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Februray EmbLibrary Free Designs

Embroidery friends don’t forget to get your freebie designs from EmbLibrary. You have until February 29th to claim your designs. Remember you have to be a member to purchase. http://www.emblibrary.com/EL/Free.aspx

Here are the designs

The strawberries design comes in 5 sizes, the flamingo 2 sizes.

Enjoy. Tomorrow I believe a new sale starts, I’ll let you know.


Urban Threads – Freebie

UT1704_thumb2Day late and a dollar short. My last post I was suppose to post indicating that Urban Threads had  a new freebie that was offered on their site. I was tired that evening, thus I never posted.

Jumped on over to see if it was still there, but it was not, HOWEVER, they have a new free design for Machine Embroidery, Hand Embroider, and stock design.

Stop on over to Urban Threads for their new freebie. I’ll try to keep posts updated so that you don’t miss out on anything good.

Happy Hour EmbLibrary – This weekend only ending May 17th 2009

SunnyflowerSpring Song WrenSurfboard FiligreeChoo-Choo TrainLuscious Ladybug

This week-end, until Sunday, May 17th, EmbLibrary is having “Happy Hour”. If you are not a member of EmbLibrary you are not aware of what “Happy Hour” is. This is were you can receive machine embroidery designs at half off from their normal price. This includes design packs. So take advantage of filling up your shopping cart with designs, add the special code, Nifty50, and see the prices drop before your eyes.

With this particular week-end Happy Hour there is a bonus. After you have placed your order, go to your order history. There you will see a folder titled something like VIP, these are the five free designs, which I’ve posted above.

So stop by and check out this week’s new designs and sale items <sale is certain designs for a dollar a piece, the Nifty50 code does not apply to these items, only regularly priced items>. Maybe there might be a design that you wanted to purchase in a previous week, but didn’t, now you can take advantage of the “Happy Hour” and get those 5 free designs. And as a reminder, pick up the free designs and check out their 17 cent designs for the month of May.

Remember this “Happy Hour” sale ends Sunday, May 17th 11:59 pm, Central Standard Time.


EmbLibrary Customer Appreciation Sale, New Freebies and 17 Cent Designs

This week at EmbLibrary they are having a FAB Customer Appreication Sale.

There are 4 coupons that you can use on separate purchases to get maximum savings on embroidery designs. Please be advised that only one coupon can be used per order. You have to make sure that you put the appropriate code in the box and click on “Apply Code” in order to activate.

This sale ends Tuesday, May 12th at 11:59 pm, Central Time.

050609salebanner4Buy 10 designs for 10 bucks – you can’t go wrong there! Take your pick of any design, find all the ones that are costly. Put in your shopping basked enter the code GiveMe10 and see the prices drop!

050609salebanner3Single designs save 60%. Put single designs in your shopping cart. When you are ready to check out, enter code SINGLE60 and each regular priced designs will be discounted! 


050609salebanner21Buy one design pack, get the second one free – we know how we like our design packs. No matter how many design packs you want, enter into your shopping basket, enter BOGO4U and if you buy 4, the two will be free, buy 6, 3 free and so on.

050609salebanner5$5 off a $10 order – cannot be used with first coupon. Add designs or packs to your shopping basket until the total is $10 or more. Enter code TAKE5 and your order is discounted $5 bucks.

tweetDon’t forget to check out their new items for this week and the “TWEET” for the week. You can apply “TWEET” to one of these coupons, prefer single design coupon for a savings of 60% off the dollar price.




17-cent-11Don’t forget to get May’s 17 cent designs. There is a total of 4 different designs, but all designs stem around the one I posted here. If you already collected their hummingbirds, this is another one you must have.


free-11Finally we have the monthly May free designs. free-22

Pop on over and collect them before the end of the month!

EmbLibrary 17 cent and Free Designs – April 2009

Hi everyone. Busy evening for me. I started sewing my pin cushions. They are adorable. I’m not completely done with the first set but you will really like them. I need to find out how I attach a PDF file so if I provide the pattern you can get it. More learning.

I visited EmbLibrary a few minutes ago and they have their new 17 cent and free designs for the month. I like the 17 cent designs, so I will have to find something to buy. You have a matter of hours to get the previous months free designs.

Here are this months items:

d4698rd4700rThese are the free designs. And they come in two different sizes.

Baseball Bear comes in 4.83 x 5.56 and 3.34 x 3.86.

Tulip Trio comes in these two sizes; 5.58 x 4.84 and 3.87 x 3.52.

Remember you can grab all four sizes just by being a member and putting the items in your shopping cart.

d4702rI really, really like this design of potted flowers. It is one of the six 17 cent designs.

It comes in two sizes, 8.98 x 5.85 and 6.86 x 4.47.

The other 5 designs that they are offering this month are individual designs of each flower pictured here. Each individual potted flower comes in two different sizes. 

d4696rHere is the tweet design for the week. I think its darling.

It would really look nice on an apron that you wear while gardening.

The tweet designs are for a dollar only during the week that they are appearing.

And as with all EmbLibrary designs, it comes in two different sizes; 5.86 x 8.89 or 4.48 x 6.80.

Grab ’em while you can and you will have to visit for the remaining month of April for the other weekly tweets, as I don’t post them weekly.

This week’s designs are called “simply spring”. There are some very nice designs, but you will have to hop on over there to see what they have to offer. 

While you are there check out their sale for the week. You might be interested in something.

Well time to sign off and crawl into bed. It was a very busy day.

Happy Hour & VIP Free Designs – EmbLibrary March 13 2009

EmbLibrary is having another one of their fabulous “Happy Hours” this week-end. From now until Sunday, March 15, 2009, 11:59 pm (Central Time). If your not a member yet, you won’t be able to take advantage of this great deal.

This week the “Happy Hour” is 10 designs for $17 bucks. The thing is, you have the opportunity to use the code up to 3 times durig the week-end. 

But wait, there’s more. If you make a $17 purchase, you get 5 FREE VIP Designs. As I usually do, designs are shown below that are in the VIP set. I betcha this would be a good opportunity to buy those 17 cent designs as well.

It seems that EmbLibrary has Happy Hour every other week-end. So in order to take advantage of these special savings, you need to be a member. If you are a member but did not receive an email – special code is Green17

Reminder – have you signed up for the Monogram Wizard drawing. Only one entry during the month of March

EmbLibrary Happy Hour til February 16th

Happy Hour is happening again at Emblibrary. Buy one Design Pack and get one for a penny. 

Its a President sale, Lincoln that is and he is on the penny.

If you purchase anything from the Happy Hour, you will receive 5 free designs, but there’s more!

This week’s sale is if you spend 10 dollars you will receive a special birthday package of 11 designs in both 4 x 4 and 5 x 7 sizes. 

This weeks designs are “International Flair” and each design is on sale for 1.97.

Don’t forget to check out their weekly “Tweet” of the week design, which is only a dollar the week that it hatches.

Then finally if you place an order, remember to check out their 17 cent designs for the month and pick up their freebie of the month.

Time to pick up my design packs and international flair items!