Showing off my daughter

I snuck into my daughter’s portfolio from college the other night. I was really upset cause there wasn’t much there for me to sneek a peek at. She did have one drawing that I really do like in there and I had to show her brother.

In the beginning of the school year they had to do a drawing in the classroom and she did the window. Like she indicated to me and I informed her brother, the leaves in the drawing are actually growing inside the classroom. I’ve been really surprised at her work, she really has an eye and gets the detail.

The one thing she hasn’t or has problems with, hands, feet and faces. Since she needs to work on those areas, in her life drawing class it was mentioned for her to do a drawing with hands. Thus she did. How did she do, well she tried her best.

Andy Warhol is her favorite artist and there is a exhibition in Milwaukee, Wi that runs until January 3, 2010, The Last Decade. I mentioned to her that we could take a trip up there in a couple of weeks when she is not working. We had spent a day at the Chicago Art Institute a couple of months ago and it was amazing listening to her talk about depth, proportion and other areas pertaining to art. She really has an eye to see these things without realizing it yourself.

She had to write an essay which dealt with the Renaissance Era, her most favorite era. She wrote about Botticelli. She had to compared his work of art, Primavera, to another painter’s work. I was surprised how she was really into the Renaissance Era, talking about the angels and how certain artists drew halos incorrectly, artists did not show the proper proportion in facial features, i.e. a mother and child both the heads were the same size or facial features were almost identical. She even pointed out the issues of them not being able to draw hands, fingers were not properly done.

Every week she would have to provide a drawing to her life drawing class. One of her drawings was when we stayed at a hotel when we went to the Art Institute. One of her classmates indicated that it almost looked like it was drawn from a photo, the teacher agreed. When another student showed her work, she made the remark, oh I thought we were suppose to draw from a photo. The teacher said it appeared that it looked like a life drawing, oh yeah I heard that boiling point, giggles. She did a drawing at Panera’s, a eatery, and the depth and dimension was great.

In one of her classes she would partner up with other students and each one would draw certain aspects of the drawing. I had run into one of these drawings in her portfolio. I had asked her about the drawing and she said to me what are you talking about. She had all her drawings on her puter and I pointed it out. She told me her and another girl had done that work. I was amazed at how well both of them did. She called me a stinker and forgot she had it in the house.

There is another drawing that she had to do from a photo and I am wanting to get my hands on it. It is a girl in a Chicago Bear’s jersey. I love the drawing, she did a great job (as soon as I can get my hands on it, it’ll be on here). She likes it too. That particular drawing was in the college’s art show.

In the beginning of the year she would tell me about the naked models that they had to do. She was funny talking about them, lol. I remember when my sister, Susan was taking art classes at the Art Institute and she would mention to our mom about the nude models. My daughter would mostly say, gawd you should of seen the model we had today, talk about gross, laughter, but then came the day with the cute guy, hahaha.

Next semester she is going to take some more pottery courses. I’ll take some pictures of some of her pottery work from high school and college. One of her pieces from high school went all the way to New York for a possible scholarship. She wants to continue her art overseas, its’ll cost a lot less, but she still needs to check into it.


3 responses to “Showing off my daughter

  1. She’s very good! Is she going to pursue a teaching degree in art?


  2. no a starving artist, in other words, living off mom LOL


  3. bring on the nude models!


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