How to keep mice and other small rodents away

Okay okay okay. This is more a guy thing but you never know us ladies might be interested in this. And you never know a guy might need an answer and us women can have the upper hand and get brownie points knowing this.

So like we have the cave. We have a forest next door. We have lots of mice and chipmunks, skunks, oppossum, raccoons and more. And yes we do have squirrels and we have our dog Maggie. And Maggie loves to kill them all, well she knows to refrain from skunks.

So how do you keep these varments from invading your cave and not chew up wires on newly built cars? Or you have a boat that you store on your property, or do you have a RV that sits dormant?

Irish Spring and Moth Balls is your next best answer to keep them at bay. Well you don’t want to have Irish Spring Soap around cause like in our case, Maggie doesn’t have a potty mouth and well the taste ain’t to great. It kills the palette.

What I’ve been doing the last two years is buying moth balls and flakes. Last year i went to the Dollar Tree and bought some small boxes for showers. Punched holes in the boxes and dropped moth balls in them. Closed them up and put around the cave. This year since the boxes decay, I took Crystal Lite plastic containers punched holes in the upper part of the container and then dropped moth balls in them and put the top on. The plastic holds the smell and doesn’t decay.

Now for the car, what i did was I took fabric, can’t think of the name but used for tutus… yeah i could look it up but heck, I’m blogging I don’t have time to do a google search and by the time i am ready to post this I might have thought of the name. I took and cut a square of the fabric and put either moth balls or flakes in it. Then I bunched up the fabric and tied with thin fishing line. Left enough line to make a loop so that they could hang in the engine compartment and also the cab of the car. After time the flakes dissolve, however is very effective.

Last word, put on a gas mask if you have lots in the small enclosed area. OMG, talk about smell, waves hand and holds nose. Whew what a smell. I mean we could be more than six feet away from that cave and you can smell the moth balls. Let alone you get to the area and open it up, holds on to something before she falls!

When you make these, shall i call them smoke bombs, make sure you wear some disposable gloves, cause your hands will smell for a long time!

So ladies, now you have the upper hand on how to keep those lil critters away from your guys boats, rv’s, classic cars, etc. And just think, they didn’t just have you around for looks!

Just to let you know, Maggie was good and didn’t touch, as we did have a dog that ate them but no harm to them, but still a precaution, keep the boxes hidden so your pet doesn’t get to them. Now I don’t know if they are keeping our visitor the cat from jumping into the jeep and chillin, but we did find lil foot prints on the console and hubby wasn’t too happy.


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