be purchase the following week. 

Now to introduce Spoonflower. It is a site that helps you get your design onto fabric. What you do is save your design that youv’e created in a TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF. File must be less than 25MB. You set up your resolution, upload your design to Spoonflower. You can center your design on the fabric or have Spoonflower place the design in a basic repeat, half-step repeat, or a half-brick repeat. They have information regarding colors and a few quick tips regarding colors. There is so much too absorb on their site, you must go to it. They even have detailed information for photoshop users on color notes and if your not a photoshop user, well they have tips and free tools for creating digital fabric designs. Go to my sidebar to visit and possibly become a member. There is a FLICKR site too. 

You can explore all the members designs. The amount of people that use Spoonflower for their projects is unbelievable. You can see their items on Etsy. Spoonflower has hit the latest issues of Craft magazine and Stitch (new mag published by Quilting Arts). I found out about creating your own fabric through my sister who is an artist. She sent me Photojojo a DIY-photography newsletter and they had a blurb about Spoonflower. 

Pricing is very reasonable; 4 x 4 square is 5.00, fat quarter is 11.00 and a yard is 18.00.

I’ve been wanting to write about Spoonflower since I signed up to be a member, its just finding the time to read and write about it. I still have sew much to absorb. Hopefully I will have a design on there, but finding the time!!!!

Purses anyone……

035204_lgThere is a magazine coming out on December 9th. Its called Quick Stuff to Sew. I don’t know if you can get this magazine from JoAnns or not but I am on the look out for it because of the quick and easy purse patterns. They are really cute aren’t they? Very simple too! puts this magazine out and I missed the first volume, but can still order it. I checked, but they are all out of the Spring issue. So for right now I’ll just sit on my hands and wait. If I can’t wait I’ll order from the direct source and pay a shipping fee of 3.99 (yikes).

Have any of you seen the templates for the bag patterns that Nancy Zieman came out with that Clover now sells? Its called Trace & Create. It runs for 19.95 and comes out in two different styles. You have the Town & Country Bag and then the City Bag. They are sold individually. I was going to enter a contest to win these items from SewNews, but I didn’t get my entry in soon enough. 

t80_a72ec99be3bcbca45f5fceb9d95ed8a62t80_1fecfad195baa6eabaa986a998b73942-13Here are what the templates look like. Sorry they are so small but I couldn’t enlarge the diagrams. You can make up to six different designs, but then again you could go wild.

The blue templates, is the City Bag Collection. Comes with two templates; main pattern and flap. If you’ve ever made tote bags before, that is simply what the City Bag Collection is. It shows you on the template where to place straps/handles, darts, pocket on the inside lining, and gives you 2, 3, and 4 inch placement for creating your side/bottom of the bag. You can also just make the tote flat.

Pink templates, the Town & Country, 3 templates, main, gusset and flap. As with the City Bag, you can create a flat purse. The template shows where to place darts, or a series of gathers, the gusset, flap and handles. This would be great for the beginner. As I saw a closer look in SewNews, I got ideas, but don’t need the templates to make.

I really do like making purses and I have to get back into making them. I was suppose to work on that apron this week-end but I never got to it. We went out and bought our daughter her b-day present (flat screen tv with DVD player attached) and then other crap. Then when we got home I had to run back to the store cause the wireless mouse I bought wasn’t MAC friendly and the American Flag wasn’t one that slid on the pole. So as I was shopping the second time around without hubby, I made more purchases and got what I was suppose to.

Got home, missed our son a second time and wondered why “our” tv was sitting on the floor (thinking my hubby took our daughters out of the box) but “no” our son went out and bought us a flat screen tv for Christmas. What a wonderful kid!!! He said he couldn’t stand watching football with lines across the top. I was in agreement with him, yet old man couldn’t see any lines. Last night I made fun of hubby and today both son and I kept telling dad that there were lines, son even plugged it in again. He still didn’t see them. We both told him to take his postcard from the eye doctor and get new glasses.

Well this week is a 4 day work week. I have to use up some of my 15 vacation days. So for the next 2 weeks they’ll be short. Work a full week, then I will have 3 more weeks of 2 or 3 days. Then I’m carrying over 8 days. I’ll be able to work on that apron in the next 2 weeks. Possible craft show week-end of Thanksgiving and then one in December.

OMG – I forgot I got a envelope from London. Lisa Lam, u-handbag, sent me my prize pattern of Amy Butler. Gotta run and open it up.

5 free designs

Do you want to know how to get the above 5 designs for free?

