Knitting – Hooded Scarf

For a gift I made a hooded scarf with my Boye Knitting loom. She wanted something long and heavy with the cold winters we have here in the Chicago area. I showed her the hooded scarf and she said perfect.

When doing the hooded scarf, the directions come with the Boye Knitting loom set, you need to have 1000 yards of #4 worsted yarn. Barb wanted a particular purple hooded scarf, a lilac color. It was hard to find exactly what she wanted, however I ended up purchasing one massive skein of yarn used for making baby quilts.

In the instructions it indicates that you use two strands of yarn throughout the whole thing. You cast on 24 pairs of pegs using the double knit cast on stitch. You continue to work in the double knit stockinette stitch until the scarf is 72 inches long or desired length. When I started this project I took both ends of the yarn. What a task.

At first it wasn’t so bad knitting, but as the project progressed, the scarf became extremely heavy and had to keep rolling the finished area, to continue working. The stitch that they speak about you zig-zag back and forth from peg to peg. Wrapping that second row to pull the bottom over the top. At the time of this picture I do not know how long the scarf was, but rolling became extremely necessary.


This was the biggest project I did, but the results were great. When you get to the end of you length you then bind off the last row. Then you fold the scarf in half and then slip stitch yarn in the inside from top to bottom 9 inches. You can add a tassel, however I kept it off because I was running low on yarn and I needed to make the fringe. I tell you this thing is HEAVY, very HEAVY. Barb loved it and enjoys it!



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