Pumpkin Wreath

So yeah like when we have our craft stuff on clearance or sale at HL (Hobby Lobby) I can sometimes get overwhelmed or over board and buy too much or too little. I know that deco mesh ribbon wreaths are very popular. I bought a lot of it one year and I have NO idea how to make those wreaths, however I gave it a try for a fall wreath. Reading directions carefully I was able to create a pumpkin wreath. It turned okay for a first attempt, but will I make more… not sure, but I’ll have to figure what to do with all the white stuff. If anyone has any suggestions to do with white deco mesh and regular white ribbon, about 3 inches thick, give me a poke.

Here is a small pumpkin wreath I created, the larger one I made, now is in the hands of my lovely daughter in law, Georgia. She will have to make sure she secures it good outside so when the high winds doesn’t blow it away again. And my son doesn’t have to run all over their 2 acres to find it


The deco mesh is wrapped around a floral wire form, after you wrap orange ribbon around the wire form to hide the wires. I hate working with glue guns but the ribbon and leaves make this wreath just perfect for fall. I’ll have to check the name of the book I got this idea from. I so have to stop creating things at midnight when I have me second wind.




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