Learning a new craft – Knitting

I always wanted to learn how to knit however I couldn’t get the sticks to work with me. I’ve seen those knitting hoops/looms in the store and thought what the heck give it a try, what do you have to loose. OMG LOVE IT. Starting out with the round looms, I ended up getting a set with rectangular ones as well. It was a great deal, on sale and included projects book.

You can do so much with knitting hoops/looms. Hats, scarfs, cowls, quilts, the list goes on and on. Taking the remains of skeins of yarn from scarfs that I had crocheted, I loomed hats. Looming is so fun and easy. And there are lots of youTube videos to help out in making your creation. Most of the hats only take one skein of yarn and a few hours to complete. I usually use the simple pattern, but I’ve taken a step and learned other stitches. At first it look confusing, but after viewing a few youTubes, I got it. All you do is wrap the yarn around each peg twice, pulling the lower piece of yarn, using a hook, over the top one. Then you just continue to wrap yarn row after row.


There are two different types of hats you can make. One with a brim and one without. The majority of hats I’ve made are without the brim because that is what my daughter prefers. When making a brim you loom 18 rows and on the 19 row you bring the inside of the hat and attach it to the pegs. Then knitting (hooking) the bottom over the top to complete the hemmed brim.

When you reach about 23 cm or 10 inches in length, you cut the yarn, thread it on a big needle and pull each loop off the peg, through the needle. After you have removed all the loops off the loom you pull it tight and take the needle to the inside of the hat. Weave it through some of the loops and tie it off and cut.

Here are some of my first hats.


These were great gifts for the holidays. My daughter ended up with a large collection of hats of different colors and weights. She uses them mostly when she works in the warehouse picking orders for the company she works for. Its cold working in the warehouse but she wears a headset when she picks merchandise and its just perfect as the hat protects her ear from the heavy headset. When we take a long drive, I grab my loom, yarn and hook and off we go. I believe my daughter has about 15 different hats and she gets lots of compliments.

A few more of the completed hats. Should have never thrown my head form out, grrrr.

I was able to make a pair of ear muffs with some of the yarn that was left over as well.

I purchased a Boye Loom Knit kit.


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