Cave gets new fabric panels

Well it was time to make new covers for the cave as the weather wore away the old ones. With the winds here in Chicago two years did them in, as well as the snow storm we had last year. I used duck cloth to construction these panels. Windows have plastic screening and can be rolled up on cold days when the heater is being used and air flow allows the smell out from the tank.

I decided to make changes from my first ones I made and the thinking process still works. With the changes on these fabric covers on this structure I made it easier to sew up and install.

The last one that I made I had constructed the panels to be held by using straps to hold against the steel rod frames using heavy duty snaps. However with the Chicago winds, the snaps would either open or break loose from the fabric. So instead I used heavy duty adhesive velcro. I applied the velcro to the steel rods and used wire ties to secure the velcro as we all know adhesive tends to wear down with time. I then made my fabric panels in three parts. Yes I reused part of the old cover for this one so I did not have to reconstruct and make new straps for the top attachment to the rods. You can see the different color straps, blue, against the green fabric. With the economy the way it is, I was better off saving money.

In the above photo you can see what the cover looks like closed. And yes it has windows in the front, with a zipper down the middle. The type of zipper I used was a sleeping bag zipper. It was long enough.

In this photo you can see how you can easily roll up the side while working in the structure. On the top I again used the heavy duty adhesive velcro, however I did use industrial glue spray to keep the velcro on both the top and side fabric so that with time it would still hold up. I found that even though it has adhesive on the velcro it would detach from the fabric, thus the spray. 3M has a great adhesive, however costly <thank you Bob for the glue, winks>. On this panel I did sew several straps for added precaution of the winds, however it was not needed when I constructed the second panel, but the straps are nice when you roll up the individual panels.

This is the final photo showing both panels rolled up and opened. Nice easy access to the structure. See the jeep, that is what the guys were building for the last two years. Nice huh. Not bad for a project and when you don’t have a garage to build, next best thing is the “cave”.

Hope you like, now if only we can get the insurance company to get the car insured for its worth, we would be happy. We are still awaiting word, they are currently using the Blue Book Value of the 86 CJ. Uhm so the pictures we gave you.. you can’t tell that its customized, classic and wasn’t bought off a used car lot? Scratches head, something wrong with the picture? Uhm well we can take our business to a company that deals with classic custom cars. And we aren’t your average Joe that buys a custom classic car for big bucks to drive around in saying yeah nice huh and just think I just put money down to look good. Not us we are not that average Joe, we actually bought, built and can go driving around turning heads and say “We built it all from used and new parts”. It was a great learning process and one day our son will teach his son, well his girlfriend wants to build one now…. no son yet.


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