Anita Goodesigns – New Sets Out – Elves are working hard

Hi all. I received my Creative Machine Embroidery book for the month of November/December 2008.

In the next few days I will be reviewing some items that are in the book. There is a free Holly Leaf design that you can download, a Frosty Pillow that you can get the pattern online, several unique gifts to make and where to purchase the designs and best of all PRIZES. Yes I am going to enter the John Deere Contest come November!!!!

As always, we quickly thumb through a magazine and dismiss. Matter o’ fact, I was ready to put the magazine on the counter so it would go to the recyclables. Good thing I grabbed it and took my time the second time around.

As a avid lover of Anita Goodesigns, there is a full page of 4 of their new sets. Actually there are more, but they could have come out in November. Dang, I wonder if Anita Goodesigns will have a sale on their sets at the Quilting & Sewing Expo in St. Charles, IL this upcoming week-end. I wasn’t planning on going so that I would save $$$. Will have to check with Aaron at DuPage Sew/Vac to see if he knows.

I visited the Anita website, but they don’t have their new sets up, so instead I searched to see if anyone else might have them and I went to Erica’s website ( I wanted to post the designs for you to see. So here we go…. on two of the design sets I’ve uploaded what items come in the set because those are the ones I am interested in.

I could live without the first design set posted but I think they are so adorable. I really do like the second set, but I don’t quilt, but doesn’t mean I can’t use the designs on other items, right!

So click on the above link if you wish to look over the other sets and Erica’s site gives you the prices.

Now as for the day’s accomplishments – whew! The elf was working hard and completed 15 baby bibs. I used designs from EmbLibrary and BFC. Sorry no pics right now cause I still have to rinse all the vilene off the bibs and dry them. Of course, as always, they are cute. I really like the “Santa Baby” design, well I am a sucker for penquins too. On two of the designs they were ornaments and I used Embird to remove the areas I didn’t want to stitch. Now how many bibs did I destroy. Two, only two and I used up all my “HANES” bibs that I had. Maybe tomorrow I will see if I have anymore hiding somewhere.

The day didn’t start off to good. My daughter awoke me when she got home from school. That was a good thing cause I didn’t fall asleep until at least 4 am, so sleeping til 9:30 am was nice. I wanted to make some lace monkeys first thing this morning. Last night I made 15 lace owls. I am connecting the lace item to a jump ring and then adding chain and a lobster claw. The item then can be used on a cell phone, purse zipper and main purpose, a child’s zippered coat. I have to add colorful eyes to the owls. Back to the monkeys I was suppose to be doing. Well the thread kept getting jammed, thus a bird’s nest. I ended up having to cut the thread in order to get the hoop off. I took out the nest and thought I had it all. Started up the machine and crap 4 monkeys later it started up again, but this time I had to take the cover off.

So I take the cover off of my Brother PR600. I see that I have another nest hiding under the thread cutter. So I take my little brush (that is used for flossing) and clean the area good. Thought I had everything so I put the cover back on. Start up the machine and again cluster of thread. So I open it again and run the machine to see where the problem exists. I then unscrew the thread cutter areas. Clean under there and then put everything back together again. Still problems, so I decide to abort the monkeys! Thats when I switched to the bibs. Well things start going good and everything is working great until, dang its not working, the thread cutter. So I open it up again and look at the screen to see if I have both parts sitting correctly. Finally when I open it up, I notice a little metal circle sitting where it shouldn’t be. Dang that thing, last time this happened that little metal circle fell from the cutter and fell down into the bobbin shaft. I was so pissed! I was sweating bullets. Well I was today too cause I have a Holiday Craft Bazaar in a month and I want a lot on my table. I know I can’t call Aaron to do a house call cause of the expo this week, so I have to fix it myself. So I remember where this piece goes but I make sure I don’t drop it into the bobbin shaft! Put everything back together and then I start sewing again. Crap the design shifted and there is no way I will be able to get it on target. Put in a new bib and hit start. YEAH, its working. I am once again happy, but frustrated. I will have to call and have Aaron come and do a service call.

Around 7ish my significant other comes and asks if I am going to be leaving my sewing room for the one downstairs. I told him eventually as I am cutting all the threads on the bibs and any jump stitches that are there. Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been in the sewing room all day, I’ve done some loads of wash, stripped the bed, made dinner, vacuumed and what else – grocery shopping, as my machine clicketyclaks away. Finally at 9:15 my last bib is done, but prior to being finished when I was in the room, the hoop slipped off. I wasn’t able to save the bib, but tried. I’ve been successful in the past in slipping the hoop back on and the design staying were it suppose to. Oh well. It was a productive day as far as I am concerned.

Well I’ll be posting more information from Creative Machine Embroidery in the coming days, so keep in contact.


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