Ice Luminaries for the season

Last year in one of the woman’s magazines that I read I saw a project for the holiday season, ice luminaries. There are so many ways that you can create these lovely lanterns. This past week-end I went ahead and started making a few just for fun. Of course when the freezer was opened the remarks were, what are you doing now! Then my spouse saw a program on Sunday on making them.

The supplies are very simple and if you have temperatures way below 30 degrees you can actually freeze these luminaries outside instead of using the freezer. You can use all types of plastic containers to make your luminaries. If I drank pop from 2 liter containers I would have started saving them up so that I could line my sidewalk, however I am not a pop drinker. Instead I used my food containers for these luminaries and luck would have it, our snow has melted so you do get the full effect of the outcome. Geez do I see a trend of my luck lately with weather??

Here are my basic supplies. Two tall containers, both a square and round one. Then some simple items that were frozen into the ice, tinsel, Christmas ornaments and plastic garland (not shown). The pebbles were used to put in smaller containers (and the crystal light could be used as well to give a deeper depth inside the container to place your candle).  When using items to be frozen into the water, you need to do it in layers so that the items don’t float on top of the water.

Not only could you use everyday plastic containers, but you can use like i stated above 2 liter containers, milk jugs, smooth cans, plastic ice cream containers, the list is endless. And you don’t necessarily need to put decorations into your containers, you can just leave them as a block of ice with a candle in the center.

Basically you put a smaller container inside the bigger container after filling it with water. To keep the smaller container from floating around, place some rocks, pebbles, whatever you have available. This will keep the container to set in place during the freezing process. Once the freezing process is done either through the freezer or outside all you need to do is pop the ice from the containers, outside and inside.

Now like I indicated the rain and warm weather has dampened my opportunity to show what they look like outside in the snow, pout. So instead I merely put them on a plate and took pictures. I can even see this being used as a center piece on the table,]. You can use different size containers grouped together in a round shallow glass pan that has garland wrapped around the luminaries with some decorative Christmas items, like holly or ornaments. You can even use those scented pine cones, thus you are also giving off a nice scent. You will have to make sure that you use some protective item under the glass pan, so that it doesn’t freeze to the table and ruining the furniture, a simple round cork placemat, pot holder or even a folded washcloth.

Not only can you use these as a center piece, to line your sidewalk, driveway, but you can put on your porch, using different sizes, heights placed on a table at the door with your other decorative items. You can even place on on each step up to the house. You don’t have to have clear ice either, put some food coloring into the water to get a nice soft glow effect. What about freezing chunks of ice then breaking the chunks into smaller pieces then placing into another container and then adding cold water to get another effect of your luminary.

Here are the results of my luminaries. If we get some snow, I will be making more to line on our stairs and I will use more than just what I had on hand, milk jugs anyone!


One response to “Ice Luminaries for the season

  1. Looks really nice. I am going to try this and put them on my front porch stairs. Thanks for posting pictures and for the ideas on different containers to use.


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