Okay I know I am working backwards and we are in January and these wreaths are for Christmas, but I’ve got to say I really did enjoy making these wreaths because of their beauty.

Working at Hobby Lobby you get lots of interaction with customers. I work in the fabric department, of course, lol, however I am not afraid to ask customers questions like what are you using this or that for. I mean I am a all around gal who loves to do all sorts of crafting. Oh btw I will be showing a couple other wreaths as well.

One customer came into the store purchasing fabric to make cloth wreaths. I know the kind she is referring to however I didn’t get into it because I really liked the look of tulle wreaths. One of our customers came in purchasing tulle and showed me how simple it is to make one of these wreaths. She explained to me that she uses a plain wire hanger to make them. She indicated that all she does is she takes the hanger and forms it into a circle and then the hook of the hanger is used to hang on the door or wall. She was needing more tulle in a particular color, but I showed her we had larger rolls of tulle for the holiday so that brought her cost down.

On my wreaths that I’ve made, I have used over 150 yards of tulle to create these amazing and beautiful wreaths. They are very time consuming, however when you are sitting watching tv, you can sit and relax and cut all your tulle to tie onto a form. I do not use a wire hanger, I purchase a floral wire form. This allows me to have a fuller wreath making it more elegant.

I usually take a envelope from a greeting card I received and wrap the tulle around the envelope (and card inside) up to 30 times, then cutting each side. I put them aside until I have a lot cut up to then tie onto the form. The customer indicated to me that she takes 4 pieces of cut tulle and wrap it on the hanger, however since I am using a floral wire form, I only use 2 cuts of tulle. I am wrapping the tulle on two of the four wires on the form. I only use 2 of the 4 because it is not necessary to do all four and it would be way to hard to work as I found this out with my first wreath I created. I use the two inside wires, leaving the inner and outer wires empty. The wreath is so full those two wires won’t be noticed and I add led lights to mine and I secure the lights to those wires at times.

Whispers, shhh I haven’t blogged in so long I have to see how to add a picture, so hold on, let me look and figure this out – – – THANKS!

wire wreath

YAY! I did it. As in the picture you can see the 4 wires on the form and you can see how full the wreath is already using only 2 middle wires.

When you make a tulle wreath all you do is like I mentioned earlier, two pieces of 5×8 cut tulle, twist a few times in the center, then tie on the wire. You then pull tight and fluff the pieces. You keep adding the tulle on each section of the floral wire form until it is completely full. You don’t want to leave any spaces because the fuller the wreath the more elegant.

Yes you can embellish the wreath adding a bow and look at all the different types of picks they offer at Christmas time in the floral section. But don’t over do it, you can take away the beauty. I’ve even made wreaths without picks and just glued on antique beads that I received from my mom. Even adding beads you only put enough to make it pop, too much can ruin the effect. What I have done to increase the beauty of these wreaths, as stated above is add lighting. I usually look for lights that use double A batteries as the box is small and is hidden on the back side of the wreath. Sorry no picture of that.

The end results…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Red one is lights and white antique beads. Green one has green lights that I accidentally ran into at a 5 Below Store. The red one with pine cones and plaid ribbon has multi color lights. It is best when using ribbon to use ribbon with wire edges and best if the ribbon is same on both sides because it is easier to make the bow as I can’t make one for the life of me but on these I did good.

These are great as gifts. And well I do sell them. I enjoyed making these so much, we had a girl scout troop leader come in for suggestions for a Christmas project. I told her and showed her them, she bought 20 rolls of 100 yard tulle for her girls to make! Hope theirs turned out as nice as mine.



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