Trip to Two Rivers, Wisconsin- Art Galleries and Studios Galorie

A few week-ends ago I took a trip to visit my sister Susan up in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. I was looking forward to seeing her and her family, Phil and Alex.

The drive up there was very nice as the weather was wonderful. Of course because I washed my car the day before I left, what usually happens when you do that – RAIN!!!! The whole week-end it was cold and rainy, but it didn’t dampen my visit. I enjoyed myself, the company and of course the two dogs, Archie and Sausage! I think I spoiled Archie….. I’m a true animal lover.

DSCF3319Susan and Phil had a new house built and I must say it is very nice, roomy and comfy! They live right on Lake Michigan. Could not wade in the lake as the water would have been cold. No matter what, I got some real nice pictures of the lake and their property. I really enjoyed the quietness from the hustle and bustle from my home town in Downers Grove, Illinois.

I especially liked what Susan had in store for us on Saturday. We went to several galleries and studios in Door County. Susan is an artist and has been doing artwork on her iPod Touch lately. She was featured on ABC News, click on the link for the webcast.

DSCF3441We first started off by visiting the “Flying Pig“. Susan Connor and Robyn Mulhaney are co-owners of this unique and different gallery. Their gallery consists of all forms of art work. My purchase consisted of a piece of jewelry and raku pottery. My sister bought another piece of raku for my up-coming birthday. I am very fond of raku pottery and have actually taken part of this technique when my daughter attended high school. I was allowed to do a few pieces in the past, will post my work later on. It is amazing to attend and watch the firings of pottery. The raku  pieces that I picked were from Nancy Briggs work. The purchased ring was created by Michael Thee. His pendants are out of this world. Will have to think about one of his pieces. Walking throughout my sister’s house I could see a lot of pieces of artwork that she has purchased from the Flying Pig.

One of the next places we visited was the Edgewood Orchard Galleries. If I am correct, this gallery had the most awesome glass work. Susan showed me a bowl that was out of this world. Unfortunately I do not see it on their web-site unless I did not go far enough. Then there were some other glass items that I was in awe.

We then continued our travels, had lunch at a real good pizza place.

Susan stopped at a gallery that she had never visited before. It was the Potters Wheel. It is owned by a couple who is celebrating their 54th year in Door County. Ginka Cohn is a spunky over 80 gal. Sweet and funny as heck with the biggest smile on her face. She runs the shop and her husband Abe does pottery work. Read about him on the link and they were featured in the Door Peninsula Arts Guide for 2009.

Our last stop that Susan wanted me to see was a fiber artisan that is showing her work at Fine Line Designs. Martha Fieber does hand embroidery pictures. No not pictures but landscapes. Unbelievable work and the time put into each piece. From viewing her work personally, you can see the layers of stitches in each piece. How she creates the shading and depth is breath taking. Last week-end she did a demonstration of her work. Wish I was there, as I have done hand embroidery and know the time it takes to do a simple design, but hers is out of the ordinary. Hey Susan, thanks for taking me to see her work!! Truly inspirational.

Sunday brought more cold weather and rain. But it didn’t stop me from picture taking. When it tried to clear up I went out an snapped all over. Early in the morning I stood on the third floor balcony and took pictures as it rained lightly. Looking at the birds overhead, swooping down and up in the wind. I tried to stay my distance from the edge, as I am afraid of heights, but that is why we have zoom on our cameras. There was suppose to be a possible wedding to have pictures taken on the beach front, but unfortunately the weather damped and did not take place. Susan and I went to lunch and drove around some more, as the stores are closed on Sundays up there.

Thanks Sue, Phil and Alex for the hospitality. I am looking forward to coming up again, when unknown, but it was a great week-end!



3 responses to “Trip to Two Rivers, Wisconsin- Art Galleries and Studios Galorie

  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend – your pictures are awesome! Susan’s house is really lovely, and the view is to die for.


  2. Nice pix sis. It was fun, weather is much better now! See you again, soon.


  3. Had lots more, but will put on flicker. Good to hear the weather is better as it is HOT here, but you are near the lake!!! Maybe when I get the monkeys done I can make a trip, make sure you see my post on the flowers, I’ll bring those too! Will go good in the MAD COW room!


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