KWIK SEW CLUTCH – Free download


Looking for a quick and easy clutch to sew?

Jump over to Kwik Sew for their free downloadable clutch.

I’ve made several of these clutches as gifts for family members. It is such a simple, straightforward pattern. I would say it only takes under 2 hours to complete. Even a beginner can follow the easy instructions without questions.

The pattern only calls for 3/8 yards of fabric, lining and interfacing. You can embellish the pattern by adding piping, decorative trim or even machine embroidery. The clutches made, used upholstery fabric that I had in my stash. You can go from elegant to plain Jane on this clutch depending on the type of fabrics you use.

I use the smaller clutch as a make-up bag for my huge purse. You can even use the smaller clutch for toiletries when going away for the week-end. Even though the pattern doesn’t call for pockets, it is easy to make small thin pockets to slip a credit card, ID, even a slim pocket for a cell phone. If you want to make one for make-up or toiletries, you can make little holders for items like mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, or a pocket with a Velcro closure, so the items don’t fall out all over.

Well, tomorrow time to pull out the zebra cotton print fabric, promised to make one for a friend, as a belated birthday gift.

Go check out the instructions on this trouble-free clutch.


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