JoAnn Fabrics – Be warned

Go to to read reviews on other JoAnn experiences or to post your complaint or approval. I am contacting my customer for window treatments to see if she might consider a different fabric.

I haven’t blogged in a long time, but need to get the word out. I not only go to JoAnns for my items, but my daughter is there almost weekly purchasing items for her art projects. I’ve since started taking her to Hobby Lobby as their costs are lower and fits her pocketbook (omg am I old or what) however I usually end up paying cause her college fees are very high and heck what are mothers, parents for? Continue reading…..

Order two special orders for a job that I was hired to do to make window treatments. Purchases were made at Joanns in Darien Illinois, the closest store for me. And I frequent this store a lot and well am considering to drive the extra mileage to the one in Lombard.

First special order – was told 2 rolls needed to be ordered, 8 yards on each roll, to complete my allotment of 11 yards of fabric for windows, unless I wanted to go to Orland Square or Countryside, nope I don’t want to drive! Told me fabric was in warehouse would be in about a week. Fine no problem and I was able to use the 50% off coupon. This order was around 420 bucks regular price, fabric was around 35 bucks a yard, with coupon saved 192 bucks. My customer was satisfied with the great savings!

Second order – new flyer, 50% off all home decor fabric PLUS a coupon for 25% entire order even sale items. Ordered 13 yards, 2 rolls needed. As I worked with the gal she said are you sure? She was trying to have me buy what they had in stock and I don’t think they had 13 yards and she scanned the bar code and only 10 yards. I mean I was just there a week ago. Placed my order, regular price was around 520 bucks, fabric was 40 bucks a yard. My total sale again with the additional 25% off was around 220. My customer was satisfied with the savings I made on this order as well. When I went to pay for my items, fabric, additional supplies and my own purchases, the manager asked me which order did I want to use the 25% coupon for. I told him that the 25% coupon was good for any and all purchases during a 3 day time frame, that I would be using it on all transactions (had to have 3 done – special orders rung up separately). I even read the fine print making sure special orders where allowed. Now him being the manager **HE** should know the sales flyer and coupons – right?!?

First special order came in the day after I placed my second order, went in the following Monday. Was hoping that they could cut the fabric in 2.5 yard panels as I don’t have a proper table to measure and cut fabric. The gal checked with the manager and he said “Corporate Policy” can only make one cut, in this case two rolls, two cuts. Okay fine so I end up cutting on the floor. When I was having the fabric measured, I indicated **several** times that the panels had to be 2.5 yards. When the girl and I were working on the measuring she indicated that the first roll had just under 10 yards however she said it could be 10 yards depending on the area in question. I told her no we will cut part of the order from one roll and the rest from the 2nd roll. Well I ended up having the fabric cut incorrectly because the gal was #1 not listening to my detail of what the length was needed for each panel and i repeated myself several times, #2 she seemed nervous as she had a twitch when working which in return made me nervous and #3 when she measured the fabric on the machine, she did not have it in straight and I was nervous that the fabric would be cut crooked. Oh and it ended up that after she cut the 8 yards I asked her how much was on the remaining roll because I would be interested in purchase to make another item, ends up there was 1 yard 32 inches – just think she continued to say 10 yards, I would have been shorted! Instead of having 7.5 yards on one roll and 3.5 on the other it was cut 8 and 3. I had ordered extra fabric because i had to order to the nearest yard and at the time of ordering i thought i needed 10 yards 8 inches but in fact i could get by with 10. Well I ended up taking the fault as I left the store and got to my car when I realize the error. I said chalk it up.

Just received a call from them today on my special order for 13 yards. They indicated that the fabric is on back order til after Thanksgiving. That is fine with me **HOWEVER** the flagship sunset fabric has a distinct pattern in it. I need exactly 5 panels for two windows. The bigger window will need three panels – one panel will have to be matched up to the other two which can be done, **HOWEVER** JoAnns needs to know that their “”CORPORATE POLICY”” will have to go to the wastebasket in order to provide proper customer service in me making these window treatments. I indicated to the gal who called me that I will have to match up 3 panels in order for the item to look professional, my mom, a seamstress taught me well – she said she understood my concern. I asked her to put on my order “customer needs to be there when fabric is cut as there is a distinct pattern and has to match”. She did not indicate that she would put it on the order just that she would talk to “RALPH”, manager (by the way who interviewed me for a job **TWICE** and I was not hired probably due to my availability when I spoke to the other manager and she said they needed people working the afternoon and I put on my app that I could work afternoon til evening). I indicated to the caller, I would contact the Corporate Headquarters regarding this issue of cutting fabric and indicated if there was an issue I would probably purchase additional fabric to make pillows.

