Women’s Aprons 

Yay!!! Yes I have a mannequin for my adult women aprons. Uhhhh well she’ll be modeling the men’s sport aprons too. I told my daughter I gave her a name….  Manny Quinn. She actually came down from her bedroom and stated that Manny keeps scaring her, lol. Manny stands in my sewing room peering through the door. My daughter even gave me a old dress of hers to put on her. Wish it wasn’t black, but I can’t complain. 

Manny was retired from our local JC Penny. Yes our small satellite store is closing at the end of July. I got a bargain for her. I wonder how many they have left.

I stepped out of the box on these aprons. My first group of women’s aprons were… Uhm, cough, yes a pattern of a purchased Hobby Lobby one. I’m not one that uses patterns, you know store bought, expensive ones, but, I went outside the box.

I took advantage of Hobby Lobby’s Simplicity pattern sale. Heck this pattern runs normal price $17.95. Choke. When I was a kid in school they were like 5 bucks or less. Well I could handle 99 cents. This pattern number is 1707. Some older lady snagged me into buying it when we we’re talking aprons and bias tape (I wonder if she is making her own bias tape these days, or does she notice all the empty spots at the store of my massive purchases of the stuff?)

I hate having to pull the pattern out then pinning and cutting and all that jazz. After all I’m doing mass productions, but…I don’t mass produce same fabrics. I want people to have unique items, so a couple will be fine. 

What I do is get a bunch of different fabrics and cut out like 4 of them. Then I sew them up. What I also do is I cut out same fabric to make kitchen towels, hot pads and now bowl covers that double as covers for the microwave. 

This pattern has two different aprons and also has a matching lil girls apron. Nooo I haven’t made the matching set. My lil girls aprons are doing good. Yes eventually I’m making daughter mother or grandmother granddaughter sets for Christmas. You know how we like to bring the family together at that time when baking.

To complete the apron all you need is a yard of fabric. Bias tape, 2 packages. The round pockets I instead of using the paper pattern, I found something round the same size and use my rotary cutter. Faster, easier. Someday I “might” make the other apron.

I’ll be selling these at my new location and eventually on line, with the option of purchasing the other items as well. Manny is holding one towel in the oranges apron. They are I think 16×26 with a tab to hang on hook.

Remember you can always contact me if you wish to purchase, but remember some aprons will be limited as I am going through my stash from years ago and can’t get the design anymore.

Feel free to like and share.

Oh, oh, oh I forgot to mention… When I do the women’s aprons, the neck strap, I make it adjustable by adding two rings to one strap, then the other strap feeds through the rings. 






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