I’m Back!

I’ve been away for quite some time and I’m back. Where have I been, no where special just getting myself reorganized. Ha reorganized you should see my sewing/craft room, its a MESS! But sometimes it just gets that way, right. At least I know where to find things!

In the years I’ve been gone, I’ve tried over and over again to try and get back into the sewing/crafting arena, however things just held me back. I’ll admit I was going through some depression as well as dealing with family matters. But I’ve pulled myself through and finally decided I want to do what I’ve always wanted to do. Create my embroidery items and sewing projects to sell. But before I continue to tell you what I’ve been creating,  a few announcements that have happened throughout the years.

I gained another husky german shepard, CJ. He is adorable and lovable. He gets along with my older husky shepard mix, Maggie. Maggie is still with us being at least 15 years old. She has her good days and bad days. I feel soon I will have to put her to rest, but until that time comes, we all enjoy her and cuddle her as much as we can. That is as long as CJ doesn’t hog all the attention.

My daughter, Michelle, received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Chicago. She produced some great pieces of pottery. In this world however, it is hard to continue a skill when you are limited with money and supplies. I would love to see her set aside time to get a wheel and kiln in order to produce some more pieces. But for now she spends most of her time working to pay those student loans.

My son got married, YAY! We have a fantastic daughter in law. I love her and she loves us. We accepted her into our family October 4, 2014. It was a great blessing. Now we are awaiting that first grandchild. They finally found a house of their dreams, however its not as close to mom and dad as they wished, but the most important thing is they got what they wished for.

My husband has been going through some health issues and hopefully as of last December, 2015, he will be all done with any surgery in the future. I just have to get him to realize he is good as gold.

OMG, I got a part time job , rolls eyes. I have tried and tried for years to get a job just to get out of the house and being relied upon to keep the place going. I got tired of hearing from my daughter you need to get out and hubby saying pretty much the same. I felt I did my time working for over 30 years and it was my time just to relax. But I landed a job at Hobby Lobby back in 2014. It gets me out and gives me some play money. And well now with my new venture, it helps out on my spending. Do I plan to work there forever, NOT!

Now I can move on and get the ball rolling. BTW my ETSY Clickety Clak site has been closed. I felt that since the economy went bad and I wasn’t creating I stopped posting. But stay tuned, I might create a website instead. Keep your ears and eyes opened.


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