Getting Organized – Ardmore with slide out table

We all get involved with projects and our rooms become a mess and months down the line we need to clean the clutter. Today I decided to clean up some of the clutter around my work area.

DSCF3478This is my work area. This cabinet admore was purchased a couple of years ago when it was on sale at a very reasonable price. The item is pre-fab and you have to put it all together. If I didn’t run into issues, I could have had it built within 4 hours. Should have built it in the sewing room/hall way instead of the living room. Once I had it built and put in the room, started filling it up with all my sewing machines and supplies. Everything I had in my 6 foot bookcase fit in this small area.

DSCF3474One feature of the admore is a slide shelf below the table unit. I use it to put my hemmer and surger on. Under that shelf is another one to put items. Most of the items that I don’t use regularly are on that bottom shelf. Accessing those two shelves are easy when the table is pulled out all the way.

DSCF3476One neat feature of the work area is a electric power strip that is easily attached to the pull out table. Here you can plug in your sewing machine, light, iron or any other item when working on your projects. There are four cubbies on the top of the admore for storage. You get additional shelves to make more shelf areas, but I left them with just the four cubicles. The unit closes up easily, by pushing the roll table leg back, folding the table top down and then putting the work surface into the cabinet.

You will notice that on the work surface there is a green mat, this was glued to the surface keeping it there permanently. The light fixture easily and quickly can be detached and folded to lie down when the table is closed up. 

DSCF3469These acrylic magazine/book holders were a great find for my sewing room. When my daughter worked at Target, I would frequent the store for their clearance items. These holders were reduced down to anywhere from $3 to $9, depending on the Target chain I went to. I found them at two different stores thus the difference in price. The regular price on the items were around $12.99. I wish I would have been able to acquire more of them to go all the way across the ardmore.

DSCF3460These particular plastic containers where purchased at a dollar store. Going through DSCF3461these shops you will always find a great deal. I only bought two of them, but they serve their purpose of keeping all my buttons organized and easily to see.

DSCF3458We all collect beaded trim almost every time we enter a fabric store. Finding great buys. But how do you store all of them? Going to my local Wal-Mart I was able to purchase this organizer in the hardware section and got a free plastic container included in the purchase. My trims fit each compartment, easily viewed, free of dust and organized, my daughter would probably put them in color coordination (she did the colorful buttons). In the past what I used to store my trims in, DSCF3455Crystal Light containers. I would slit the top of the container and thread the trim, enough to see what was in it. Then I would lay them down, containers upon containers, viewing would be easier to find what one I needed. Since my stash of trim became so large, I went to the slide drawer organizer instead.

DSCF3466What do you do if you acquire cigar boxes? Reuse them silly. I have so many pre-wound bobbins that I took one of the many cigar boxes that my husband brought home and put all my bobbins in them. This way I see how many I have and know when to purchase more. I am not sure how many boxes are in this particular one, but it sits right next to my embroidery machine. I use cigar boxes for a lot of different items and I usually remember what is in them. Now where do you get them. I have purchased from flea markets and you probably can ask places that sells cigars if they would sell you the boxes. I always have my eye open for them.

Finally I have a reuse on bottles. These particular bottles I put all the buttons my mom removed from shirts andDSCF3467 collected through the years. Didn’t want to sort the colors out any more than they already are, but the buttons were small enough to put through the opening. I like the shape of the bottles and I can stack them next to each other or lying down. They add a punch of art to my room. If you like these bottles you can find them in the liquor department. The flavoring, I use in my lemonade as I am not a drinker. 

If you have any organization tricks you would like to share, please post a comment below. I know there are many out there for all of us.


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