EmbLibrary is having a special sale this week-end. I received an email on Friday indicating that they were having one of their Happy Hours. Pick 25 of EmbLibrary designs and put them in your shopping basket. When you are through in the “apply code” area, type in *SantaSaves25*, then click *APPLY*. Watch the price on all the designs go to $25.00. Yup thats right 25 designs for $25.00. I currently have 20 designs picked out and I am at $73.00, I just have to find 5 more that I am interested in. Now you want to know how to get those additional designs –

Well after you purchase your designs. Go to your Order History Menu (remember you need to be a member). Look for VIP Embroidery order. There they are. Your free gift. These free designs are really nice. So make sure you don’t pick them in you are getting 25 designs…

BTW – This ends on Sunday, November 16th at 11:59 central. So don’t waste time, get looking now. You do have to pay via credit card. 

Glad I held back last week when they had their other special – they had 50% off on their design packs and individual designs. This week you really “SAVE”.

The week-end has arrived – Machine Maintenance by Jim

Sew happy the week-end is here. I am getting spoiled about not working. Yesterday off and when I take a 3 day week-end, I don’t want to go back. Soon I will have many 3 day week-ends and even some 5 day with the holidays approaching. I will have 8 days of vacation that will go into 2009. 

There is a lot of re-org going on at work and their still battling it out. I can’t believe it. I heard that it’ll change again the first of the year. It really puts me in a pickle because I have to do all this admin stuff and then I have to remove or add more people. Oh well thats the corporate world for you.

Yesterday night my g-friend Kim and I talked for hours. We haven’t touched based in months. I didn’t know she quit her job at JoAnn’s Fabric. She’s in real estate and she said in February she was so busy she couldn’t do JoAnn’s especially at 7 dollars an hour. So she quit. Kim lives about 2 miles from me. Even when I would drive by her house, she was never home. I know with a high school student you are always driving them to classes after school. Kim called to tell me that she went to a quilting show that is going on this week-end and saw a long arm quilter that she was interested in. When she found out the price she was like “no thank you”. She really did like it, though. Then she told me how she went to a fabric mill and bought 700 dollars of fabric. I couldn’t believe it but she said you had to buy it by the bolt and it is much cheaper that way. She’ll go through it quickly with the quilting she’s been doing lately. She said she snuck it in the house while her hubby was out one evening. Anyways like she said, she sold two houses in February and she deserved it, but with the economy now, she has to watch it. I didn’t know but she had someone build a web-site for her. Once I get it and she uploads photos, I will share with you all.

I mentioned to her about my dry Singer press and she said “boy did I need that a couple of months ago when I did some items for an auction”. I asked her if she would be interested in it and she said “would I”. So Kim is going to be the owner of my dry Singer press. She will be happy and it’ll come to good use. We then talked about family life and laughed the rest of the time. Good thing my hubby hit the bed early. She called me three times yesterday because she kept getting interrupted. We’ll have to make it a night sometime soon.

I was hoping I would have the house all to myself tonight, but it didn’t happen. Right now its quiet, but give it time. I should be doing some laundry, think I will do it shortly. I plan on working on the Lucy apron this week-end. I am really wanting to get back to it. I also need to do that apron for the school teacher. I’ll be able to do both at the same time. After the apron, I will contact Aaron. Hopefully I can get a good price on my Brother PR600 cleaning and getting things fixed back to its proper state.

Talking about cleaning machines. I got my Stitches magazine on Wednesday. There is a good article in there about trimmer knife tips. I do want to indicate in order to get this magazine, you have to get on their mailing list. Jim Auclair is owner of Fix your stitch embroidery machine repairs. You can actually join his google groups forum on continued machine maintenance. All you have to do to join is contact him at and write in the subject line Maintenance List. The article he wrote on the trimmer knifes was really interesting.

He indicated that bird nests can cause possible problems for a moveable knife blade. The amount of thread can actually put the knife blade out of position, thus it can get a burr or nicked by the needle. If this happens two things can happen, you can get a prematurely cut thread and the thread slingshots out of the needle eye. If there is a burr, it might not be sharp enough to cut thread prematurely and push the thread out of the way of the two cutting surfaces.

He indicates how you can buff the burrs, but you should only buff the blades leading edge and not the top surface. If you buff the wrong area, you can damage the knife level. He even goes into removing the moveable knife and how it sits in a home position. How to know whether or not the knife level is in the perfect cutting surface. How to tell if the two surfaces are at the perfect level with each other and inspect it.

Jim states that the mounting screw for the moveable knife blade can actually become loose and these loose screws can have a direct effect on the knife level. He even shows photos of the moveable knifes. Really interesting article, if you have the magazine, refer to page 33.

My Brother PR600 has a removable knife and last month some time I was mentioning how it wasn’t cutting properly, thus I took the plate off to check everything out. I might have some burrs on my knife blade that I am unaware of, because I have been having some issues on occasions and one is the slingshot effect. I also had that one screw that holds part of the knife blade that would flip out.