I know this is lengthly but since I’ve been “HIRED” to make these window treatments, I want them to be just right to **MY** Customer’s Satisfaction NOT JoAnn’s. And to think the manager who interviewed me, afterwards checked me out twice after the interview DID NOT recognize me as a potential employee until the 3rd time he checked me out and yesterday stated gee you are here a lot. I responded to him yeah just think you could see me everyday if you hired me. And the kicker on the second interview (I applied twice in a one year time frame) a CUSTOMER came to me asking if I ever made fabric purses and what type of interfacing did I use. As I do make fabric purses, we went to the interfacing and we discussed the different types and I told her she would probably have to use the heavy weight for the product she was making. Do you think, do you think that the manager would put this in perspectives during the interview process as he saw me working with her? NO! And I even indicated to the manager I am always thinking outside the box when I am making items for home. I indicated to the manager that I made something special for my husband to protect his car he built and I had to **create** my own pattern for the project! Geez I would love to apply at a different JoAnn’s and throw it in his face. All the employees at this JoAnns seem to be helpful to a point but it appears that the employees seem “scared” or uncertain, is it the manager causing this uneasiness towards his employees? Maybe a good thing that I am not working there.


3 responses to “JoAnn Fabrics – Be warned

  1. I have worked in a JoAnn’s. SO much depends on a store manager. I actually worked for a store manager who did NOT sew, did not know HOW TO SEW..and hired all her relatives WHO DID NOT sew! Tell me how you can offer customer service and answer questions if you don’t know diddly about fabrics, and notions?
    I don’t usually comment against JoAnn’s because I did enjoy working there. The way that hours are scheduled are based on sales performance from the previous year and managers are alloted so many hours based on this projection. I never got more than 30 hours in a week, even though I wanted full time. The second manager I worked for was wonderful. The best way to get your fabric cut the way you want is to ask the manager to cut it, and watch them like a hawk while they do. Measure twice and place a pin your self. Also as you may already know, JoAnn’s fabrics are notorious for being “off” grain or twisted. I go to the library in my town, and use the really large research tables to cut large amounts and baste quilts. If you have a university or community center in your town, that is where I would go to cut fabric my self. Sadly JoAnn’s doesn’t pay top wage and they do get a lot of people who don’t know what they are doing working in their stores. Good luck!


  2. This is going to be a long one also, the problems with the store prompt lengthly explainations because their way of business is so convoluted. The last three times I have been to JoAnn’s, most recent today, have been a disaster. I have decided to start doing my primary fabric and craft shopping at Hobby Lobby and Michale’s. Everytime I have been in Joann’s, and I mean “everytime” in the last two months the wait time for cutting has been in excess of 30 minutes, then another 15-30 minutes to check out. These are on ordinary days, nothing special in sales. This is due to a very obvious lack of help. Their ads and signage have been misleading, deceptive, ambigious,or downright illegal. Today I had to show the clerk the signs for my items, he actually left the register requesting I walk him over to the sign and show him the sale prices. Even then, he argued with me about one that was ambigious,(a sale sign of 50% off jewelry findings that was inclusive of two panels of merchandise with the middle section including beading wire not considered a sale item, hmmm! Of course the clerk sided with the store after he checked, at my request, with his manager. When I was in last week sale signage of 50% off was displayed and when I asked an employee walking by, prior to my checkout, about the beading, she told me I couldn’t have it on sale because “they” had neglected to take the sign down from the prior day expiration. This was late in the day and no one had noticed? She immediately pulled the sign and walked off! Today, while I was waiting to have my fabric cut, I noticed a brown box on the floor in the isle. In this box was a couple of lace scraps and a couple of cording scraps, neither no longer than 5 inches. I thought they were going to be thrown out so I asked the cutting clerk If I could have them, she him-hawed around then said she had to call the “manager”. The manager said she would have to look up the skew number of similar items then factor the price per yard then she could give me 75% off. All this time lots of people were backed up who had been waiting a very long time, like me, to have their cut done due to only two clerks working at the table. Once the manager came she became the third. I offered 50 cents for the scraps but she said they had to be done as explained. Guess that was that! I opted to leave the scraps. After the cut fiasco I got the clerk who I had to prove the sale prices to. I Think JoAnn’s is a prime example of corporate greed and oppresive management which has lost touch with customer satisfaction and friendly and helpful staff. This has been confirmed from the other blogs I am seeing. I pity the poor employee, they all seem to be very intimidated and actually apologize for store policy quietly of course, out of earshot of management. JoAnn’s has quality products and a very good array of items but they are not the “only show in town”, and I believe they have become their own worst enemy. I do not enjoy spending two hours of my time, more on sale days, in a store that has a shortage of help, non-knowledgable staff, deceptive ads and deliberate ambigious signage, only to get to the register and find my items are priced more than I expect from an argumentative clerk. I am not alone, people talk when they have time to chat while waiting so long. More than one is going to Hobby Lobby first, including me. I told that to the manager today and from her attitude and non reactive stare indicated she could care less. “Stick me with a fork”, I am done with this nonsense.


  3. anonymous one

    The people who work at joanns are not interior designers, they are not seamstresses, nor are they mathemeticians. DO NOT ask a joann employee how much fabric YOU need. Take measurements and do the math your SELF. Do you really think a minimum wage, over worked employee knows how to do complicated math to figure out how much fabric you need for your stupid project? NO!!! Do your own RESEARCH and figure it out for yourself. Oh and when the pattern is REALLY big, YES you need to make up for the large pattern and buy EXTRA. Even professional interior designers who make six figures know that they need to buy EXTRA fabric, tiles, WHATEVER it is that they are making. Joann customers are the biggest idiots in the world.


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