Happy Birthday Bob!

Yup its Robert’s Birthday today and I hope you had a GREAT DAY!!! I’ll see you this week-end….

Yup 28 years ago I had my lil Bobby. What a joy he was. I remember the day like it was yesterday…..

My sister-in-law, Sandy and I went to the North Riverside Mall just to do some looking around and maybe last minute shopping. Yeah the 16th was the lil tikes due date, however Sandy and I were at the mall on the 15th checking out the sales and the crafts.

There was one vendor selling leather products and I was really interested in purchasing a belt. The man selling the wears had asked when I was due and I said actually tomorrow. He said your kidding and I said no. As the three of us talked I could feel Robert moving around, now I didn’t know that I was going to have a boy, but the name was already decided. The guy asked if it would be alright if he felt the baby as him and his wife had tried and tried but was never successful. Sandy and I didn’t feel that there would be any harm, as in those days people where uhm normal and you didn’t have to worry. So he felt my tummy and said it was neat. I indicated to him that I especially liked when the baby kicked or you could feel the foot. He said you could actually feel the foot and I said yeah, matter of fact right here is the foot. He put his hand on my side and he felt the foot, he said “wow”. Sandy and I talked a little bit more to the guy, I purchase a belt buckle for my hubby and we continued our walking.

When we got home hubby, Sandy and I were hungry. We decided to order a pizza. Well I really didn’t want to eat pizza as I just had a icky feeling in the pit of my stomach. We went ahead and ordered and then ate. I only ate a couple of pieces and it was stated, the is not normal. Sandy stuck around for a while longer and then off she was to go home down the street. My hubby went to bed and I stayed up for a lil bit longer as I just wasn’t ready for bed and again I just had that weird feeling.

About a couple hours later I was having some pains, but I really didn’t know if they were actually labor pains. It was bad enough that I had two kidney infections and false labor pains in the past I just didn’t know what was going on. I was watching the clock to see how far apart the pains were just to see if they were constant. Hubby was still sleeping and I decided to call the hospital. They indicated that I should come in when the pains were so many minutes apart. Well mine were closer than what the hospital had indicated.

So I went and woke up my hubby. He jumped out of bed and I said take it slow we don’t have to far to go. So as we drove we talked and every once in awhile I would get one of those stabbing pains. Hubby would say you okay, I’d say yeah as I would hold my belly. He drove a lil faster as he wanted to get me to the hospital quick. As he drove he was approaching a railroad track. As he took the track really fast all of a sudden a sharp pain! OMG!!! Hubby said what, I said major pain. He said you gonna be okay, I started laughing and said yeah, just be careful on railroad tracks, please.

Well he got me to the hospital and the pains were like every 8 minutes. They checked me out and said I wasn’t ready. Not ready, please. They said it could go into the morning. WHAT!!! MORNING!!! I am not going to deal with this for a possible 8 hours or longer. So hubby looked and me and I looked at him. I said go home, you have to work in the morning, I’ll call you when the time comes. He said okay, gave me a kiss and left.

It was like as soon as he left I was being wheeled into the hospital room. Yeah it was time about 1/2 hour from since I got there. They didn’t even have time to get my doctor there. Bing Bang Boom, that was fast. Then I hear the baby cry. Then they announced you have a baby boy. I was so happy, I wanted a boy so badly and so did hubby. I was very excited and couldn’t go to sleep. I stayed awake til 6 in the morning so I could start calling everyone! As soon as 6 came I was calling daddy then grandma.

This was the easiest delivery I ever had, not that my daughter’s wasn’t bad, I am just so happy that I didn’t have to go through a long labor! What a cutie he was, this headful of blonde hair, long eyelashes, pretty blue eyes, the lil fingers and toes, such a bundle of joy. To this day he is still that bundle of joy, all 6’3″ of him!

Love Ya Robert…..

Hugs and Kisses

Mom, Dad, Shell and of course Maggie!


One response to “Happy Birthday Bob!

  1. Ohhhhh, what a great great story. Happy Birthday Bobby.


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