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Special Items for Special Lil Girls

I always like making special lil items for special lil girls. A few years ago I made a towel set for the little girl down the street. I saw her and her grandmother last week. As I talked to the grandmother she told me that Angelica still uses that towel set I made. I told the grandmother it was time for a new set.

Besides making a towel set for Angelica, I would be making a set for our nieces and another special friend. The designs I used are from Retroboulvard, the digitilizer is Ytmar. She has done some real nice work in the past. For the youngest niece I went for a design of a child toweling herself off after a bath. The other 3 girls I would do ballerinas. On the hand towels I either put their names on it or a pair of ballet shoes, which the design was received from a free website years ago.

Before I do towels I always make sure that I pre-wash the items not only for shrinkage, but also to get the extra fluff out of the towel. Once washed I am ready to stitch. I used the all in one hoop, with the exception of the large towel. I don’t like to have the burn mark in the nap of the towel. Once the items were hooped I then placed the wash away stabilizer, WunderStitch on top of the towel. WunderStitch is a water soluble stabilizer that washes out of fabrics when completed. WunderSttitch was great with these towels because the towel was thick and heavy. SewforLess carries this item and is always on sale.It is always important to use a water soluble on top of the towel so that when the design is stitching the thread stays on top of the towel, not sinking into the towel.

Another quick and painless day to stitch, here are the towels… washed a second time and they are still stunning.


Evening – Input on Embroidery Home Decor

As a machine embroider I was wondering if I could get feedback from both embroiders as well as people who would purchase embroidered items.

In purchasing home decor items for lets say your kitchen, what type of designs would you be looking for. Would it be chefs, chickens, coffee designs, italian items or what? What is popular out there even if the designs aren’t made for retail stores, what would tickle peoples’ fancy?

Lets say you want a collection for the kitchen that consists of chef apron, towels, and maybe something else like a cozy for a toaster. Or you have plain canisters for your flour, sugar, tea or coffee and you wanted to spice up the decor of those canisters. Would you want a piece of material with a design of your home decor choice that easily wraps around the canister and holds in place with velcro. Or what about a bottle apron that you put on your dish soap bottle? What would you be interested in? 

I am looking for input from people who would purchase sets, as well as home machine embroiders, that have made sets that they sell at craft shows or else where.

Then you have the occasional person who likes lady bugs, dragonflies, penguins, or even birds or birdhouses. Do you believe that chef aprons, towels and such would be appropriate? What other favorites is out there that I wouldn’t be aware of?

I am trying to get this input not only for my etsy site, but I am looking for popular items. Even interested in items for the bathroom, whether the master bath or the half bath. 

Can you please let me know. I really would appreciate it.

I am traveling right now and will approve your messages as soon as possible.

Annual Valentine’s Day Promotion

allaboutblanks-retail2Its that time again. All About Blanks is having their annual Valentine’s Day Promotion. From now until February 14th, if you purchase at least **one** item with either pink or red in it, at checkout you put in a code and will receive 15% on your complete order.

I really love the linens that Susan has in her store. Great quality and the sizes of the towels are great. I’m waiting for my vintage checked black and white towels to come in, but I got my red ones a few weeks ago. before the PROMOTION!

I’ve posted several of her items on my blog; baby bibs and burp cloths, vintage towels that I put cardinals on. I have done several designs on her color pastel tea towels and I am upset that she won’t be able to get the natural beige towels anymore!! I’ve even purchased her table linens and still haven’t put anything on them. Some day!

So now I have to go back and purchase some more towels that I have been eyeing. I’ll be able to get the 15% cause the towels are “RED”! I am looking at the ticking towels and tea dye tea towels. Sue watch out, I’m coming and using PAYPAL, thus it comes out of my bank account (snicker) – thanks hunny for the early Valentine’s Day Present!

Free Shipping Etsy Site

Just a quick note to let all of you know that I will have free shipping on any orders that are placed during the time frame of Black Friday to Cyber Monday, which is November 28th through December 1st.

Go and check out my site to see if there is anything that you are interested in. Then come back next week for a possible purchase.

Remember free shipping!!!!