A Tree is Planted in Honor – ME!!!

My second week of vacation of all days, but a beautiful one at that, I decided to clean up the weeds behind our sheds.

With all the rain that we have been receiving, they have been growing like wild flowers and most of them where wild flowers.

This was the perfect day to dig them up from the roots and get rid of them, BUT it was my birthday. Should I have been pulling weeds, spraying weeds, weed whacking them and trimming bushes on this day? Why not! It got me out of the house and in the sun.

My faithful companion, Maggie helped. She stomped through the mud, laid in it and was sniffing out for mice! Sorry Maggie, no mice for you to play with today!

As I was cleaning up I found a young sapling, a maple tree. The tree was to close to the shed and needed more room to grow, as it was already a pretty good size. I decided since we had to remove most of our trees a few years ago, this one would replace and give us shade, especially for our faithful companion, Maggie. It would also help in sucking up all the water in the back yard during the rainy season (I hope).

DSCF3428I careful dug it up and placed it deep into the ground, hoping and praying that it would take.

The tree found a new home and family members noticed (and yes hubby I didn’t pay a cent for it).

It has been a week since it was planted. It is doing well, as it stands in our flooded backyard!

Happy Birthday to me, Wednesday, June 10, 2009. (Yeah I am catching up on my blog!)


2 responses to “A Tree is Planted in Honor – ME!!!

  1. I am so bummed I missed calling you on your birthday. Obviously, you found something to keep you busy, lol. Oh, I talked to my friend Shirley – I tried!


  2. Hi every body


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