Favorite Tote – Broken Handle

My daughter received a real nice tote bag from Victoria Secrets with a purchase she made. The tote is made of leather and suede. She used that tote until she noticed that the leather handles started to get bad. So she tossed it and well Mom was throwing something out and saw it. Man thats a nice tote, as I retrieved it.

DSCF3254I started using the tote bag for work on a daily basis. It was just the right size for carrying my computer and papers. My daughter saw me using it and said,  “Mom the handles are ready to break”. My response, “I’ll use it until the day comes and they break”. Well, one side gave way. But I really do like the tote. Sewwwww what to do. 

I decided to go to my local JoAnn fabric store to see what they had to offer. I found some vinyl emu that resembled the leather straps. I purchased 3/8 of the vinyl, knowing that was more than enough. 

This was going to be a very simple project. The hardest part was turning the fabric inside out, as it was a heavy vinyl. I have a loop turner, but I don’t necessarily like them. The best tool that I have found for turning fabric inside out is the Turn-it-All.

Turn it allThe Turn-it-All are three plastic cylinders and three dowel rods. You take your tube and put the fabric over the cylinder. Then you push the fabric, using the dowel rod into the cylinder. It is the neatest and must have tool when doing tubes. With the vinyl, it was a tough start, but once I had it going it was a breeze and I didn’t use the dowel rod due to the thickness.

Once I had it turned, I then topstitched each side of the vinyl. Yeah sewing vinyl is hard, but it got done.

I then opened the top where the original handles were. I stuffed my new handle in the opening and topstitched. It looks great and will last for a long time. I showed my daughter the tote and she was impressed. Does she get it back – NO WAY!!!! But if she wants to ever borrow it, she can.

This Turn-it-All was purchased at a Cloth Doll Supply store on the internet. It runs under ten dollars.And it can be used for all types of projects where you make tubes. The reason I don’t like the loop turner, the fabric easily slips out of the loop, or if you are doing a long tube, you can’t get all the fabric on the metal rod.

DSCF3259BTW – The Turn-it-All is excellent for those spaghetti straps for little girl dresses. And here is the finished project!


2 responses to “Favorite Tote – Broken Handle

  1. Good rescue Donna! Sounds like a great tool!


  2. Donna, you are so crafty!! Sometimes I find it easier to leave the opening in the “side” of the strap, it seems easier to turn, then just press and topstitch all around!! Really cute bag, it was not ready for the trash! Good SAVE!


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