ClicketyClak versus Clickety Clack

I just found out that there is a ETSY site called Clickety Clack Collectables. Currently my shop is closed, however I need to contact ETSY to see how to reopen it.

I named my store ClicketyClak because it is the sound of a sewing machine, especially the Singer Treadle machines. You worked the pedal with your feet in order for the needle to go up and down. You had to keep the rhythm going as you stitched and if you lost the rhythm your thread would break.

I had an old Singer. I loved that machine and it made my son’s infant clothing as well as other baby items.

Wish I held on to that piece. It was all intact and the wood was either a cherry or mahogany.

Even today’s machines still make that humming noise of clickety clak, clickety clak.



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