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Machine Embroidered Boys Sweatshirts

Last week I did some little boy sweatshirts using EmbLibrary designs. Here are the end results.

On these sweatshirts tear-away stabilizer is on the front of the sweatshirts. This way the dark colored fabric would not bleed through the design. On the back of the designs, covering the design’s threads is a iron on stabilizer to protect the skin.

I have soooo many designs from EmbLibrary for machine embroidery. I think this one is cute and its on a sweatshirt for a 12 month old and of course, they don’t know better and they think they are the boss.

This one is age appropriate because it has the cartoon character of a plane and is on a 6-9 month old sweatshirt.

Then finally the 18 month old sweatshirt. I merged two designs together to get this design. Did a complete swap of colors from the color chart and tada! This is a nice bright design and I really do like this one over all of the ones I did.

I wish they had these machines decades ago. My kids would have had real cute clothing and not like every other kid in town. Then again, I could have been doing other kids clothing too! But my son, if I hadn’t said it yet, he said he’s glad it wasn’t around when he was young cause he could have imaged his backpack covered in machine embroidery – yuck!

Til next time –