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Vintage Bags – Part Deuce

Well I finished my second vintage bag that was shown on here the other day. This one and the one from the other night are from the 1950s era.

I’m amazed at how simple these are to put together. I would say about 3 hours to complete.

Below is a bag from the 1920s. Of course a tease because its not completely put together yet, but you get the idea of what I am working with. Going with green lining, accent the stripe applique insert. 

These bags are again small and just perfect for the night on the town. Am planning on enlarging the pattern, because no matter what size they are they are gorgeous.

I’m going to have to find a source on the internet to purchase magnetic closures. I am running low. If anybody has a site that they would like to share on where to purchase hardware for purses, please post a response and I will approve it shortly.

Plan to finish the 1920s bag tonight and then tomorrow plan on getting a couple more done.

Have a great evening. Hope you like my purses.