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Creative Machine Embroidery WIN BIG – Last few days to enter


You have until Saturday, May 9th to enter a drawing to receive the latest issue of Sew Simple magazine.

Seven people will be randomly picked to receive this item.

You are only allowed to enter once during this week and sorry I am late in posting.

Mail your full name and address to info@cmemage.com subject line Sew Simple.

Quiltmakers Quilting & Embroidery – June giveaway

During the week of June 1st, enter to win the latest issue of Quiltmakers Quilting and Embroidery magazine.

There will be 5 winners for this “WIN BIG” item from Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine.

To enter, email your full name and address to info@cmemag.com with the subject line Q&E.

The Sewphisticated Stitcher

The last “WIN BIG” item for May and June is a package of Madera Rayon Smart Spools, Stabilizer and Organ needles provided by The Sewhisticated Stitcher.

This “WIN BIG” prize is valued at over $95.00.

There will be two winners, that will be picked on May 15th and June 15th.

Email your entry to winbig@ilovethread.com. There is no indication if you should put anything in the subject area nor does it state only one entry or you can enter as many times as you wish.


How do you sew “GREEN” contest – Creative Machine Embroidery

Sew how did I spend my Saturday? Finally in the sewing room. It was a nice “sunny” day, but too cold to go out and do something.

Since I finally signed up to Creative Machine Embroidery site I was aware that they have two contests going on; “How do you sew green” and “How do you sew for Le$$”.

The first contest started on March 1st and the close date is April 15th. There is no limit to entries (didn’t know that, will be doing another entry). You fill out the entry form and provide a photo of your entry. Then you give a brief description of what makes your creation green. They will then post the projects on their site for other’s to view. When the random drawing takes place the winner will receive a grab bag full of machine embroidery products. That is a value of over $50!

dscf2486I’ve been waiting to do my item for some time and this was prior to knowing about the contest. Here is my entry. My submission was received, but there are no other entries at this time. Sew get your thinking caps on and start creating. Hmmm, I wonder if I have enough material to make a matching item for my entry???

BTW – I designed this simple little purse myself this morning. Hubby was wondering what I was doing with the paper bag from the grocery store. This purse has a zipper closure of course on the top. My daughter saw it and laughed, said it looks like it would be for a little kid. Thanks kid!

Well guess I’ll give the “KID” some money to go to Steak and Shake and get a snack for us.

WIN Monogram Wizard during the month of March


Don’t forget to enter once during the month of March to Win a Monogram Wizard.

Project Creative Machine Embroidery – Eye Mask

Yesterday I was making eye masks that were purchased at EmbLibrary. The two items in yellow are the items I made. They are done in the hoop but I have issues with all in the hoop designs. They seem to be too small, so part of my changes, I made the mask pattern larger and took the design and decreased it. The other thing I had problems with, where do you put the ribbon!!! With the pattern Creative Machine Embroidery gives you, they tell you exactly where to put the ribbon, this is the mask in white. When I get home I will compare both patterns to see if one is bigger than the other. 

Unfortunately I was not a e-newsletter member with CME in January, I did not receive the design, however I can purchase the design for 10 bucks. I’ve been a subscription member for some time and never thought of signing up for the newsletter. Well now I have done so, so I can get extra added bonuses. 

I added a plus to my eye masks. In the pattern from EmbLibrary the back is open. I made a smaller closed eye mask with WaterSorb crystals in it. WaterSorb is used for cool ties for the troops. When you put the item in cold water the crystals absorb and swell up. I can then put one of the smaller eye mask in the stitched embroidered cover. It takes away stressed, puffy eyes and headaches. Then when not in use, put in a zip lock bag and put in frig to keep it cold for next use. And if the eye mask cover gets dirty, I can easily hand wash and hang to dry.

I know in the month of April each CME reader will receive a free embroidery design to promote Husqvarna Viking’s “go green” program. If you are a reader, visit husqvarnaviking.com/us for more information of this free offer.

Nov/Dec Embroidery Designs/Thread Giveaways

Creative Machine Embroidery noted that there will be more Embroidery Designs/Thread Giveaways during the months of November and December.

John Deer’s Adorable Ideas will be giving away to 3 people one of the following to their Ladybug Club membership: 1 year (which retails at 1678); 3 month ($359) and a 1 month (119) membership. You are only allowed to enter ONCE during the month of November. You email your full name and address to info@cmemag.com, subject line LADYBUG Club. Visit John Deer’s Adorable Ideas at http://www.adorableideas.com, he’s got some real nice items out there.

Quiltmakers Quilting & Embroidery magazine will be giving away their latest copy of their magazine to 7 people. In order to get a chance to win, you are allowed to enter ONCE between November 23 to the 25th. eMail you name and mailing address to info@cmemag.com, with the subject line Q&E. Doesn’t indicate date of drawing.