Time to depart and do some housework. Yeah its Friday but its the perfect time to do wash and whatever else there might be – clean the bathroom, hmm wash the floors, no one to track across a wet floor. Last night I had to take the dead bolt off our new front door. I had trouble entering the house yesterday and was made fun of. Well when I tried to lock it last night it didn’t work! So I had to take it off and re-align it all. My daughter knows I had to fix it and we #@#(&$# about the fact that the new doors where never needed and ever since the installation they been a pain. My husband put the molding around the doors and yesterday I was looking at it and was wondering why it wasn’t lying flat. I took a flashlight and noticed there is a 1/4″ space between the molding and door. Upon looking into the crack, the door is not flush with the inside wall. So with that, the molding doesn’t lie correctly and COLD AIR seeps in!!!! I don’t know if he realizes this and I know he won’t call that guy back because he complained the whole time he was installing them. OMG – the threshold that was sitting on the table, its gone, OMG, my husband picked up his finger and did something today (we aren’t talking to each other – I let him have it last night – I’m fed up). 

This time I say good-night. I’ll let you know how the apron goes tomorrow.

Classic Stitches Magazine – Win a Brother sewing/embroidery machine

cover89My daughter and I went to the book store today looking for the Entertainment magazine for this week. They have Robert Pattinson on the cover, he is the actor that plays the vampire in the movie Twilight. Apparently there are 3 different covers made for Entertainment on this particular movie and she wanted the one with just him on it, he is soooo dreamy. We picked up two of them.

As we were looking at the magazaines, I was like, let me see if they have a sewing magazine. So I was looking over everything. Seems if you want a sewing magazine you have to go to JoAnn’s. I did run into “Classic Stitches” which I thought was just sewing, it is, but it seems to be more geared to hand cross stitch and such. I didn’t notice on the front cover, but thumbing through I noticed that there is a giveaway for a Brother Innov-is sewing/embroidery machine and software. To enter the contest you either have to send in a postcard with your information, however you can also send an email to the editors of the magazine, but I don’t know the url and what the subject matter is. You would have to pick up the magazine at your local store to get the actual particulars on the contest. Thought I would just share with you on it.

Gotta run, my g-friend is calling and I haven’t talked to her in months. We need to catch up on the sewing, quilting and embroidery chat…

Ultimate Sewing Room – more than 7k in prizes

Well I’m felling a bit better cause I made a few sales on my etsy site in the last few days. I still haven’t gotten some items up because being at work I’m tired when I get home. Today I fell asleep right away.

Looky here… go to my side bar and you will see the link to this site…

111208-sewing-room-giveawayMy entry is called the Dream Sewing Room Retreat. Of course it doesn’t have everything I would like in it, but I was having trouble adding stuff as well as making the furniture fit in so it looked like a room. The ultimate contest I would love to win would have to include adding a third floor as an attic to complete my dream retreat.

I would make it were I could store all my junk in one area in a large walk in closet, then the main room a sewing room. I would have at least 3 sewing tables for each one of my machines. The tables would have to be on the high side because I am tall. I like to sit straight when I sew and the table I have now, I bend over and then the back hurts. The next thing I would like is a table to cut fabric and patterns from. I like those tables that fold up, but the best one I like is the one with the hydrolics. Both sides have flaps that fold down when not in use and that would be great to be able to have the table at the height I need. You can even sit at it and cut purse patterns. 

The next thing I would want is lots of storage. I would like some drawer cabinets. I’ve seen some at Ikea for drafting. They would be great to lay fabric in because they are drawers that are sized for large paper products, but I would need something that is more than 4-5 drawers. I wouldn’t want deep drawers because you don’t want to fill them too much with fabric, weight would ruin the drawers. I would have all my threads in cabinet drawers too. On the wall the air gets to them and sun light, in drawers I feel they would last longer.

I would definitely want a dress form and ironing board, but the ironing board has to be one that attaches to the wall. I would still want my iron press because I am sooo spoiled with that item. I would have that on a tall table, again my height. You have to make yourself comfortable. Shelving units neccessary and it would be nice to have doors on them, ultimate idea, built in cabinets with shelfs and drawers, thus everything is hidden.

You have to have computers and printer. Me two computers one with all my designs and the other for accessing the internet. I like Mac for the internet and PC for just the designs. Would have to have a flat screen tv somewhere, would make sure that I can hook up puter and iPod to it. Not only could I load pictures of my work onto the tv, but I could have my music or books on tape work through the tv if I don’t want to listen to a show. Small frig in the room so I can have my Crystal Light Lemonade and Peach Tea close by.

Then a couch. Something for me to sit or lay on when I want to take a break and watch tv or if I need to piece something together. But mostly Maggie (the wonder dog) would lay on the couch. Right now she is under my feet and with the couch I wouldn’t be getting in *her* way. She would have her place to keep me company. You never know that couch might come in handy on late night sewing week-ends. Don’t interrupt the hubby so just sleep there!

So go to the above site, enter the contest and make your own ultimate sewing room. There are over 3600 entries so far.