Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed – NOT!

Yawn!!! Good Morning All.

Last night my previous blog did not go through because I was having server issues. 

Well I didn’t want to get up, but the phone was ringing so I dragged myself out. Took the call and contacted my significant other regarding the call. I wanted to crawl back into bed, but was like no I have to make my lace frogs. I showed my daughter my little owls and she likes them. I told her I have to put yellow beads where the eyes are and she said “NO RED” and started to giggle. She said her owl will be possesssed!

So I hooped some vilene in my large hoop, oiled the PR600, changed the thread and put in some green bobbin thread. Glad I bought colored bobbin thread, takes all the enjoyment out of having to wind my own. Started up the machine and walked way. Walked away and within 5 minutes I noticed the machine stopped working. So I went to check it out. Thread busted. I decided instead of stitching a thousand stitches a minute I would reduce it to 800. This will allow the machine to run slower and smoother, cut down on the noise factor too. So stitching away 15 lace frogs and it’ll take over an hour to complete.

Here is a little excerpt from Creative Machine Embroidery magazine. Note the Frosty Pillow. That is the pillow that you can download from their website.

On the bottom of the page is the Holly Leaf applique design that you can download to make a centerpiece or accent for the holidays. Basically you use a foam cone and a bunch of appliqued leaves. The leaves are done with different colors of construction paper and what makes the leaves neat, is seeing the creases from the paper prior to stitching. You have until December 31st to download the design. I never thought of it, but after reading, you can even do other centerpieces by using the leaves to form a poinsettia designs. Check my sidebar for Creative Machine link.

In the upper right hand corner of the page where you see the square cards, well not square, those are gift card envelopes that you can applique. I think those are very creative. This is one of the projects that they have in this month’s magazine. You can go to “The Purple Hat” to see the items that run 15.00 for a set of 5 designs

Hmm think I’ll go check on my frogs. Well on number 4 and I noticed that these are bigger than the owls and monkeys. When I changed the size I musta not gone small enough, but not to fret, will still work.

Well as much as I’d like to stay and post more items, I would rather crawl back in bed for a few more Zzzz’s. I have some fleece hats to work on later. So until then……..


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