How would you like to win a Victorian Romance thread box by Robison-Anton and coordinating design collection by designer/author Michelle Griffith (retail price $120). Four people will win this gift. To enter, enter ONCE between November 1st and December 17th. Go to http://www.michelles-designs.com. One winner will be choosen on November 6th, November 20th, December 4th and finally on Decmber 18th. 

Good luck and don’t forget you still have a chance to win Sulking products in the month of October. Please see my previous blogs for the dates and how to enter.

Creative Machine Embroidery – October Contests – Reminder

Below is the October contests that I posted back in August. You still have a chance to win an assortment of threads from Iris Embroidery, the 10th is next week. Then you have Sulky that follows behind.

There will be 5 winners chosen to win from Iris Embroidery Thread an assortment of threads. It does not indicate whether you can only enter once or if you can enter daily, but one winner will be chosen daily between October 6th through the 10th. To enter go to http://www.theninaline.com.

Finally, Sulky will be giving away to 5 lucky people during October 13th through the 17th one of the following items; Sulky Secrets to Successful Stabilizing book, a multi-stabilizer/book combo, Heat-Away Clear Film pack, Tender Touch pack or a 20″ wide Sulky Stabilizier Assortment. Go to http://www.sulky.com/winbig, to enter. You can enter daily to win one of these prizes.

By the week-end I will post the November/December contests that are noted in Creative Machine Embroidery’s magazine. We have John Deer’s Adorable Ideas, Quilting & Embroidery magazine and finally a Victorian Romance thread box by Robison-Anton. And I believe I will be having a contest too.

My contest is going to have 3 prizes to three individuals. Did another apron today and until I post the photo I won’t indicate what is expected from you, but I will indicate that you will have to comment in order to be entered in the contest. If you spread the word on your blog that I am having a contest, you have one additional entry to add by stating you put in on your blog. What are the prizes??? Hmmm, you seen some of my work, so it could be a set of Christmas towels, a purse, material…. I haven’t decided yet, but all three items will be worth the entry. As soon as I publish this, I will sleep on the idea of prizes.

Finally, daughter and mother had blonde moment today – we went to get more aprons to embroider. Walked out of store and we were chatting and looking for vehicle. Well I said to Shell its around this area isn’t it. Her reply I don’t remember. Some guy said looking for your car or just walking the parking lot. I said looking for car. He said well hope you find it and I replied with, yeah me too, its my husband’s car. That is when Shell realized she was looking for the wrong vehicle. We walked to far, car was in the third spot over one isle! Wonder what moment we will have tomorrow.

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed – NOT!

Yawn!!! Good Morning All.

Last night my previous blog did not go through because I was having server issues. 

Well I didn’t want to get up, but the phone was ringing so I dragged myself out. Took the call and contacted my significant other regarding the call. I wanted to crawl back into bed, but was like no I have to make my lace frogs. I showed my daughter my little owls and she likes them. I told her I have to put yellow beads where the eyes are and she said “NO RED” and started to giggle. She said her owl will be possesssed!

So I hooped some vilene in my large hoop, oiled the PR600, changed the thread and put in some green bobbin thread. Glad I bought colored bobbin thread, takes all the enjoyment out of having to wind my own. Started up the machine and walked way. Walked away and within 5 minutes I noticed the machine stopped working. So I went to check it out. Thread busted. I decided instead of stitching a thousand stitches a minute I would reduce it to 800. This will allow the machine to run slower and smoother, cut down on the noise factor too. So stitching away 15 lace frogs and it’ll take over an hour to complete.

Here is a little excerpt from Creative Machine Embroidery magazine. Note the Frosty Pillow. That is the pillow that you can download from their website.

On the bottom of the page is the Holly Leaf applique design that you can download to make a centerpiece or accent for the holidays. Basically you use a foam cone and a bunch of appliqued leaves. The leaves are done with different colors of construction paper and what makes the leaves neat, is seeing the creases from the paper prior to stitching. You have until December 31st to download the design. I never thought of it, but after reading, you can even do other centerpieces by using the leaves to form a poinsettia designs. Check my sidebar for Creative Machine link.

In the upper right hand corner of the page where you see the square cards, well not square, those are gift card envelopes that you can applique. I think those are very creative. This is one of the projects that they have in this month’s magazine. You can go to “The Purple Hat” to see the items that run 15.00 for a set of 5 designs http://www.purplehat.co.za/index.html

Hmm think I’ll go check on my frogs. Well on number 4 and I noticed that these are bigger than the owls and monkeys. When I changed the size I musta not gone small enough, but not to fret, will still work.

Well as much as I’d like to stay and post more items, I would rather crawl back in bed for a few more Zzzz’s. I have some fleece hats to work on later. So until then……..