Valentine Wreath

I’ve shown you some of the wreaths I’ve made, but why stop at the tulle wreaths at Christmas? Heck I’m not going to stop there as at the end of the Christmas season I was able to grab a few rolls of pink tulle on clearance. See I told you I’m a sucker for savings. I said to myself what holds me back from making a Valentine’s Wreath. Right? You got it.

Yes there are heart shape floral wire forms. The only thing is they come in one size. BUT you can also purchase heart shape wire forms for Deco Mesh Wreaths. They have additional wire strands in order to wrap the deco mesh on the wreaths, but I told you I am oblivious of deco mesh, rolls eyes.

Again, cutting the tulle in smaller strips, due to the size of the floral wire forms, I tied two pieces on two areas of the wire form. Since this was my first heart shaped wreath, I noticed that in order to fill the center of the heart, you should use longer strips in the middle. Its always a trial and error when creating the first wreath. Also at the top of the heart form you have that dip creating a heart. So you have to use less tulle and pull the tulle towards the center. I know I’m sounding confused, however it is hard to explain when writing. I can’t explain it clearer. But if you create one you would totally understand my point.

When I originally wanted to make this wreath, I wanted to take candy hearts with the saying and put them on the wreath as an embellishment. Sounds cute, right. But depending on where you put the wreath you have to consider a few things. If you put it outside in the elements of the weather, those candy saying hearts will well melt to nothing from rain, snow, etc. Also the lettering of the sayings will fade or go away. So I “thought” why not using modge podge <spelling> on them. WHAT A MESS! I had more of that stuff on my fingers than on the candy hearts. Also the dang sayings disappeared adding the liquid on them. Anyways I was able to get a few good candy hearts covered. I then took the hearts and BEFORE glueing them onto the tulle, I just placed them to see how it looked. Cute idea, ugly results. I was really disappointed but, plan two, just put some antique pearls on it as well as lights. Perfect. I thought it was done….

Went to the Dollar Tree for some junk and OMG what is right there at the register. Little pink, white and red monkeys. OMG! Wouldn’t that look cute a monkey hanging on my Valentine Wreath! Grabbed one. Put it on and dang what a cutie. I went back to get a couple more just for the heck of it, they were too cute. I tried to put a different colored monkey on the opposite side of the other one (and if I succeeded I was going to put a card in his hand saying “Be Mine”) well it didn’t work, but I know if I got the glue gun out it would have.

End results…. Wait til Halloween and Thanksgiving!



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