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Left-over Fleece, what you can do to create something nice

Good Evening everyone.

Lets start off with the left-overs. With the remaining fleece that I had from all my kids hats and lady berets, I made a few infant hats. You will have to look at my previous post where I give the sizes. The photo here shows what I did with more left-overs – fleece ear covers. I just played and chose different sizes. Follow the chart again on the previous post for the length. The width should be at least anywhere from 3 inches (little kids) to maybe 6 for adults. What I did to make these after I cut them, I sewed the two long ends together. Trimmed seam, but not necessary right next to it. Turned. I then pushed the ends into each other. Now depending on the thickness of the fleece will determine if it’ll bunch up alot. You can play with fleece so it lays nicely. Then you pin the side with the seam. It is necessary that you pin to keep the seam straight when you sew a top stitch. After you complete the seam side, then you do the opposite side. After I did each side I then did the center where I pushed the ends together. After you get that done, then you trim closely to that stitch to make a clean area. There are other ways of making these, but hey, I’m just using my head here. They did turn out nice. Only had to throw away one or two because I was lazy about pinning next to the seam!!!

More left-over fleece – make striped hats (sorry no photo). Take 2 or 3 colors of fleece that is 6 inches wide (for 3 colors). Sew seams (one of mine was green, yellow, green). After you trim the seam, turn the first stripe in half to make your band. Allow this to hang over the seam of the next color. Sew the band on the front side and stitch in the ditch (think that is the term they use when quilting). Now you have a nice even stripe that is clean. Trim seam, closely, this allows the seam to lie flat. On the top of the hat, you then make your 1/2 strips that are 4 inches long. When you tie your strips together on the front side, make sure you tie on the seam of the two colors, this will hide the seam cause the strips will be flowing over.

If you want to only make a two color striped hat, increase the two colors to maybe 8 inches. You will not be folding the first color to the seam of the second, you will only be folding it over 2 – 3 inches. If you don’t want to add the strips but want to make it plain on the top, then you just gather and tie on the inside. Plain and simple, yet colorful and practical.  I only made a couple of those, but I know when I purchase more fleece in the future, I will be making striped hats.

I didn’t indicate in my previous post how to make the top lay nicely, especially on the hats without the strips. Fold the top of the hat in half. Then take each side and fold them towards the center. Finally take the four sides and bring them to the center. Hold tight and then tie. You get a nice uniform look.

There is another craft show I might be doing in December at a school. I am going to research the school colors and make hats with their colors, that is if I have time.

Forgot to mention to you that in the Creative Machine Embroidery mag for Nov/Dec one of their projects is taking a fleece hat and embroidering paw prints on the front of the band. Since I’ve been doing sew much, I by-passed that idea so that I could get other projects completed. You could embroidery snowflakes all around the band. Make one with mistletow on the band, wonder if it’ll work <giggle>, getting kisses from unknown strangers! There are all sorts of designs you could use on the band.

Just imagine, you could be making lots of fleece hats, ear coverings for all the kids on the block as well as your own favorite child, grandchild, etc. And just think of the assorted colors they will have to chose from. And if they loose one, heaven forbid, you’ll have a spare!