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Last week I ordered zippers from Zipperstop, https://www.zipperstop.com . They are the Authorized Distributor of YKK Zippers. OMG my heart jumped a beat when I went to the site. Crap it skipped another beat when I made a order. I almost needed to have mouth to mouth when I realized I ordered 140 zippers. 911 was almost called when I saw the total cost of those 140 zippers.

I sat there and paid 1.69 for over 3 dozen zippers at the store I work at, when I could have gone to Zipperstop! 140 zippers ran me UNDER 35 bucks!

I was having a conversation with one of my followers and it was indicated I might have to wait a month for them to come in and that is when I freaked. I quickly called the distributor up in New York. I was easily calmed when he mentioned that the order was received, unfortunately on a holiday, but my shipment should be out by the following week. Whew, wiped my brow. I can handle a week.

Saturday I get home late from work and what is sitting on the table?


Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! I opened that bag and I was like omg look at the colors. Now to decipher which ones are which. You’d think I would have ordered a couple here and couple there in each color so I could figure out which were which, but noooooooo. I had to order like 4 or 6 of each. Their color chart stinks on their website and well they don’t give “true color” names.

After going through my shipping list 3 times I think I finally got it but I’d still like to know the grey or slate color, what name was that and I don’t think I ordered them, however I’m not going to complain because I can use them. Wish I could have gotten a “true red”, but I’ll contact them and see if they can send me a color chart for my next order.

Ever see 140 zippers?


They will get used up and after all, zippers are my best friend now!