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Dakota Collectibles – Pebbles from the Flintstones – Tote Bags

Today thought I would do a couple of lil girl tote bags with Pebbles from the Flintstones on them. The totes will be Christmas gifts for my nieces in Alaska. They will be presently surprised once they are received. With the tote bag will be a smaller bag for them to put other lil items, however no embroidery. I will attach snaps to the tops of each tote so items don’t fall out of them.

Currently SewforLess has this CD-Rom on sale for 59.99. This is where I received these designs. Mike carries a great selection of embroidery designs as well as other items for machine embroidery. You need to check out the site as he also has giveaways going on during the holiday season, please see my blog about this week’s item that ends on the 10th, by clicking here. NOTE: Copyrighted designs CANNOT be stitched and sold for a profit, you can only stitch these items and give as gifts.

I was very impressed with the designs on this CD and they stitched out great. The tote bags were small in size, so I had to re-size the designs in Embird, but the density of the stitches stayed together. The designs come in two sizes, 3×3 and 4×4. I shrunk the designs small enough to fit the tote bags, which was smaller than 3×3. The coloring of the designs are prefect and I used Metro Embroidery thread. The thread is great and brilliant!

Tomorrow I will go back and stitch out a couple more for gifts. I might even run to my near-by Wal-Mart and get some sweatshirts to do some more designs for the girls and their mom (she wants a moose on her sweatshirt, now to see if I have a design just for her).

Yeah it feels good to be back in the sewing room!

More later…… don’t forget to check out SewforLess for sales that are going on!

Happy Stitching to you all!


Metro Embroidery Thread Big Cones 2.25 each

baner23 I was doing some surfing the other day looking for embroidery thread kits for my new embroidery friend. I couldn’t remember where I purchased a previous kit, so I just did a google on machine embroidery thread kits. 

Up popped this site. I’ve never heard of Metro before, but I figured why not check out their wares. I was shocked when I saw that they currently have a sale going on.

See a few weeks ago I was making free standing lace heart shaped boxes. A small cone, I can only do 3 hearts. I figured if I plan on making a bunch of free standing lace items, I will need big cones. Wednesday I placed an order for a total of 8 big cones. Like I said, what the heck.

My purchase came today. I opened the box and was really surprised. I ordered all pale colors for some free standing lace purses, hankies, hearts and 3D items. Even though the threads are pale, they are really, really brilliant. Had to run upstairs and load some designs in my PR 600. I stitched out a purse in pale yellow. Beautiful… Next one, pale green. Wonderful… Stopped after that cause it was time to prepare dinner. 

Lets just say this, these poly big cones are great. And the price of 2.25 each is a steal. Unfortunately they don’t have any in white, which I needed. The sheen of this thread is really, really nice. 

Planning on placing another order. I forgot with the hearts I am making, I was suppose to buy 2 cones, so now that I like the product, I will buy more of the pink as well as some of the other colors they have. Take a stop at their site. If you end up buying some cones, let me know your opinion. Here is their site and they only take orders over the internet.

Mini Cones .75 cents each, 20 color kit $55.00, bobbins, two types – cardboard and magnetic (which I really like).

Like their site says: “Try it and see the difference”. I did and I like it! Click on the picture and you’ll be directed to the site.