Small Spool Wood Storage Cabinet from MetroEmbroidery

Figured I would stop by Metro Embroidery Threads to see if they have a sale going on. Much to my surprise they have this “awesome” wood storage cabinet for their small spools of embroidery thread.

The neat thing about this cabinet is that it keeps the embroidery thread clean and dry , as well as the other elements that can weaken embroidery threads, sun and heat. This item is on sale for 69.00 until supplies last, if you order the finished wood, cost is 10.00 more. 6 drawers, you can easily color coordinate your threads and everything will be organized at the tip of your fingers!

What makes this cabinet so awesome is the size, 12 1/2 width, depth and the height is 14 inches. You have an option of either having it unfinished, thus you can paint it to match or decor OR you can order it for an extra charge for the natural wood finish. The cabinet only weighs 23 pounds, yes that is without the thread. You can even order the cabinet with thread!

This cabinet holds 125 small spool threads, thats 25 spools in each drawer! Now how many of us have that amount of thread? I know I have more than that! The cabinet was specially designed to hold only Metro Embroidery thread, so if you have ordered previously from then, this is the item that should be on your Christmas list, heck Christmas, any occasion! However, each compartment size for each spool of thread is, 2W x 2D x 2 1/2 H, so you just might be able to use this item for other embroidery spools. So before you order make sure your non Metro Embroider Threads will fit in each cubby.

This item usually retails at 129.00! You can’t go wrong with the sale price of 69.00 (natural color wood add 10.00). I wish they had something like this for the big spools. I like the snug compartments, you can see each color clearly. You can either put a piece of paper on the bottom of the drawer with the color number or on the back of each compartment so that if you have spools all over, you will know where to put the ones you’ve used. This cabinet is handmade in the USA.

I see that Metro Embroidery now has two types of stabilizer as well. Tearaway and cutaway (soft) in 6 x 6 sheets. They are in the process of obtaining and selling 8 x 8 sheets. Check out the prices on their site.   Currently they are on sale, half off, can’t go wrong there. Now you just need to get it on your list to Santa.

Metro threads are currently priced at 2.25 for the big spools and .75 for the mini spools. Check out the package deals they have. And check out the varigated threads that are .99 each spool. They also have bobbin thread.

Before you put in your order make sure you check out their coupon area. You can get a 10% savings on an order 99.00 or more, HOWEVER, make sure you see the small print on the two items that it does not apply too!

Oh and by the way, if you click on the BLOG on their main page, yup you got it you come directly to “Clicketyclak”, so check them out and check me out as well. Add your name to being a FAN in the upper right hand corner.


8 responses to “Small Spool Wood Storage Cabinet from MetroEmbroidery

  1. Karen Bullock

    I want 2 of these cabinets (finished). Are they still available? I bought 166 spools of the Metro thread and they are getting so dirty in the plastic containers I have them in. I saw these and love, love, love them. Please get in touch with me.


  2. Moderia Horn

    I would like one of the embroidery thread cabinets but I don’t see it on the website. How can I get it.



  3. Gwen G. Dalere

    Can you tell me if the Isacord embroderythread fits in this case. If so I would like to order 2 for 69.00 each. Please let me know


  4. She doesn’t sell the cabinets, the website does. This article was written in 2009, so understandably the price has gone up.


  5. Chris Grice

    Do you still sell the thread cabinets? I have two already and need two more in the natural stain.


  6. Chris Grice

    do you have a #


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