Windy City, Chicago

Yeah the worse thing about Chicago, Illinois, wind. Yeah I know they call it the windy city, but I wasn’t too happy this morning waking up to, MY CAVE, look at it.

Slowly gets out of bed eyes half closed, raises blinds and looks. Geez what do you want me to do! Yeah the wind took to both sides of the covers I made and wrote about yesterday. Honey how ya gonna fix that, I have all my power electrical boxes and I can’t get them wet. Geez hun you didn’t have a concern last year, oh yeah, I forgot you didn’t have a jeep in there either.

Dragging self out of bed, putting on clothes, goes outside with duck tape and gloves. Snaps the cover all back with the exception of the one with the snaps all busted and the duck cloth cover. Rips a piece of duck tape and attempts to put on fabric and metal. Uhm didn’t work, (*%#$(*&$%#, why did I do this, all it has been is trouble!

Grabs shovel and starts clearing the driveway, figure I would do something more productive cause nobody else would. Oh yeah I never told you 2 years ago I bought a snowblower for my spouse so I wouldn’t have to shovel, day after Christmas it was returned. Now you know why its called the “cave”, he lives in the cave ages! And just think when I went to get that snowblower I was rear ended (no damage let the lady go). The trouble we go through – – – MEN!

So the driveway is cleared and I carefully take down the one side. The fabric is full of snow and frozen solid from the rain and freezing temps! Drag into the house and cut the straps. Takes all the straps upstairs and starts sewing elastic to the straps, makes 4 1/2 inches allowance. Realizes she has cut each strap in different places, geez which strap belongs to what on that dang thing!!!

Has two straps that she will be able to determine the proper length and then takes the straps and puts them back on the cover.

Grabs the cover and takes it back outside and snaps it back into place being careful in the snow with the ladder. Sure enough the wind was whipping up. Picks up the shovel and starts shoveling again, here’s the snowplow and decides to just push it all in the street, why lift!

Walks back in the house and says tomorrow the other one!

Just went out there, cold as heck, 30 mph winds and both are still snapped (the one side I left the zipper open at the bottom), btw the picture, thats from yesterday of the marsh we live next to. Kept walking into the house, I’m not shoveling!


2 responses to “Windy City, Chicago

  1. I can’t believe you did all that work to make those covers – but they look so professional, Donna! Stay inside and stay warm. I wouldn’t go out there again, lol!


  2. Thanks Allie, you wouldn’t believe how I made sure that they looked good. Shellie said I could make a mint if I sold em! Once the spring weather comes in, I will fix the straps on both of em, that is if I keep the blue one. I could of put the other zipper on the white one, but man the time to just add elastic – and like I said the dang thing was already half frozen and I didn’t want it on the wood floor!


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