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Spoiled – Singer Steam Press

I just love my new Singer Steam Press. Glad I was able to get it for such a reasonable price. I find myself not having to wait forever for fabric to be crisp for whatever I am doing. I feel my purses look a lot nicer with the steam. I still have to get used to getting the steam function to work, but heck, I’m still learning how to use my new sewing machine! The one downfall that I hate on the steam press… beep, beep, beep… its very annoying. 

When you turn the machine on it beeps until you set your desired fabric or if you keep the lid in the up position. When you get ready to press your items, after 10 or 15 seconds of pressing, it beeps again. And it continues until you lift the lid. ANNOYING!!!! I understand that it doesn’t want you to ruin your stuff, but they could have used a softer BEEP!!!! Especially when you are right there.

The other day, I was multi-tasking and it turned off after 15 minutes. I sorta got pulled to the side on an embroidery project, that I forgot it was on, lid was in the up position and it shut off. I also don’t like where the on/off switch is. On the last one, it was on the top of the press, this one is on the side in the back. And the steam on that thing – wonderful!!!! 

So my old one sits in the new box awaiting an owner. One of these days I need to put an ad in the paper or on the Yahoo Group I belong to “SewItForSale”. I enjoy that yahoo group and I’ve purchased as well as sold many items there. If anything I will sell the iron somewhere between 75 – 95 including shipping. I have a sewing machine to put on there too, looking for a price of 475 (I’ve sold several machines on the site).

Its a good site and unbelievable with the machines that are sold on there. My g-friend, Kim, was looking for a Brother PR600 and I told her to join the group cause they had lots of ’em on there. Sure you were paying almost the price they paid, but lots of women would buy the big machine, but didn’t or couldn’t find time to use it. If I had room, I’d definitely get another PR600. They are worth the money. Just today I did a google search on Brother PR600 and I was surprised at all the hits where people were selling them, but I didn’t read any of the posts (remember this was just a google search not on the yahoo group). Its not that people don’t like the machine, I think it is too big/much for their needs.

Hey I added a link to Big Horn Quilts site for their monthly $50 drawing of fabric. So go to my sidebar and click on it. The drawings usually are held on the 15th of the month. So if your interested in entering for free fabric, you might get lucky and win one month.

Been tired lately. Just started taking new meds to stop smoking. Couple side effects that have hit me – tired and headaches. Headaches are bad, but this week I can still smoke cause I am not on meds full force. My husband starts the pills soon too. So now it’ll be easier to quit. The downfall of these new meds – insurance doesn’t cover it. Well put it this way, if it works, the money for the pills will pay for all the cigarettes I used to buy.

Well I should hit the bed, even though I took a 3 hour nap when I came home (headache was really killing me) and work is getting crazy, real crazy (changes of management – giggle – sorry I think its funny and it doesn’t effect me).


My First Post

Hi I’m Donna from Downers Grove, Illinois.

I’m new to blogging but figured what the heck.

I’m a crafter and am interested in all types of art. I am lucky that I find time for my hobby, sewing and machine embroidery. I was checking out some blogs and very impressed on some of them. Will have to read them more often so I have help on projects I’ve never tried.

Learned how to sew at an early age, mom was a seamstress. I’ll never be like her, but at least I can sew on more than a button. In 2001 I received my first embroidery machine from mom. It was a PE 180D. Then there was the Disney machine and finally I went and purchased the PR 600. I used the PE 180D for regular sewing until I won a Pfaff quilting machine. I would like to quilt, but I think because it takes so long to complete something, that is why I don’t like it so much. I like to see results in a matter of hours or days. Recently purchase the Viking Sapphire 830. I really do like it, but it has so much to offer I haven’t been able to check everything out on it. But I’ll get to play with it for a long time.

Currently I’ve been finding extra time (on and off a disability) to sew and embroider on days off. Yesterday evening I took the time to finally get my “shop” started on ETSY. My husband continues to say when are you going to sell all that stuff. Well you need to have lots of stuff made before you go out the door. I have a lot of items made now that I can start selling. Today he was informed that I am getting my feet wet to see how I can do. Next year I retire and can spend more time on my hobby.

I’m really excited about my shop as well as my blog. I hope that I get a chance to post often and am looking forward to hearing from other crafters. Want to share ideas, help others and even get pointers from you. I’ll share some pics and other stuff with everyone. Need to learn more about blogging and all the side bar stuff. When I was a moderator for a yahoo group, I had lots of fun with all the ladies on the board and we had lots of fun doing sewing projects competing for prizes. So if I had fun doing that, I should have fun here.

Well I guess I should run for now. I should have been in the sewing room today, but I have other stuff that needs to be addressed.