Embroidery Wall Art – Roosters

Sorry I didn’t post last night. Long day at work.

I don’t know how many people that read my blog go over the line on what they embroider on, but I have gone over the line and embroidered on paper, fabric and painting canvas. I have recently embroidered on a different fiber. It was almost like a weaved straw. It was actually a table runner, but I cut it down to size and put two different roosters on the fiber.

The roosters took forever to stitch, but that was because I had to reinvent the wheel with the thread colors. I also hate when I put colors in my machine that they are not true and it is hard to decipher what it will look like. Sometimes I’ve even made mistakes by putting the wrong thread color on the wrong spindle.

I will be creating more wall art as each day progresses, but for now here are my roosters and I think the frames I picked work well together.

Thanks for checking out my blog and hope to see you again soon. And if you have made items for wall hangings, feel free to share!


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