Knitting – Fingerless Gloves

The best youtube I found for knitting fingerless gloves on the loom knit… youtube fingerless gloves diy It takes you through the whole process step by step. It is a short video and gives you the exact information of how many rows you knit, how to add different color yarns, where to add the thumb hole and how. I liked this video over all the other ones I watched because of the simplicity of the instructions, no confusion what so ever. Clearly done.

The gloves are done on one of the smaller round hoops, however you don’t need to necessarily have to use a round hoop. You can easily use a square one. There are other types of hoop kits out there and you can find techniques on how to make these more popular types of gloves through youtube.

After making my first set of fingerless gloves, yes for my daughter again, we realize that in the future the thumb hole needs to be placed in a different spot. I would make the length of the gloves longer, so that they cover a bigger part of the arm area, so if your not wearing a jacket but some other form of outerwear you could slip them under the sleeve. For her since her fingers are not as long as mine, I would also shorten the top part of the glove. She indicated that wearing while driving there is more slipping on the steering wheel. Which I can understand and see. I am currently in the process of making myself a set. Maybe next year I’ll be done.

The cuff of the glove is the black area and to form it is exactly like the brim of a hat. You do not use the same stitching for the gloves that you did with the hats, if I recall you do a knit and then purl. A knit you take the bottom piece of yarn over the top yarn. Then the next peg you take the bottom yarn and slip it under the top. You continue to use this process throughout the project. You need to keep your tension pretty much the same throughout the knitting.

When making the first set of gloves the hardest part is when you add and alternate the colors of yarns. Your yarns might not match up perfectly, but again a learning curve. This is where you also learn about using tension. When I did the left hand I had to make the hole for the thumb opposite of the directions in the video. In the gloves that I made I only used two colors of yarn and I did my own pattern than the one shown in the DIY video.


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