Children’s Aprons

Another item that I sell at my booth down at Nickorbobs in Divernon, Illinois are little girl aprons. I’ve sold embroidered ones with ballet slippers, cupcakes of ll sorts, however now I make my own fabric ones.

They are fast and easy, shhhh I took the pattern from one of the aprons I purchased from Hobby Lobby and put it on paper. You can get at least 3 aprons from less than a yard.

At one time I made my own bias tape, but heck I have to save time and now purchase the bias tape. Each apron uses a tad over 3 yards of bias tape. There is 3 yards per package and with all the aprons I am making, I have plenty. The 3 yards does the everything but the top by the neck line.

Straps for tying 18 inches and for around the neck…another 18 inches.

Notice the unisex aprons, as I opted to use different color bias tape to accent colors in the fabric. My daughter approved. Heck I had to think of it and not let her, she’d want credit.

I sell these at a very reasonable price. Soooo if you see one you like and you have that favorite daughter, niece, granddaughter or little girl, let me know.

I will be selling my children aprons at a new Craft store closer to home and they requested boy aprons as well for crafting. Eventually I will be making ones for painting, so they can wipe clean.

Please excuse how I displayed… I don’t have a child’s mannequin, nor a small child.



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